Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Using Content-Aware Fill and Creating Your Own Photo Background – Episode 256


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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Punxsutawnian Episode

putv02082011 Scott shares a tutorial about creating a poster layout and has a tip on using content-aware fill. Matt shows off some Lightroom presets that will make calendar pages. Dave interviews David Cuerdon who shows viewers how to create their own photo backgrounds.

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Congratulations to Derrick Griffin who has won the contest from last episode. Check back here for the next contest winner.

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  1. Cathy Bennington says:

    Just when I was wondering about creating a background you guys covered it – good timing!

  2. Craig says:

    Good show. Regarding Scott’s poster tutorial, I recently posted a Photoshop script that automates the process of add a mat and frame to a photo. I also included a video tutoral. See both at

  3. Scott Steiner says:

    Love the show guys! Really hope I can make it to Photoshop World!

  4. I chose a person at random to win the prizes, and surprisingly enough it turned out to be me! Where do I go to get the good stuff?


    In case it helps, my favorite segment this time was David Cuerdon’s. Clear and specific, but capable of extension in interesting ways.

  5. Eric Sebbag says:

    Nice to have the three musketeers back !

  6. Steve Flegg says:

    Matts Lightroom Templates Tip. Excellent.

  7. Arve Hansen says:

    Guys, please don’t let me win a pass to Photoshop World! I live in Norway and can’t afford the trip. I also have the Perfect photo Suite, so you know what I want.

  8. Nick Kennedy says:

    Hey guys, thanks for another great shows and the shout out to UK peps.
    As an actor/aspiring graphic artist its great to see Dave stretch not only his photoshop skills but his interview AND acting skills. Top show.
    I wish I could make it to photoshop world but it is FAR from the UK.
    Have a blast though and enjoy all the fans piling into your hotel rooms after all the promises of free accommodation ha ha.
    You all rock!


  9. Robert Turton says:

    Great show as always guys.

    Being as your show is sponsored by/contains adverts for the onOne Software plugins, maybe you could do a few tutorials showing them in action and how to get the most from them?

  10. Simon says:

    Hey Scott, nice Vox shirt!….How about some doing a feature on product photography…..maybe visit the PRS factory for it???

  11. Paul Brooks says:

    Love the show. I await each week to see what goofines you will come up with.
    Punxsutawnian? Great word!

  12. John Swarce says:

    Another rockin’ episode of PSU TV! Nice to see all of the “Guys” back together. Those pesky book deadlines really interfere with this show. 😀


  13. dina says:

    similair photoshoppresets??
    Learn a lot from the different shows-thx

  14. Michael says:

    Fun to watch the show…nice break in the day.

  15. Marie Otero says:

    Great show, always something to learn.

  16. You guy’s are like my coffee in the morning on the way to work…

  17. Donatas K. says:

    Hello from Lithuania and best regards.

  18. Len Cohen says:

    Love the new format!

  19. Love the calendar presets!

  20. Great show! Bummer about the monopod, but hey, you got some new ones! :]

  21. Nadine Moyer says:

    Great show as always! Keep it up, guys!

  22. Enjoying the new show format, guys!

  23. Randal C. Jaffe says:

    Nice to see the “big three” back together.

  24. Luis says:

    Great Show guys!!!

  25. phil king says:

    another good show, thanks guys.

  26. Tuomo Nyyssönen says:

    Thanks guys!

  27. Another great show. The calendar presets were great…used the already.

  28. Robert Mann says:

    Hey – just caught up on the last 4 shows. Great work. Love the show.

  29. nick says:

    i can’t stop replaying and watching Matt’s “Holy Crap!” (@ 25:47) reply to the OnOne giveaway. that is classic! and i needed that laugh today!

  30. Doug Zeliff says:

    Looking forward to PSW in Vegas, but would be glad to make my way to FL if I am fortunate enough to win a conference.

  31. Dan Brown says:

    Here’s a random comment:

    You know it’s going to be a bad day when you awake and realize your waterbed leaked during the night. Then you realize you don’t have a waterbed.

  32. Melissa O says:

    Liked the tip on spacing text out – great show!

  33. Jeffrey says:

    Great show thanks for the great info

  34. Rory Isserow says:

    Great show, from the UK, in sunny warm and not a snowflake in sight weather. Sounds like Florida in mid winter.
    Looking forward to a year of fun and frolicking with you Photoshop guys.

  35. David Patton says:

    Great show guys. Love the tips.

  36. Gabriel Dufresne says:

    Great show as always
    Bonjour from Montreal !

  37. Tor says:

    Good show. Thanks for the tip, guys….

  38. Brandon S. Fields says:

    Great show as usual guys!

  39. Matthew Hayford says:

    Great Show! You guys should make a blooper reel from all of your favorite episodes! Can’t wait for D-Town TV to be back!! Keep us updated! Thanks again!

  40. Awesome show!
    Great Lightroom tip for the calenders.
    Any one of the prizes are great.

  41. Alex Lara says:

    Thank you guys for another great episode. A special thanks to Scott for the always informative and extra long (this week) tutorial.


  42. Craig Hewitt says:

    Loved this weeks tutorials. Will be working on getting the calendar psd ready for 2012.

