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In this episode, portrait photographer Peter Hurley offers a tip on making the most out of your portrait session. Matt Kloskowski talks about how to use Live View on your camera to focus your picture. Plus, RC offers a website to check out and contest prizes.

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  1. Cecil Ramsey says:

    Love Peter Hurley’s Tip
    I will try liveview focusing

  2. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the great show!!! Wish that it was longer.:)

  3. cecil Ramsey says:

    Peter Hurley’s tip was very helpful .
    I will try Matt’s liveview tip

  4. Alex W says:

    Really great show, great tips and really gives me a great deal of ideas to try in my work.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. George Kwain says:

    A question you may answer in a future segment. The ACE certification had to be updated every time Photoshop was updated. Now with CC, updates are marginal and continuous. How does this affect the ACE program?

  6. Great tip for Matt, it’s true i’m a canon guy and when I see the live view in Nikon it’s really bad!!!

    More about sport photography will be nice!

    Greatings from Uruguay!

  7. Alan Rehbock says:

    I have recently discovered the Tips and Tricks episodes and they already make a difference to the way I shoot. Keep up the good work and I look forward to starting my journey on the Kelby Training site soon.

  8. David Liang says:

    I’ve never shot car photography but with Scotts recent updates on his blog, I’ve been thinking about giving it a try. Exteriors aren’t a problem but interiors I think might be a challenge, in terms of lighting such a confined space properly.

    I’m just wondering if there are any flash modifiers that lend itself well to interior car photography. Also if one was to bounce the flash, what are some great angles, area’s to do so without casting a shadow.

  9. The show is awesome! Peter Hurley is one of my all time favorite! Please can you invite Mark Wallace in the show?

  10. David A Jones says:

    I like it when you cover equipment. Thanks for the show.

  11. I’d like to see some tips/tricks on how you guys organize your Lightroom Catalogs. I know it’s been said to just have one catalog, maybe by the current year, but on my Macbook Pro, I’m always running out of space on my SSD drive. Would love to get other ideas on how they have this setup. Thanks!

  12. Terry says:

    What? A 9 minute show! Why bother?

  13. Jody says:

    I love Peter Hurley’s work. I wish the tips were a little more in-depth because it just leaves me wanting to know more.

  14. Steve Alvarado says:

    Love this show. There are so many quick tips. Thanks RC !

  15. Leonard J. Provenzano says:

    Always like to see what you guys have for us. Thanks again

    • Robin Sommers says:

      Hi Guus, i’m watching your tips and tricks while beeing in a holiday break in France. Very informative and have steen al shows now. Already waiting for next show.

  16. Guys all I can say is thank you. I mean you show tips, gear and tricks from companies and people who know their stuff. So again all I can say is THANK YOU. P.S RC I hope you get that bag you have your eye on.

  17. Vinay says:

    Awesome show. Thanks for the tips Matt & Peter Hurley .. Cool

  18. Larry Travis says:

    Good tip Matt.

  19. Paul Howard says:

    ALWAYS a pleasure to watch RC! And Peter on this week? SHABANG!! Awesome.

  20. Did my comment post?

    Thanks, great series

  21. Terry Babij says:

    Great live view tip Matt. Tips on long exposures, how not to blow out moon a couple.

  22. John Ashmore says:

    Great show.

  23. I wanted more on eyebrows from Peter!
    Would like to know more about using f stops above f-16.

    Would like a nice book as a prize!

  24. John Havord says:

    Useful as always. Thanks.

  25. tony genao says:

    Great show ..thanks for the tips

  26. I love you show it really help me with my photography. Can you show some trick on photoshop. I like how you show people you take great photos with the entry level camera and you don’t have to have the end camera.

  27. Anker Norup says:

    How about some tips about filters and I mean physical filters to put on the camera? :-)

  28. fritz meyer says:

    great to see matt again with another good tip. ffm

  29. Rey Coronado says:

    Great tip on live view.

  30. Mickey V says:

    Good tips as always. Would love to see tips on daytime fill flash techniques. Thanks so much.

