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The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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putv02232011 Matt has a tutorial on how to add a spotlight design effect to an image. RC shows viewers a technique for tinting black and white photos. Dave creates a design and uses smart objects with text to make quick changes. Corey shows viewers how to get creative with stacking filters.

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Congratulations to George Gibbons, who won the contest from last episode. Check back here for the next contest winner.

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  1. Raymond Hughes says:

    Hi Guys, here in the UK being one of those not so smart, would need your wonderful prize.

  2. Chris Robinson says:

    Love the show and the tips. Thanks Guys!!!

  3. prabvet says:

    Good Show!

  4. Jack Ferrante says:


  5. horace cheung says:

    good tutorials

  6. Dan Mead says:

    Another great show guys! Enter me in the contest.

  7. Wendell says:

    Very cool tip Cory on the stacking filters, good job guys keep em coming.

  8. David Brown says:

    Scott who?

  9. Randy Hanson says:

    great show

  10. Libby says:

    That’s the Quick Mask options dialog box. Perhaps you’ll “draw” my comment for a prize… :-)

  11. j bush says:

    Great show!

    Maybe double click the Quick Mask button to get to the Quick Mask Options (???)

  12. Nick Willhoite says:

    Very Unexpected Episode Guys!

  13. Dustin Baker says:

    Thanks for another GREAT show… I Love You Guys!

  14. Sheylynne Miller says:

    Great show. I loved the tip about the black and white photos. I’m definitely going to try that.

  15. Chris Cloninger says:

    I learn a lot every time I watch you guys. you ROCK
    Congratulations RC on your book!!!!!

  16. Michael says:

    Thank you for another funny show. I hope to see you all at PSW.

  17. Chris Alley says:

    Great show. Always very helpful.

  18. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Inge/Gillian Harris, Photo Pioneer. Photo Pioneer said: Matt has a tutorial on how to add a spotlight design effect to an image. RC shows viewers a … #Photoshop tutorial […]

  19. J. King says:

    Great show guys….Lots of good tips!

  20. James Shaeffer says:

    Great tips on spot lights and filters.

  21. Laren Bailey says:

    You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!! Great Show…..

  22. Zoomrix says:

    Lets just hope I win! :)

  23. Tony Davis says:

    Finally! Some outtakes!

    and yes, I am one of those “not so smart in photoshop” people

  24. James Hayes says:

    Great tips this week!

  25. Adam Eustice says:

    You Guys Rock!!!

  26. hi,
    Lately, I can’t download the episodes, Is there any problem? I’m connecting from Iran. Is there any prohibition for Iranian users?

    Thank you.

  27. RON COMSTOCK says:


    Now down to business,

    the OnOne suite would be sweet!

    been saving up for that and a lens from B&H

    Great show as a;ways, gotta run out to get the new PSU magazine.

  28. Philipp says:

    give it to me!

  29. David Olshan says:

    I guess I am in the “not so smart” category, so I will just enter the contest. Good show!

  30. John O'Neill says:

    Hi From Ireland

  31. L Nanns says:

    Love your ahow.

    The window is how you change highlight color on the quick mask tool. You can just double click on the tool and the dialogue box comes up

  32. Gordon Kummer says:

    Great tips-you need to get the Knool Light Factory on your discount list.

  33. 1. When a new episode is posted, it seems to show up on the front page intermittently. For instance, this episode showed up last night, then today I didn’t see it on the front page again. When I followed the PSUTV links down, the episode was again visible.

    2. Useful stuff this time. Nice to see Cory can do a tip that doesn’t require Extended. NTTAWWT.

    3. Long, substantive comments are much more work than, “Send me free stuff!” So maybe it’s people like me who aren’t, shall we say, very smart … in Photoshop. 😎

  34. Jon Berghoff says:

    Another great, informative show… Thanks

  35. Mark says:

    Leave comments here for the contest? I’m the only one? I Win! :)

  36. Patrick Salmon says:

    Thanks, you guys rock

  37. Myles Erwin says:

    Another great show! What kind of Laptop was RC using? Oh, and pleeeeeeeaaaaassse send me to PSW!

  38. Mark says:

    Weird, it said 0 comments before I posted and 34 after I posted!

  39. Paul Van Vleet says:

    Hi guys

  40. Warren Donowho says:

    Great show. Keep it up.

  41. Adam says:

    Is it the color replacement dialog box?

    Great show guys! Thanks for taking the time!

  42. Laurent says:

    Great tutorial Corey ! Thanks a lot :)

  43. Shannon Bailey says:

    Great Show guys, would love to see you in Orlando…

  44. Ross says:

    Great show guys! Keep up the good work!

  45. Gerardo Palermo says:

    Cory is hot! and that was the quick mask options.

