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Chase Jarvis Interview

putv01052010 Photographer and author Chase Jarvis sits down with Scott and goes through a twitter-based Q&A. He discusses the benefits of blogging, marketing techniques, editing composites, and action photography.

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  1. […] out the extended interview with Chase […]

  2. Fantastic interview. Gotta love me some Chase :) Gotta bring some more guests like him on the show! He totally is the coolest act in the photo industry at this moment, no doubt about that. Great stuff!


  3. Great extra, Chase Jarvis is a great photographer and a lot of people look up to him.
    More stuff like this please.

    – Michael

  4. Nicolas says:

    I think the iPhone is a great device to take snap shoots. I used it for a trip to Tenerife last year and the pictures do look pretty good the way they were.

  5. I SO agree with Scott K, that it’s about choosing the right shot!

    Yo Chase I know you get a lot of work etc. and need help editing your photos but this interview really hurt the heck out of me to know you don’t edit your photographs.

    I guess it’s okay because Jay-Z don’t mix down his own tracks when he records…

    But the joy in it for me is creating that photo and seeing it all the way.

    I know it’s tough blah to keep moving and do the photographs yourself with the work load and feed the family the type of foods you want to eat but :(

    Don’t get me wrong though Chase I still love your work and I read your blog daily to check what’s new going on there.

    Btw Best Camera for BlackBerry???? I don’t use the Iphone! haha lame to some people but I do love my BlackBerry.

    Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida

    P.S. One Love I love what you all are doing for the Photography Community with these interviews!

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