  31. Just keep it coming, more technical tip and tricks is always good. That should help give us great shots!! Thanks!!

  32. James Kellar says:

    Hey you guys. Why so much Nikon stuff. How about some Canon tips.

  33. Roger says:

    Another fine show. I’ll have to try Matt’s LiveView focus tip.

  34. Prasenjit Guha says:

    great tips……. peter’s one is the best one….. give some tips on easy / quick lighting tips.

  35. I like how you guys give tips about photography without specifically mentioning a particular brand which is very professional because at the end of the day brands are just name of the tools that we use. Its the creativity that separates one photographer from another. Anyhow, I would like to see a tips/tricks or perhaps an explanation between the differences of a flash vs studio strobe. For example, is combining 3 flashes together can be as powerful as one studio strobe lets say a 1600 watt?

  36. Terry says:

    Nice tips from Peter and matt. Cheers!

  37. Phil Beavis says:

    Is it just me or are these shows getting shorter ?
    Would be great to see an article on the Sekonic L478 light meter in the future.

  38. Mr. Shabang himself! :-)

    I’ve been trying some portraits … the directing is so d* hard!!! Peter makes it seem so easy πŸ˜‰

  39. Guy Baker says:

    Great to see all the shows with Peter in. Keep up the great work!

  40. Momen Khaiti says:


  41. Love the show RC!! Great to see all the different guest spots. Keep up the good work!!

  42. Jason Davis says:

    Cool show! keep them coming!

  43. Too bad RC, when I compare the latest shows to the early D-town episodes the content now is loosing from the advertisements….

  44. Rick Mayo says:

    Great show as always. Just wish it was longer.

  45. Rich Stopa says:

    Great tips

  46. Wayne Berry says:

    Eyebrows…loved that tip!

  47. Glenn Hewitt says:

    How about a discussion about repeating flash in one image

  48. Rich E. says:

    I will have to try using the Live View on my Pentax. Great Show

  49. Adi says:

    Great show! wish i can win the prize! I am starting to use flashes and the book with the gels will make my work better!

  50. Colin Allison says:

    Some nice content this week, but too brief. More please.

    Didn’t get Peter Hurley’s tip, he didn’t explain?

  51. Harry Conte says:

    I don’t know I think I’ll lean towards using my viewfinder over Liveview. Thanks Peter for the eyebrow suggestion!

  52. Luis Mazier says:

    Good show. Matt’s tip on using Live preview was a good one. Can we do a segment on the show on tips on when to use the AF button?

  53. glen thaxton says:

    another good one!

  54. Joseph Myers says:

    Thanks for the show.

  55. Kevin says:

    I just started watching via podcast. I’ve watched at least 10 episodes this week. It’s all very informative to this amateur. I would like to see a lesson on flash techniques(both indoors and outdoors).

  56. Karen Holberton says:

    Never thought about the eyebrows before.

  57. Brett Smith says:

    Love the show, I wish there were more tips for Sony shooters and that reviews for bags would go more in depth about protection for lenses, laptops, etc. I recently was looking into getting a new bag to carry my camera and laptop but was worried about protection for the laptop against the heavy lenses. Thanks for doing this show!

  58. Frazer says:

    great show as always!

  59. Bob Tweadey says:

    Anxious to try “live-view” as a result of todays show.

  60. I’m so glad I found this podcast! I will be watching every episode while traveling this weekend :) thank you so much

  61. Rich Turner says:

    Peter Hurley rocks head shots!!

  62. Edward Tamayo says:

    This is one of the best photography shows I’ve ever seen!!!

  63. Wow, what a short show. Never enough of Peter Hurley when he is on. In fact, an hour of Peter Hurley would not be enough. πŸ˜‰ Awesome guy and always fun advice.

  64. marcel bauer says:

    Great tips, I have been hesitant about live view, will give it a go now after Matt’s tips. Also great tips from the Shabangmeister himself.

