Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips & Tricks: Tricky White Balance Situations and Nikon’s 3D Tracking Mode – Episode 24


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It's a new season and RC is back with more Tips and Tricks for your photography! Erik Valind shares the easy method he uses for finding white balance in tricky situations. Larry Becker gives advice on how to keep track of loaned equipment, and RC explains how to use Nikon's 3D tracking mode.

Website to watch: Casey Mac Photography

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  1. John Havord says:

    Welcome back. Short and sweet but very informative.

  2. Hi there. I would love to see more about studio lighting tips and tricks like how to choose one between the other. What is te main characteristics on choosing one studio strobes?

  3. Rodney jones says:

    Hello, Love the show.
    It is great inspiration for me.

  4. Frank Blanco says:

    I’d love to see shows that talk about how to make the most of inexpensive gear, like using your kit lens as opposed to a professional grade f2.8 type glass. As always, great show.

    • Ann Greene says:

      I just can’t get enough of your shows; so informative and interesting. I would like to see more on knowing you have the correct aperture and shutter speed. I am new to photography and just so anxious to learn everything. I like many others I am sure think these two things have probably been the hardest things to understand thus far.

  5. William Chinn says:

    HDR with a variable Neutral Density filter for more exposures.

  6. Terry says:

    Glad to see you back in action. Do you have any tips on shooting star trails?

  7. Lee Calkins says:

    What are the real world differences between big dog glass say Nikon 300 2.8 vs the Sigma 120-300 2.8…are they optically close in quality, etc? That kind of stuff.

  8. Andy says:

    Good show and any tips on travel photography.

  9. Bill Fox says:

    Lots of great info to take out every time I head for the bush.

  10. Steve Thompson says:

    Loved the Nikon focusing tip. RC you rock dude. It really really helped me understand 3 D tracking. Can’t wait to try it on birds in flight.

  11. Paul says:

    Great to see the show is maintaining the high standards set in previous seasons – personally I’d love to see tips and tricks related to time lapse photography.

  12. Terry says:

    Great tips by Larry and RC. Now I gonna reconfig my af-c settings!

  13. I love the variety of guests you guys have on this show — you get some good tips quickly!

  14. chris says:

    Nice to have you back…Great show RC, good tips on the 3D tracking and the electronic list. I am getting older….

  15. Tina Rife-Bastin says:

    Loved the tip on the Expo disc. And love your show. Can I come work w you guys?

  16. Jim Hill says:

    Welcome back. Would love to see more hints like the focusing ideas.

  17. Rick Mayo says:

    Nice job as always. How about some landscape tip?

  18. Evan Rasmussen says:

    The focus info was informative. A more detailed “real life” discussion about all the focus options and when to use each one would be helpful.

  19. Rich Stopa says:

    Welcome back Great tip on focusing

  20. GM Miller says:

    I agree with what number 10 said.

  21. Carl Aylman says:

    Welcome back, R.C. I never quite understood 3D tracking. Thanks for the explanation. Ditto on the request for how to get some great landscape photos. I’m going on vacation soon and want to come home with some photos that make people say wow.

  22. Jack Mittelstadt says:

    love the show!!!

  23. Jo Ann Johnson says:

    RC you are a welcome sight! So glad you are back! Thanks for the helpful info as always.

  24. Eric Alter says:

    Love the 3d tracking segment!

  25. Chad McCormick says:

    First a PhotoshopGirl, then Gumby makes an appearance. This season of Kelbytv, major changes are happening! Could you go over your non pro photo editing workflow?

  26. Lili Hewitt says:

    The demo of the 3D tracking is genius! I am having trouble to figure it out too.Thanks!

  27. Zack Green says:

    Welcome back. With focusing I was wondering if you had any tips for when switching to ai servo from one shot. I shoot my portraits with a single focus point but I constantly have to switch to ai servo during a wedding. Problem is I just don’t want to track my subjects in the middle of the frame. Any tips would be helpful. Would love to get the flash bender also.

  28. I started out doing photography for my model railroading manufacturing company and have morphed in to a semi-pro photographer doing landscape, wildlife and now portraits. Thing is I’m retired, or was.

    Enjoy the show, keep it coming it helps a lot. I’ve learned a lot and have expanded my abilities.

  29. carl speller says:

    Great tip on focusing

  30. Gary Peel says:

    Thanks for visiting Milwaukee R.C., great Adobe user group presentation!

  31. John Content says:

    another great start and I’m looking forward to watching this season.

  32. Ken Campbell says:

    Great show, break is too long between seasons!

  33. Great show for the start of the new season. Welcome back!! Any tips and tricks for studio photography…lighting, backgrounds, lighting, etc.