  46. Great show! Great Tips! Love the humor between you guys! Keep it real!

  47. Mykola says:

    Thank you for the show.

  48. Love the show, keep it up! Worth MILLIONS to us!

  49. Moe says:

    I’m new to watching the show and really enjoy it. The tips are simple yet extremly helpful. You guys are entertaining and fun to watch. Thanks guys keep up the good work.

    I want in on the prizes!

  50. Paul B says:

    Loved the light burst tip Matt. Enter me in the contest!

  51. Ken Bello says:

    Yet another great show!

  52. Steve says:

    I just tried MPIX for the first time based on your recommendations. The results were great and I will be using them from now on.

  53. Charles Seling says:

    Another great show

  54. Joe Horvath says:

    You guys never fail to teach me something new.

  55. Shari Smith says:

    Thanks for the great tips! Really enjoyed the episode.

  56. clinton ferrara says:

    quik mask. sorry, can’t go to Fla. but that onone software would really be great.
    i never knew you could stack filters.

  57. Nice show as usual. I hope one doesn’t get disqualified for writing blog posts (click my name to read it) where one shows better ways to do things… =) Or not necessarily better, but definitely simpler. I’m still a great fan of Smart Objects though, so no hard feelings I hope. 😉

  58. Roque Matagulay says:

    Lovin the show as always. Thanks!

  59. Tony Salonia says:

    Love the show! Please enter me into the contest.

  60. Marvin Foster says:

    Great Episode!

  61. Terrel Anderson says:

    I’m one of the not so smart people. pick me.
    Good show.

  62. Terry Gardner says:

    Always look forward to the newest episodes on Kelby TV. Always worth the wait.

  63. Chris says:

    Hi Guys! I think it has something to do with the quick mask tool. Beyond that….?

    Thanks for the show!

  64. Eduardo Fenandez says:

    great tip on stacking filters

  65. Kevin says:

    Great show.

  66. Matt B. says:

    This is my comment.

  67. RicardoC (not so smart) says:

    hey guys… good tips for the not so smart people like me… :)

  68. Larry Nienkark says:


  69. Justin Wallace says:

    Thanks guys for the good show!

  70. Justin Wallace says:

    Thanks guys! (hope this isn’t a double post)

  71. Matej says:

    Realy great tips this week!

  72. Steve says:

    Great show, nice to see your back in the iTunes store.

  73. Gabriel Dufresne says:

    Hi from montreal canada!!!

  74. Ben says:

    hey u guyes rock

  75. Fabian Stolba says:

    Well done.

  76. Johnny says:

    Thanks guys for another great show!! Great tips.

  77. Great show… as always
    the spotlight effect can be created… no need to have special conditions such as fog or smoke

  78. Tom says:

    Great show.

  79. Dennis Zito says:

    Hi Guys,

    Great show! Always learning something!


  80. Rich says:

    Another informative and entertaining show

  81. Diko P says:

    Awesome show!!

  82. Brad Traylor says:

    Great show as always. I love smart objects and nondestructive editing.

  83. Myles Erwin says:

    Unother Unexpectedly great show! Definitely going to use that spot light tip. I always learn something new & Unexpected from you guys. Way cool!

  84. Type-Style says:

    Doubleclick the very last icon in the bottom of the tools pallet.

    I dont know what its called, but you can paint selections with it.

    I want to go to Orlando!!

  85. Lindsay says:

    Maybe “inexperienced” is better than “not so smart” (we’re sensitive, too)

  86. Chad Trappitt says:

    Thanks for another great show guys.

  87. Johnny says:

    Thanks guys for this great show!!
    you didn’t publish my previous comment! :(
    Anyway , I’de love to have the suite… Please lol!! :)

  88. howies says:

    hi guys, entertaining show!
    please enter me in the drawing.

  89. Romeady says:

    Nice info’s guys

  90. cliff mills says:

    Since I’m not very smart I will just leave a comment. Bite me Matthew!

  91. John Berschied says:

    great show. Here is an idea for you. Many of the tips are covered in training modules in more depth. Why not reference the training module during the show if people want more detailed info on the tip.

  92. Simon says:

    Great show again guys.
    Dave btw, (just a theory…I could be wrong) but I believe the way minimum works is by minimizing the darker space……in other words if you have black and white lines and use minimum the black would get bigger, if you use maximum the white would get bigger.
    Since your text had a color and the space around it is not seen (thereby black in a mask for instance) the “black” area was minimized.

  93. Robert Hilsinger says:

    Great tips thanks.

  94. Brian Horsey says:

    Another great show – loved the B&W tip.

    Can you put some sound deadening flats up in your new studios to cut down the echos?

  95. Tim Dowling says:

    All great tips this week.

  96. Bob MacDonald says:

    You guys always rock!

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