Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips & Tricks: Creating Flash Gels and Archiving Photos – Episode 19


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On this week's episode, Larry Becker shares a DIY tip for creating your own inexpensive flash gels. Then RC goes in depth into his personal strategy for archiving photos so that they're safely backed up and still accessible from anywhere.

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  1. John Havord says:

    Thanks, some great tips.

  2. Just finished your HDR book RC, only one word to describe it SUPERB!!!

    Exposed book and Rouge Gells YES YES PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mike Kaylor says:

    Great way to save a little cash making your own Gel. Always like saving money as an amateur.

  4. Kent Andre Ophaug says:

    Nice show guys. Keep up the good work :-)

  5. Mmmmm, stil curious whether you ship the prices to Europe,,,,
    Enjoyed the show RC !

  6. Love your show, I just wait each week until the next show arrives!!
    Great tip of the gell!!

  7. William Chinn says:

    At a later date can you provide estimates on time to upload to the cloud, then the download /restore process back ultimately to LR?

  8. Jim Wells says:

    Love your show and use Rouge products

  9. Siming says:

    Great tips on workflow, thanks!

  10. W Patrick Clements says:

    great tips keep them up see you next time

  11. Gregg Jaehning says:

    Great show as usual!

    I would like to see a segment on off camera flash using the pocket wizard TT5 for Nikon.

  12. Philip Arthur says:

    I definitely liked the backup tips, they were very useful.

  13. Philip Arthur says:

    Definitely some great backup tips this week.

  14. Oswin Jella says:

    Love the show!! Great tip on the flash gels. Will experiment before I buy the good(expensive) ones.

  15. Pedro Oliveira says:

    Hey great show guys!
    Can’t wait for the RC course on how to store/manage/access our pictures.

  16. Enjoyed the storage lesson RC!

  17. Gerardo Palermo says:

    I can’t wait for RC’s course on workflow. Even with this great explanation from this episode I still have some questions that I’m pretty sure will be answered in the course. Waiting impatiently now!

  18. Martin Wagner says:

    I liked the archive piece.

  19. Chris Helms says:

    Great Cheap Shots segment!

    I’m in for the book and the gels – they look fantastic!

    Keep it up!

  20. Nuno Carneiro says:

    i’ve just learn about your site and i think it’s great , catching up on all the videos , nice evolution from episode 1 to episode 9 ( what i’ve seen so far )
    great tips and tricks
    thanks a lot for all that info

  21. Patrick Aalmans says:

    Great show
    I love to get those gels for my brandnew sb700

  22. Frazer says:

    Well done!

  23. Jeff says:

    Nice episode! Would like to see an episode like “how to get this shot”. Some one would post a picture and someone can break it down and list the steps to get a particular shot.

  24. Adi says:

    Very good tips ! Thanks

  25. Matthew Mellen says:

    Great show! RC – I love the access you have to your photos looks like a great product.

  26. Joel Taylor says:

    Just stumbled across this a week or so ago. Already hooked!

  27. sam says:

    Hey Guys!
    verry helpful tips for the gels!! i will try to find somme cheep ons for my big lights!

  28. Luis Ascanio says:

    Awesome show! Grate guidelines for workflow and back up.

  29. Here comes a coment from the south of Sweden.
    The backup that you have, must be be a dream.
    I’m in for the book and the gels – they look fantastic!

  30. Roger says:

    Good tips.

  31. Tim Martin says:

    Great, great show. Look forward to more information on backup/storage on Kelby training. More ideas on this subject would be good.

  32. Great show as always! I always learn something new. Thanks.

  33. Steve Thompson says:

    Larry you Rock.

  34. Robert Gould says:

    Loved info on the backup storage system. But how does LR keep track of your photos.

  35. chris says:

    Great Show RC! You rock! So my four exturnal hard drives just don’t cut it…

  36. Larry Murphy says:

    Love this last Episode I seem to always learn 2 or 3 things each time I watch ( I am new at this ) and try to use each time I go out to shoot.

  37. Watch you every week!

    I need to gel. 😉

  38. GM Miller says:

    Gello! Hope my old brain has enough storage for all this info!
    Do you think the photo of the guy with the strips on his forehead behind RC looks like he could be his older brother?

  39. Maher Ali says:

    RC, Lary and whole of you that put all of this together you rock.
    Good work.

    Thank you.

  40. Tony Blackwell says:

    Looking forward to the class R.C. Thanks for the tips.

  41. PD Taylor says:

    Thanks, getting a little more understanding of gells.

  42. kris d says:

    thanx rc for the storage tips

  43. Great show…good to see the team of Larry and RC back in action. Had a quick question on to grip or not to grip. What’s your take and insight on battery grips to shoot vertical. Is it worth the cost or is a twist of the wrist just the way you go? Be Well!!

  44. Carl Vaccarino says:

    Great program, always enjoy RC. Keep up the great tips and tricks.

  45. Justin Roush says:

    Another great show. When do we find out about the Bag that RC was testing for 30 days

  46. Jim Gilliland says:

    Another great show. Great topics and tips. This was a good mix so keep up the great work.

  47. John LeJeune says:

    Great storage tips RC,

  48. Rick Mayo says:

    Great show. Thanks

  49. Eric Sharpe says:

    Love the cheap shots. Would like to see more of that. Would also like so info on storing pics in the cloud, using Amazaon’s glacier service.

  50. Bill Shoff says:

    great show. like the info on gels. how about off camera triggers sometime?