  34. MTB says:

    Glad the new season has started.

  35. Brian says:

    Great explanation of focus tracking.

    Would love to see discusion on fast workflow for PS and LR.

  36. kris d says:

    great to see the guyz back. cant wait to see what new stuff they have in store for us

  37. debbie says:

    thanks for all the info. I’m glad you are back!

  38. Adam Carlson says:

    Welcome back y’all! Love the show and all the great info! Thank you!

  39. Mike says:

    Great explanation on 3D tracking! Thanks RC!

  40. Rch Ramirez says:

    Hi RC,
    Great show, Welcome back! the 3d tracking was a great trip. Was wondering if you can explain the AF-ON button. trying to figure out how it should work.

  41. Rich Ramirez says:

    Hey RC,
    Great show, welcome back!
    Loved the tip about 3d tracking and wanted to know if you could explain the AF-ON button and why Should I use it?
    Rich Ramirez

  42. John Hawkins says:

    Great show RC specially the 3-D focus tip. How about more help with subdued lighting. From the Brit across the pond

  43. welcome back miss you all

  44. Robert Martinez says:

    Welcome back and great show! I have been waiting for this new season since you went off, I really love this program! I would also love a chance to use those flash benders 😉 and I don’t know if anyone has commented on this but the theme music is absolutely perfect!

  45. Mike Wootton says:

    Thanks, Larry!
    Your explanation of 3D tracking was sooo helpful!
    I have now set my 7000 to a longer setting and VOILA! All is now sweet.

  46. Ganga V Rajan says:

    Love the puppet show – a la Robin Wiliams in Mrs Doubtfire :-)

  47. Shan Lu says:

    very nice video! btw, would love to see david hobby on here

  48. Dusan says:

    Great show as always guys. I’d love to see some tips for outdoor strobist photography.

  49. Roy Holtschke says:

    From across the pond – Welcome Back.

  50. Rick Potts says:

    Looking forward to new season. It might be nice to see how people are incorporating the iPad or tablet into their shooting sessions. Thanks again

  51. Rick Potts says:

    It would be helpful to hear about video tips for those of us who don’t want to shoot movies but just the occasional short clip, especially settings
    Thanks for all the tips. I enjoy the suggested web sites.

  52. Hi guys, welcome back!
    I would really want to hear more about good relatively cheap camera flash remote triggers (not IR) and available worldwide.
    I have a Nikon D90, a SB 800 and a SB900 flash.
    I want to learn to use both in location photography effectively but with minimum buck impact in purchasing extra gear.
    By the way, I have also an umbrella and a softbox for speedlights.
    Thanks 😉

  53. Nice show! Gotta check this 3D focus thing!! :-)

  54. 3D tracking tip was a great one, , please keep these coming , tips for using camera that not much people is talking about ,
    love Garry’s tips also

  55. clive davies says:

    Nice to have you back!!! Despite being in NAPP and Kelby training I still missed you all!

  56. Guy Baker says:

    Welcome back! Great tips as always. Could you give us your opinions on wireless camera control. There are various products out there like the CamRanger. Which do you like and which would you recommend? Many thanks for a great show.

  57. Peter M says:

    Could i have the prize, generous nice intelligent people, please? :)

  58. I back! I love the show this week I need to get that White Balance Filter. Thanks for the tip.
    P.S. I have not won any thing yet.

  59. Hello could I request for something like how to treat the models ,like do’s and don’ts in a shoot or what are the right things to say. Please just anything that is not about the photographer or technicality of a something about manners and interaction with the model and even the crew.

    Thank you I been following this show before it became “Photography Tips and Tricks” So cool! short but very informative.

  60. Glad you’re back, allways love the shows.

  61. MAHER ALI says:

    Fantastic show, I love it and I admire you guys.
    Even if I do not win it I still love your show.
    Thank you guys for putting this together.

    Maher Ali

  62. Joe Lacz says:

    Really enjoy the show.

  63. Gregory says:

    I’m glad you’re back but I was hoping for new music this season. Please, please, please find some new intro and bumper music. Something that is not so sad and haunting.

  64. martin gillette says:

    nice to see you guys back. looking forward to the new season…..

  65. Paul Todd says:

    So great to see RC back again. Would love to hear more about Drive storage and network drives for backing up images. Thanks guys great show as always. Paul

  66. Phil Beavis says:

    Great to have you guys back … its been way too long ! Loving the tip on 3D tracking and really like the look of the Rogue flashbenders.

  67. Philipp says:

    How about some street photography tips?

  68. Simon says:

    Hi RC awsome show! like always. I like the Website to watch: Casey Mac Photography.


