Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Using the Color Picker and Splitting 3D Repousse Objects – Episode 272


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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putv06282011 Dave has a quick tip for using the color picker. Scott shows viewers how to do a white balance adjustment outside of camera raw. Matt shares keyboard shortcuts for switching between gradient options. Pete has a tip for editing paths with the pen tool. Corey demonstrates how to split 3D repousse objects in Photoshop Extended.

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  1. Simon Munch says:

    hey guys thanks for an awsome show.

    i just got my hands on a new Macbook pro 13.3″ 2.7ghz and love it to do pictures in ps5
    and the pictures looks amazing allredy……. BUT!!!!

    i noticed something VERY weird…

    when going into the screen config i noticed something called colored, and i noticed it was default in LCD-Colorscreen
    and something els called Adobe-RGB, and sRGB-standart??
    and the diffrense is HUGE!! now, why is that?
    cuz if have it to LCD-Mode, the colores will be very difrent when i shoot in adobe-RGB or sRGB-standart……. if you dont see it on a mac with a non-calibrated screen woundt it??

    hope you can awser it

    Best Regards
    Simon Munch

  2. John Buono says:

    great show as usual, I enjoy the info from Pete on the Pen tool.

    What would be interesting if you could devote some time on a show to how to create the vintage pinup girl look. I see it done a lot but so far have not figured out how do it easily.

  3. David K. says:

    I thought that color picker tip was awesome, so I went to change that, but… it was already set to p. crazy.

  4. Matthias Csader says:

    Dudes, this was a really baaaaad show. Oh no, I want to win the DVD. So forget what I wrote. This show was fabulous, tremendous and extraordinary! So ok, back to normal. I watch your show since episode 22 and can take a brake too. Have a good time until next season!


  5. Kevin says:

    Awesome show, as usual!

  6. Daniel says:

    I love the show, but the last two with Pete inspired me to write in.

    As I’m watching the last episode, Pete’s giving his lesson on the pen tool (seriously?), and it cuts to Scott with this (understandably) pained look on his face. I hate to bash, but this guy is the worst. He apparently has no confident knowledge in PS, and when the other guys are doing their thing, he’s distracting as hell.

    Love the show, and admire Scott, Corey, RC, Dave and Matt. But this guy is just an ass.

  7. Angela says:

    Love your tip Corey!
    love the laughs. TY guys :)

  8. Melvin Parker says:

    Matt! Dude!! You have got to check out Photoforge2 for the iPad2. It’s like having a really functional mobile Photoshop. Check it out at

    It’s only $1.99


  9. Raul says:

    Awesome show!! Loved it!!

  10. Johnny Dao says:

    Another awesome show! I’ve just started doing clipping paths and it’s great to still learn new features. Thanks Pete for showing me that clipping paths can still be adjusted using the Direct Selection Tool. Something I never knew exist. Thanks Corey for the split 3D repousse. I’ll try to expand my work into the 3D world. And to everyone else, Matt, Scott and Dave, you guys are great.

  11. I have to say this was one of the funniest season enders I have seen loved it..well done. Now, do you need my address for my free photoshop world pass? 8-D Keep up the great work you guys rock!

  12. George P says:

    Another great show. I’m not sure what I like better, the tips or the comedy….

  13. Kelsey Todd says:

    LoL…not only is this episode full of great tips, it’s also full of hilarious hi-jinks. You guys normally have witty banter, but this time, you hit the comedic nail on the head.


  14. I LOVE Corey’s tip. Everyone know that if text isn’t 3D, no one looks at it. These two hands are clapping!

  15. Ali Moradi says:

    Awesome tips!

  16. i demand more pete ! and yes Corey has no soul

  17. Stephane says:

    Another insane show as Scott would say.

    I checked Megaminds on Youtube and the father is indeed Jay Maisel. Just incredible!

  18. Paul Costanza says:

    Quick pickin’ on Corey! Corey’s 3D tips rock!! Well, the ‘p’ color picker tool tip was pretty nice too ;o)

  19. takeshi i says:

    You guys are having too much fun. Love it.

  20. I think you guys should seriously consider removing the wheels from Pete’s chair, that guy just can’t stay still!! 😉
    Have to be honest I don’t use the pen tool very often, mostly because I find it so unintuitive to use, so it’s only with the help of tutorials like yours that a beast of a tool like that can be tamed!

  21. Steve Wetzel says:

    Great show once again. Thanks so much for doing this show full of tips for us all.

  22. Jeffery Schafer says:

    Great show. see ya in 4 weeks.

  23. Arnie Kazdoy says:

    I love your show!

  24. Laurie Gould says:

    THANK you for some timely information for me!! I had shot some peewee league football players and was going to select them all out – individually and make one big team collage. Your reference to color experts clipping service was awesome!! Saved me MANY hours of work – especially since that is not typically what I do and selecting out takes me longer than an expert :) thanks for that tip!

  25. Mike says:

    I love the show

  26. David says:


    I like the tutorials but the video size seems big, it takes a time to skip some of clips..

    It’d be great if there is any other way to watch in small file size.


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