  65. I’m so glad I found this podcast! I’ve listened to almost all of the episodes in the last 5 days. I especially like the intro and exit music and often catch myself fist pumping to the beat πŸ˜‰ love the show! Thanks!

  66. Brittany Taylor says:

    I’m so glad I found this podcast! I have watched almost every episode in the last few days. I especially like the intro and exit music and often catch myself fist pumping to the beat. Thanks for the tips!

  67. John Content says:

    great show guys.
    Can you show more equipment with pros and cons on them?

  68. Rob Flooks says:

    Love Peters tip about eyebrows.

    Do the contests have a closing date?

  69. Richie Ramirez says:

    More content, less breaks..we know your trying to get more people to subscribe but this show is different from kelby training. I miss d-town tv and all the tips that show gave us

  70. chris says:

    Great Tip from Peter. I need to remember to be just relax and talk to folks…

  71. Steven Sykes says:

    Great show RC – and many thanks to Peter Hurley – excellent tutorial on portrait / headshot shooting! Keep them coming – love them more than my luggage!

  72. Great episode, I like what peter had to say about the face expressions. I never really thought about it that way. Also, RC thanks for all the tips and tricks ;0)

  73. Ray Warren says:

    Hey RC cool show. I like you and Matt. You guys keep the content high quality and don’t ramble on like some other presenters. Good work. Keep it up. It would be nice if you guys ran The Grid.
    It’s good to see Peter Hurley Shabanging away too.

  74. Emad Elder says:

    Thanks for the great show guys

  75. Steve Thompson says:

    Can’t wait to try Matt’s live view focusing tip.

  76. Frank Sammut says:

    More useful tips to experiment with & further my photographic knowledge. Thanks.

  77. Shaun S says:

    Peter Hurley is great. I like these training videos, but the commercials are almost longer than the actual videos. This may drive some people away.

  78. Rolf Lenneberg says:

    Great show, but a little to short.

    Can you do something about howto traveling with photgear? So you have it unharmed then you arrive!

  79. Joe Heckman says:

    Very nice show

  80. Ralph Woodard says:

    Another good, but short show. Good job RC

  81. James Sheng says:

    Great tips.

  82. Noel Adams says:

    Love the show….. i’m watching all the older ones now :)

  83. David A Jones says:

    I shoot Canon. With around $1200 to spend, would I be better served in getting a 70-200 mm f4 stabilized; f2.8 NON stabilized; or a non-Canon Sigma f2.8 stabilized.?

    I realize this question probably has all 3 different answers. Just looking for input from someone whose opinions I respect. I would add that I am 61, and NOT the steadiest person in town.

    Great show. I appreciate all the help you give away.


  84. Larry Bye says:

    Gret live view tip. Like to see some tips for underwater photography and post processing.

  85. James Ziegler says:

    Just getting back to watching the show, I watched the last few seasons of D-Town, but somehow missed this until recently.

    The live view tip was nice, but with live view, how about a mention of mirrorless cameras? On my m43 cameras, when you turn the focus ring, it automatically zooms in for magnified focus.

  86. David Keneipp says:

    Good tip from Matt on live view

  87. Randy Rives says:

    Great show how about sowing how to create star effect when shooting bright lights

  88. Sean Ryan says:

    Great work everybody. I love these shows and training videos. I myself am a KelbyTraining member. Learning a lot! Can you do a video on focus tethered through the live view mode so we can actually see what is happening in the camera? I believe that this would help a lot since most think in pictures. Makes for a more vivid experience. Thanks!

  89. John Swarce says:

    Short, but sweet show. I do wish Peter showed some pictures illustrating the eyebrow info.

    Tell Matt that his watch is freakin’ huge! Doesn’t he have a phone to check the time? :-)


  90. Chris Dahl says:

    Wow, found this show on a flight home. Kept me busy from SMF to ATL. I will be back for more.

  91. Jan says:

    Heeee Matt, coming from under a bridge :-))
    Sorry, cought no help myself. Great show again guys!!! Keep it up.