  69. Another great show RC a flashbender kit is a super prize, YES PLEASE

  70. Rich E. says:

    Glad the show is back. Look forward to all the new episodes.

  71. Phil Shaw says:

    Another great show. Especially the 3D focusing.

  72. Glenn Hewitt says:

    Always a great show, how about showing us about double exposure in camera.

  73. RC, Great info as always. Keep it coming. Thx 4 L@@KING>

  74. Cecil Ramsey says:

    Thanks for a great lesson. The white balance info was very helpfull as was the 3D tracking info

  75. Wayne Berry says:

    Welcome back

  76. Steve Sims says:

    Great show RC!
    I really liked your tips on Nikon 3D tracking. You helped me immensely on questions I had about this feature…thanks.

  77. HI Rafael, nice to have you back!!!! It´s always fantastic to watch your show. Un saludo para toda la comunidad de fotógrafos.

  78. Pan Chee Chen says:

    Learn a lot from the show. Exposure metering for Nikon. What is each metering actually do, and which is best for condition?

  79. Tom Williams says:

    How about taking a crack at explaining Nikon’s CLS flash?

  80. Chuck LaFayette says:

    I have a D90 that I shoot most of my photos on manual but every once in a while I’ll switch to Auto. However when I do I notice my photos are always too bright. I there a way to correct this?

  81. Leonard J. Provenzano says:

    Glad to have you back. Thanks for the tip on 3D focusing–I’m still trying to figure out the ffocusing modes on my D70. Hoping for tips on lighting.

  82. Jan says:

    No one has done pet photography yet. Be a crack up to watch Scott try and photograph a crazy weasel. So…pet photography tips.

  83. Phillip Burrow says:

    Great job RC. I’m glad to see the show again!

  84. Steve Healy says:

    At last, your back!! Great tips…great show

  85. welcome back. finally, 3d focus explained. thank you.

  86. Would like to see interviews with other photographers — more of their inspiration and thoughts behind a shoot rather than gear and technique. Sort of like the Zack Arias interview currently on Kelby Training.

  87. Julio E Barillas says:

    I just bought a Nikon D600, I would love to see a show focus on that particular model.
    Great show you guys.

  88. Pierre U says:

    Thanks for the 3D matrix focusing explaination.

  89. Ray says:

    Have a wonderful new season! Say, is the D7100 a replacement for the D3i00 (which I love by the way) and it has twice the MP as the D300. I’d like to hear about comparable gear!

  90. Randy Enis says:

    Good show, as always! I glean something valuable on almost every show. Thanks!

  91. Randy Ennis says:

    Glad you’re back — I always glean something good from the episodes, so keep ’em comin’!

  92. Albert McDonald says:

    Keep up good work!

  93. steve brood says:

    GREAT show nice to see you back !!!!!

  94. Frank Benz says:

    Great to see these shows back for the new season, they are a wealth of information and ideas ! ! ! !

  95. Marie Sjoberg says:

    Great to have you back, lots of good info

  96. Bryon Wiley says:

    Great show!

  97. Rick DeNatale says:

    Great to see you survived Photoshop World and are back.

  98. Sam Aronov says:

    Welcome back! Glad to see!

  99. Great to see you back RC. I always learn something new from you.

  100. Robert Robichaud says:

    Hi Love the show. Would like to know if it is possible to do fill flash with a bare flash no diffuser in the sun and still make it look good?


  101. Janus Capili says:

    Welcome back guys! Great show!

  102. Van Hotard says:

    Just some general quick lighting set ups. Jason Groupp taught a class at photoshop world about a few and I would really like to see a more in depth tutorial on a few.

  103. Kevin McGrath says:

    great show

  104. Brad Koop says:

    Hey RC, been loving the show. It would be great to see some segments on seeing creatively, the process before the click. A difficult topic, but you guys are great teachers.

  105. Robert Boulton says:

    Welcome back. I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms!

  106. Brad Koop says:

    Hey RC, been loving the show. One thing I would love to see added is some tips on the creative process before the click. Loved the Gumby and Pokey show btw. Keep up the great work.

  107. Great topic more on focusing would be great and hand holding video capture. Ta

  108. Jock Goodman says:

    PERFECT Timing. Just today, Friday, I was actually reading my D3s manual about 3D tracking. I often use it OR single spot focus which I move around with the control button if needed. Shooting rodeo and other sports, there is often SOMETHING coming between me and subject. I used to watch out of left eye (Right eye camera) and let go of the shutter button until he passes. Now I will try setting to LONG wait period.
    Question: I use the shutter button to activate focus but Scott and other action shooters recommend using the AF button on back of camera (Nikon). Can you explain the difference and advantages? I’m comfortable my way but could be a convert it it really makes a difference. Thanks for all the tips. It’s good to have you back. I’ll also finally be coming to PSW in vegas this year.

