Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Spotlight Design Effect and Tinting Black and White Photos – Episode 258


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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Unexpected Episode

putv02232011 Matt has a tutorial on how to add a spotlight design effect to an image. RC shows viewers a technique for tinting black and white photos. Dave creates a design and uses smart objects with text to make quick changes. Corey shows viewers how to get creative with stacking filters.

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Contest Winner

Congratulations to George Gibbons, who won the contest from last episode. Check back here for the next contest winner.

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  1. Miriam Rosenthal says:

    Quick Mask.
    I own the onOne suite and it is sweet! Would love to go to PSW, though.
    Thanks for going into the filter gallery. Guess I’m not so smart because I never knew how it worked. I’ll be using it from now on.

  2. William Anderson says:

    Great show guys! RC, I went back and ‘popped’ a few of my old black and white conversions with some tinting.

    Wild tip!

  3. fritz meyer says:

    quick mask. Hi guys. y’all rock.

  4. Fredrik says:

    Orlando isn’t possible for me, I’m ot all that smart so the perfect suite would be a perfect consolation!!!

    Thx for a godd show.

    All the best


  5. Mike Majewski says:

    Guess I was too early last time I tried to post a comment on the 23rd. Keep up the good work.

  6. Don Hauk says:

    Great Episode Guys! Looking forward to “The Grid” on Monday.

  7. Don Hauk says:

    Great Episode Guys! Looking forward to “The Grid” on Monday.

  8. Carlos Rayon says:

    I’m not so smart at photoshop. :) Another great show, thanks guys!

  9. Marko says:

    Thanks guys again, awesome as always.

  10. Thomas Martin says:

    great show have not missed an episode in years

  11. Ali Moradi says:

    Thanks for the show guys!

    – Ali

    PS. Help me get to photoshop, please!!!

  12. Michael Watkins says:

    great show like always

  13. Frances says:

    change color of mask to preferred color or because of conflict with document colors (to be able to see mask)

  14. Mike Majewski says:

    This is the third try to leave a comment.

  15. Tor says:

    Great show. You guys have too much fun.

  16. Vicki says:

    Love the show, as always!

  17. Dan says:

    Fun show with excellent chemistry between all of you. This absence of Scott is, however, noted. Although I watch these shows for fun and enlightenment I still remain a photoshop moron and therefore have no answer to the trivia question. Keep up the great work.

  18. Some very WISE tips, thanks!

  19. Edward Culbreath says:

    Hello… Thanks for the tips
    Contest please

  20. Carol Little says:

    Love the show but since I am just starting with CS5, I am trying to go back and view older shows. It would be easier to learn certain techniques (how to) if you provided a more descriptive title of the episodes. It amazes me how you all have learned so much about all the thousand ways to modify and/or change a photo. Great work and great tips. Can’t imagine learning PS without your help.

  21. jackie marlow says:

    loved the tip of the light burst. cool stuff

  22. Doug Sanderson says:

    I have been watching pstv for a long time now, including older episodes that I missed, and I am being honest, this show I would have to say was one of the best (not that others weren’t good) all the tips were over the top helpful (ALL) really great stuff. Have to say your prizes are over the top this week also. Thanks for doing a show that I get to enjoy for free! I am totally watching this one again, (does that mean I have a double chance of winning this weeks prizes?). Probably not huh? O.k. Mathematically speaking, is there any way of increasing my chances winning? O.k. I will just sit back and appreciate the free education I am getting. No kidding though, to me this was one of your best shows, got a lot out of it, prizes or not, thanks

  23. EO says:

    Great Episode. I’ll be using the light tip. Would love to go to PSW, but can’t happen this time around. So lets go OnOne! ;-).

  24. Robert Turton says:

    Great show as usual guys.

    Corey’s filter tip was great – being not so smart, i didn’t realise that was how the filter gallery worked.

  25. Ken says:

    Love the spotlight tutorial. Great show!

  26. vCopia says:

    Yay!! Credit Comedy is back! Thanks Editors!

  27. Emad Elder says:

    Thanx for the show

  28. JohnS says:

    Yep, quick mask

  29. June says:

    Go Canada Go!

  30. Chuck Sider says:

    Good show . .

  31. Gerry says:

    The show was great, as usual.

    The audio has a real echo in it.

  32. Gerry says:

    Why is RC sitting in the dark? Light him up or adjust your exposure!

  33. Dick Rayer says:

    Quick masks

    These are gems of shows. I wish I had found them sooner. – Thanks

  34. Steve D says:

    New Channel? He says with no confidence whatsoever.
    Thanks for another good show.

  35. schleima says:

    great show !

  36. John Swarce says:

    Unexpected episode? “Nobody expects the Photoshop Guys!”

    Another stellar episode guys. Matt, I loved the “God rays” tip!

    Already going to Orlando, but would love the OnOne suite!

  37. Bob Ellison says:

    If Photoshop has Oscars you guys would rule them! Thanks for all the great tips from this episode.

  38. YesireeBob says:

    Great tips again! Thanks guys!

  39. t sheppard says:

    great show

  40. thom says:

    great show

  41. Great Show! I want the OnOne Suite

  42. Wil says:

    Thanks for allowing us not so smart photoshp users to participate

  43. Eric Davis says:

    Matt, the God light tutorial was great. I’ve been trying to do something like that for awhile. Your way was much easier and cooler looking.

  44. Toni Vaughan says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  45. John says:

    Great tip on the spotlight effect!

  46. Tim says:

    Thanks… Good Show

  47. Bill Guy says:

    I are not too smart but want thing.

  48. Juanita says:

    i neeeeeeeeed that software pleeeeezzzzzz

  49. Ron Payne says:


  50. John LeJeune says:

    Wicked Awesome Show!

  51. Jan Schwarz says:

    Great show, great tip on combining filters

  52. Steven Saragian says:

    I can’t believe how lazy you guys are letting us be with these new contest rules.

  53. René Buchholdt says:

    Hi guys.. great show, keep it up :-)

  54. DS says:

    Hi guys! Trivia: Quick Mask options

  55. Robin says:

    Wish you posted videos every day!

  56. vCopia says:

    Thanks so much Matt for your spotlight tutorial.

    I’d watched this show when it first came out, and remembered it yesterday when I was working on a photo of a lamp post. I needed a flare effect to enhance the lamp’s light. Your technique was better than any of the Photoshop add ons I tested for this project.

    I did make one tweak, though. Realized I was not able to erase the top part of the spotlight from the gradient layer mask I’d created, and needed to in order for the post light to look natural. I’m sure there’s an easier way, but what I did was…

    1. group the orig image with the spotlight layer,
    2. dup that group,
    3. merge this dupped group into a single layer,
    4. dup the original image, too, and moved it just below the newly merged group layer.
    5. erased some of the spotlight spray that shot upwards from the post light., revealing the untouched area below.


    Much appreciated!

    Thanks again. Perfect solution.

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