  43. Eric Davis says:

    New glasses Scott? Did Mr. Rodgers break your old ones?

  44. Frank Eng says:

    welcome back , nice show

  45. Dave says:

    Great show, thanks for the tips.

  46. Dana Stiefel says:

    Nice show, good to see Scott back….

  47. Mark Hutchison says:

    great show

  48. Sean Nicholson says:

    Holy Crap!
    Killer show with killer prizes…win win

  49. Sandra Peterson says:

    Always learn so much! Thanks guys!

  50. Gary Munroe says:

    Trivia Answer: The Help of course!

    Nice Show!

  51. David Bocardo says:

    You guys are awesome, i was not a photoshop guy but i just got carried away now because of you. Thanks!

  52. Jeffry Zelt says:

    Another great show. When does DTown return?

  53. Joerg says:

    Great show.

    Thanx for your great work.

  54. Scott O. says:

    Oh yeah! Love you guys and have learned so much over the last year!

  55. Michael P. says:

    Hey from Austria!
    another great episode!

  56. Ben says:

    Great Job

    Scott, Dave, and Matt

  57. Mike O says:

    Great show guys – always consistently useful tips!

  58. Alan Storey says:

    Great show guys!

  59. David Kelly says:

    Another tip top show guys – and yes Dave C, Glyn and the rest of us are enjoying this beautiful weather in the UK. Yes we all love the liquid sunshine we’re getting at the moment – NOT 😉

  60. Hey Hi Folk
    Vkey here from india 😀 i like to say u’r show is epic day by day i learn new stuff every time i see new episode feel tremendous every week 😀 i love 3D work by Corey Barker out of the world 😀
    thanks so much for free tips and tuts 😀 hope some day we get free source file also (.PSD .AI .FLA..blah balh ) 😛

    have a superb time 😀 TC

    -Vkey 😀

  61. Donald Pyke says:

    Thanks for a great show. We love it here in the Ukraine.

  62. William Collins says:

    Loved the show..thanks again…..I

  63. David Olshan says:

    1st time watching this show. Enjoyed it very much. Thanks!

  64. Dave Clayton says:

    Cracking show indeed, thanks for the shout out. Keep up the splendid work ‘The Photoshop Blokes’ ;o)

  65. Bonnie Fiser says:

    Great tutorials! Great information, keep them coming!

  66. Myles says:

    Thanks for another great show! I am totally going to find a way to use that grid pattern in some of my designs! You guys rock as always!

  67. Dave Clayton says:

    Ooops, left wrong email address on my previous comment – and I’m up for the OnOne Suite please if that helps. Cheers fellas.

  68. Vincent says:

    This is a comment.

  69. Sam Gasser says:

    Love the show!

  70. Steve Beck says:

    Great Show!

    Thanks for taking the time to do this each week. Its the only thing I look forward to starting the work week.

  71. Bryan says:

    good show today guys.

  72. Asim says:

    Great show as always. Specially Scott’s tip.

  73. Shannon says:

    Nice Show guys!

  74. Loan Ng says:

    I’m glad I found your shows. I’m new to digital photography and having tons of fun. I don’t want to spend money on classes so your free shows are greatly appreciated.

  75. Good show lads.
    — John

  76. Natalie says:

    Great show guys. Think you should have worn cheese heads though with umbrellas for your mates in the UK ;)!

  77. Mikael Sundberg says:

    That was a bombastic show guys, I know the answer to the Q but skip the trivia today

  78. Neal Walters says:

    Love the show … thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest as well.

  79. anthony stevenson says:

    hey guys love the show, keep em coming

  80. Greg Payne says:

    Nice show!

  81. Kevin Miller says:

    Wonderful show guys. Would love some of the goods. :-)

    I’d love to see more tips on getting a subject of an image to fit with the lighting of a different background. (ex. person taken on a white background then imposed on a background that has a different light color, say a fire glow) The white light from the studio setup won’t look natural on the background with the fire lighting.


  82. Paul Thürmer says:

    Hi! Love you’r show. You Rock!

  83. Roger says:

    Welcome back Scott. Wow, more prizes, more tips, life is good.

  84. Geoff M says:

    Great show photoshop prize guys.

  85. Gary Hagemeister says:

    Thanks for all your shows

  86. Matthew says:

    Wonderful show!

  87. Randy Hanson says:

    great show

  88. Justin Roth says:

    Awesome stuff, great episode!

  89. Jim Gilliland says:

    Episode 256 was a great show. Glad to have Scott back..

  90. Vicki says:

    What happened to the funny clips at the end of the show?

  91. George says:

    Another epic show as usual!

  92. Tim Wilder says:

    Hey Guy’s ! I miss your funny little out takes at the end ! You’re all such Comodeians !

  93. Dan Perry says:

    Great show. Would love the Hoodman or On-one software. Couldn’t used the Photoshop World pass.


  94. David Pettit says:

    Loved the show! Thanks Matt for the great Lightroom tip. I was wondering if I could use the calendar psd and presets in Photshop CS5?

  95. Robe martin says:

    Hi Guys, great show .

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