  109. Tom says:

    Great to see you back! How about tips on 10 stop filters.

  110. Nancy Lester says:

    RC, That was the best explanation of focus tracking that I have ever heard. Great Episode!

  111. RJ Prusik says:

    Great show guys, I was really glad to see it in my subscription list today! I would like to see some info on the new micro 4/3 cameras how they compare to dslr’s…

  112. horace cheung says:

    Very helpful 3D tracking tutorial

  113. Ryan says:

    Welcome Back! Great show!

  114. John Zingali says:

    Thanks for tips on 3D tracking.

  115. CR Douglas says:

    Welcome back! Enjoyed the 3D focusing info

  116. Larry says:

    Welcome back!

    Thanks for another great show!

  117. fritz meyer says:

    Glad to have you back. How about more speed lighting tips and techniques. Would go good with the flash bender. ffm

  118. Debbie C says:

    Another great show. More lighting tips.

  119. Emad elder says:


  120. David Keneipp says:

    3D tracking tip was very helpful.

  121. Karen Holberton says:

    As a non-techy, one of my biggest frustrations is getting prints that appear as they do on my computer. Can you talk about color calibration and any tips for getting great prints.

  122. Jeff Grooms says:

    Great Show !!

    Can you guys give some tips on focus stacking for macro photography. I can never seem to get my images aligned properly and the focus points correct.


  123. Todd Edwards says:

    Great Show RC

  124. John Keiser says:

    Thanks for the great show(s)!
    I have a Canon 5D mkII. I’m not aware of an equivalent to the 3D tracking on that camera. Have I missed something? When you speak about a feature on one brand, it would be great if you could mention its equivalent (or absence ) on other brands.

  125. Always a great reference for photography RC. would be nice to see future episodes.

  126. Ross says:

    Glad you guys are back! Thanks for the tips.

    All the best,

  127. Ernie Lau says:

    Great show as usual. Could you cover the subject of how the new higher megapixel sensors demand more of the lenses to produce great results and how to balance the challenge of cost vs. performance? Thanks!

  128. Harry Conte says:

    Welcome back R.C. great tip on WB, I use a Lally Cap. Works great and it’s easy too.

  129. Jessica Dodson says:

    Thanks for another great episode, RC!

  130. Rich Turner says:

    I need to put my thinking cap on to figure out something for you guys to cover on the show. You’ve discussed so many topics so far! Keep ’em coming!!

  131. Jeff B says:

    Good to see you back for the new season. Love the figures you chose for visual aids during the 3D tracking segment.

  132. David White says:

    Welcome back RC missed you all

  133. John Dabarno says:

    Great show liked the custom white balance tip with Erik Valind using the Expo Disc, need to get one, thanks.

  134. Suzanne says:

    Glad to see you back. I would love to see you demonstrate some tips for using macro focussing rails. I bought a really cheap old Spiratone one, and some araca swiss mounts to put my camera on it. I would love some tips for using it.

  135. Roger says:

    Great to be back with a new season.

  136. Love the show, very helpful.
    Can you do a bit on backup?
    I currently use an iMac with 3 external drives, a 3tb for photos, 2tb for music and a 3tb for time machine.
    I am not sure whether I should look into a raid system. I fell Drobo is very expensive (£600 for a driverless box).
    Backing up to the cloud is not feaseable as my Internet connection is too slow.
    I need something reliable and not too expensive.

  137. Vinay says:

    Welcome back after a long hiatus, thankyou for all the tips.

  138. Fulgensius Pasaribu says:

    I love the show since episode 1.. 😀

  139. Rene says:

    great show

  140. Hubert says:

    Glad you are back for another season. Looking forward to upcoming shows.

  141. Nina Cleven says:

    Glad to see you’re back for another season. Tips on using long exposure ND filters would be nice.

  142. Thanks for the 3d tracking tips. Now I just need to go find something to shoot. :-)

  143. Stephanie McCoil says:

    Missed the show while it was on break & am very glad it’s back! Keep up the good work!

  144. glen thaxton says:

    Nice to have you back on!

  145. michael gallimore says:

    Great show! Would like some information on tweaking your auto focus and some ways to do that with either software or manual.

  146. Pat R says:

    Glad u are back….Can u show some 3rd party lenses that u like ?