  92. Rene says:

    great show


  93. Hubert says:

    Short show… what is up? Give us more of this good stuff. Thanks.

  94. John B says:

    Love the show and range of topics covered. Don’t use live view much and I’m eager to try Matt’s tip for focusing.

  95. IraE says:

    Another good show but short as other people have also stated.

  96. Peter says:

    Would like to have seen some examples of what Peter Hurley was talking about re: eyebrow movement and how they can affect a portrait.

  97. Kevin says:

    Having come from the early Dtown shows that were informative and helpful, I unfortunately feel that these shows are getting short on content and big on adverts. I know that Kelby training is your sponsor and needs to get plugged, but I must say that i am now very disappointed in what is being delivered. What happened to the camera and lens reviews. Bring back Matt and Scott and how it used to be.

  98. Lyuda says:

    Great show again!

  99. melissa grover says:

    Great stuff guys!! But way to short for my weekly fix ^^

  100. Don Hessey says:

    Great show guys, but why are they getting shorter?

  101. paul gallagher says:

    cool work guys!

  102. Frank Furbish says:

    Great show. In Matt’s tip about Live View. Did he switch to manual focus or stay in live view for the shot?

    Thanks again – keep ’em coming!!

  103. Rick Potts says:

    The “live view” focus reminds me of the way one focuses a view camera
    -Open the aperture
    -Zoom in (with a loupe)
    -Ignore Pixelation (texture of ground glass
    -Rock back and forth
    -Oh, and don’t forget to change that aperture back
    The more things change…

  104. Gary Beller says:

    Would be great to see a show on color management/calibration options.

    love the work RC and Cory did on the Shabang movie poster!

  105. Tamas Nagy says:

    Great Show RC!
    I would like to hear more about portrait photography. :)

  106. Jim says:

    Great show!

  107. Christopher says:

    Great advice with the eyebrows. Never thought of it, but thank you for addressing my last post about portrait photography!!! Y’all rock!

  108. GREG DOLAN II says:

    When someone gives a tip such as Peter Hurleys, how about an example?

  109. Ayman says:

    i ‘d like to get more technical tips in the next episodes. Thanks a lot for your efforts.

  110. Sam Saliba says:

    I love this show but it needs little more tips and tricks than commercials πŸ˜‰

  111. Lewis Johnston says:

    Gotta love Peter Hurley!

  112. jRoc says:

    I would really like to see some information on the following:
    1) Storing and organizing your gear at home. How do you store your gear when you are not out on a photoshoot. What are some of the best practices for storing gear?
    2) Underwater photography with waterproof cases. Things to consider, tools, tricks, anything but even better would be a Kelby Training class on this subject.
    Thanks for the great show but please take some more time to explain or present more information. Some shows seem like short commercials instead of a useful presentation of information.

  113. Rodrigo says:

    I feel that the videos are getting shorter and shorter, too many topics for such a short amount of time, my suggestion is that you choose 1 topic for each video (quality not quantity). It’s just my humble opinion. But overall you are doing an amazing thing by giving us all this free tips and tricks.

  114. MichaelK says:

    As always, I love the show. Can’t wait to try out changing the eyebrows for some portrait sessions.

    I have one question for Matt’s point on using live view. I would love to know the situations he finds that most useful versus auto-focus. I know I use manual focus with live view when shooting video, but haven’t found much call for it otherwise.

    Also, I saw JRoc commented about how you store your gear at home. I just started working on my home storage and would agree it would be great to see what you guys do.

    Thanks again for everything you do!

  115. Markus says:

    Hi folks,
    another great show.
    but please spend a little more attention to the sound volumes of the various speakers and ads.
    best regards, markus

  116. Great show RC. I appreciate all you bring to us each week!

  117. Harvey Morgan, II says:

    The quick tips are great. Just enough to get jazzed about things. I only wish I had seen or thought of the live view focus tip last week. Really could have put it to use. Next time.

  118. Jason Yu says:

    Excellent show. I love your tips.

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