  147. Jean says:

    Hey RC, it was great to meet you at Photoshop World Orlando! Glad you guys are back with a new season. And my plea for winning this contest is that I’m also a Floridian! Hehe. Anyways great show! Thanks for the insight on the 3D tracking , I have that same camera (in black) and wondered about that setting.

  148. thom ororke says:

    missed you during the break thanks for explaining 3d focusing

  149. Pete Stringer says:

    Loved the show; so glad its back. The break dancing horse was just great – here really is no end to RC’s talent is there?
    Would love to win the rogue kit. After having less than useful results with a lastolight on camera flash softbox, I reckon that the rogue kit may avoid the issue where the flash distance sensor not seeing the subject.

  150. Jane says:

    great tip on 3d tracking

  151. Yoshinori Miyazaki says:

    Great show RC!

  152. Hey Guys, great show as always.

    RC you’re awesome and I’m glad you’re back hosting PT&T.

    Idea’s for the show:

    I know you guy have the ‘website to watch’ feature, but you should do photographer to follow too: point out someone over on Google+ and give them some lime light for their great work.

    Another idea is to perhaps have product pick of the week – where you pick a product under $100 and show it off (do an actual demo with it), whether it be a rogue flash bender, a set of gels, an iPad case, anything, something, just a quick, basic review but show us the product in action and some of the results you can get when using that product. You could perhaps also then have that as the giveaway. I know you are giving away the rogue set this week, but I’m talking specifically trying to keep the product to something at $100 or less.

    It’d also be great to have a quick Photoshop or Lightroom tip. Something very basic, like a cool keyboard shortcut that people may not have know about or something.

    My third suggestion is just about giving something back to the community. It’s the new season so why not offer people 10% off for 1 month on, or a discount code on a product line or something. As well as giving newbies Tips & Tricks, why not give them a little helping hand a get us a discount code to knock a few dollars off a product that you’re promoting.

    I enjoyed how quick and to the point this episode was too, very concise, but I felt like I needed just a little bit more content this time round

    cheers, looking forward to future episodes. Keep up all the awesome work.


  153. Cory Lievers says:

    Great show, thanks as always for the great tips and information.
    Loved the comment about the horse breakdancing. :)

  154. Robert Hilsinger says:

    #D Tracking tip was great.

  155. I enjoy your shows RC.

    Any inexpensive ideas to port pictures in real time to iPad on cameras such as D7000 so that we do not rely on that small LCD to evaluate pictures while shooting?

  156. Dave Fabian says:

    Welcome back. Hope you liked Milwaukee!

  157. W Patrick Clements says:

    great new start of the season show we will be back again and again

  158. June Krisko says:

    Hi, I just discovered kelbytv and the photography tips and tricks videos. There are so many shows to watch. Thanks for the tips. Hopefully I’ll have my website up soon:). The tip on the white balance is great!

  159. Larry Robinson says:

    Nice to have you back R.C. it seemed like such a long breake. Cool tips, lave the show.

  160. Luis Mazier says:

    Great show. Nice to see you back

  161. Great show guys. Really like that you incorporated Cheap Shots into this show, it’s a natural combination.

  162. Jim Beardsley says:

    Great start to a new season, How about more on selecting the correct focus technique, ie, when and how to use 3D tracking etc.

  163. I love your show and I need that XL Rouge stuff! RC you pronounced my name great in the last ‘The Grid’ Show! Thank you guys for sharing all the information!

    I would like to see Lee Filters, especially the Soft/Hard Grad 0.9;0.6 ND in action, and the polariser! Thank you so much!

  164. The tips are very interesting. Tips on flash photography are always welcome.

  165. David says:

    I love Larry Becker’s segment since I’m on a tight budget.

    I’d like to see a few tips on shooting outdoors with couples in variable light (harsh light, using shadows, reflectors, low light) and tips on travelling light while on location. It’d also be great to see a few tips on using speedlites in these same locations.

  166. Janet says:

    Erik Valind’s white balance tip was short and sweet. I have a ExpoDisc but forget to use it. Thanks for the reminder!

  167. Chris Rizzo says:

    Great show RC. I would like tips on off camera flash when working by yourself on location with a model. Thanks and I love the show.

  168. Jason Davis says:

    Love the show guys. Keep the great tips coming!

  169. Susan Scharenberg says:

    Good show, useful info as always, thanks RC! Really liked the focusing tip. Agree with Jim Beardsley, “How about more on selecting the correct focus technique, ie, when and how to use 3D tracking etc.” Oh and use a D600/800 for the demo! 😉

  170. David Vaught says:

    Welcome back

  171. John B says:

    Really like the show and would like to see more on creative use of off camera flash

  172. Welcome back! I always look forward to tips and advice from guests.

  173. Adir says:

    Welcome back

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