  51. Piotr says:

    Great tips. Thanks!

  52. John Dewberry says:

    Synology sounds great. Thanks for letting us know about them.

  53. Thomas Bogan says:

    Love the info on the gels.

  54. Tomislav says:

    RC, really great and usefull tip.
    Thank you :-)

  55. Wayne Robinson says:

    Great show. Would love to get the Rogue Gels.
    Can’t wait to see the training on the Synology DS1812.

  56. Charles Lyons says:

    great show….I can’t wait for your video on this.

  57. martin gillette says:

    nice show….

  58. Larry has always good and cheap solutions!

    RC, so if I understood well you don’t work your photos on your local disk, but always hooked to the external one?

    My question would be about the best way to manage your photos using Lightroom.

    For the moment I still have space on my internal disk to hold them all (they are not that many) but sooner or later I’ll have to transfer part of them to an external disk and I’m not really sure how to make it in an efficient and practical manner.

    Any thoughts on a simple solution? Let’s say the fileserver solution is a bit out of my need/budget :-)

    Thanks in advance!

  59. john Richardson says:

    Wonderful!! I was looking at a long term storage set up and yours makes perfect sense. I also work on my local disk and store off line but still I need something that gives me more options! Thank you!! I am looking forward to you in-depth class!

  60. Harry Conte says:

    Another great show! Awesome tips RC.

  61. Gene Thorpe says:

    Great show as always, Thanks

  62. Wayne D says:

    Nice show this week.

  63. Definitely checking out Synology’s products. Thank you for the tips!

  64. David Stanley says:

    Great show, I really like the tips about making your own gels.

  65. Tim Woods says:

    Good Show! I liked the segment on gels. Keep the good information coming.

  66. John Delahunt says:

    Liked the storage portion of the show. It answered many questions that I had.
    Episode 19.

  67. Duane G says:

    impressive workflow

  68. John A. Fugel says:

    Excellent (though very expensive) solution for workflow/archiving.

    Should we also consider burning DVDs/CDs of the keepers?

    Do you feel comfortable enough with the Cloud to store your work there?

    Thanks for a great show!

  69. David Gomez says:

    Good show!

  70. Great tips! Thanks for the info on Synology.

  71. Carl Aylman says:

    Great Show as always, R.C.

  72. Naw you’ve been on about using gels with speedlights, how about adding modifiers – using gels with speedlights and modifiers ( umbrellas, grids, speedlight soft boxes).

  73. Rick Chase says:

    Love the show. I would love to win the Rogue Gel Set. Thanks

  74. Brian Parchim says:

    Great show guys!

  75. Serafin Silva says:

    I listen to ALL these podcasts. I have been away from photography for, well, a long time. Now that I will be retiring soon, I’ve been getting back into it.
    Lots of great info here, but I’d like to see some Apple Aperture stuff.
    Keep up the great work guys. And thanks!

  76. Ken Hillblom says:

    I been using a Synology box and love it !! Thanks for the great info.

  77. Nick Sotgiu says:

    I’d love to see some more ‘tips & tricks’ on food or product photography.

    Love the show!

  78. Anker Norup says:

    Love the shows and the Synology is very interesting. Maybe one of these guys could be the price in an upcoming show? :-)

  79. Patrick Thayer says:

    Looking forward to your storage solution workshop. Wondering about your backup regime. Off line backup services for the huge amounts of data we’re now generating with our D800s and so on gets prohibitively expensive.

  80. Josh Voyles says:

    I really loved learning about the Synology drive. I’ll have to check that out now. Thanks!

  81. Jeff B says:

    Great show . Love the storage workflow content.

  82. Wayne Berry says:

    Great show. Loved the workflow storage tips.

  83. Great show! Hey RC, how do you manage back-ups during the year with your Minis? Or do I have to wait for the show on KelbyTraining in a couple of months?? 8¬)

  84. JP Gomes says:

    Thanks RC for another great podcast! Loved the synology segment! Great stuff. I use the same unit at work

  85. Bob Shear says:

    Another great show RC!

    More good stuff from Larry Becker, please.

  86. Ray says:

    Great show. I can’ t wait for the backup training show to help me….thanks…

  87. Randal Jaffe says:

    Very interesting show.

  88. Joe Kostoss says:

    Loved the show this week, especially the storage system. Anxiously awaiting your storage workshop videos.

  89. Kevin McGrath says:

    great show

  90. Andy says:

    Great to see Larry.

  91. Tom says:

    Great show and very interesting. My question is:
    What are the advantages to the Synology Drive vs lets say On-Line Backup sites? Could you talk about On-Line Backup sites next week? Some of the reviews on Synology are not that favorable.

  92. Alex Racanelli says:

    Great to see Larry again! Love the show.

  93. Alan Storey says:

    Great tips on file storage! I look forward to the class.

  94. Rich says:

    Quickly becoming my favorite podcast

  95. Dan says:

    My computer will not allow the video feed for the program. I have tried everything in tools options.. Any ideas

  96. Brian says:

    Great tips on workflow, would love to see more.

    Very interested in the Rogue gels :)

  97. eric boyer says:

    Great show

  98. David Keneipp says:

    Love Larry’s idea about craft-store gels.

  99. Marco says:

    I`m learning so much with you guys. I`d like to learn more about bracketing and HDR. Thanks

  100. iTZCHAK AMITAY says:

    Funny Larry

  101. Larry Ligget says:

    Great show. Downloaded 53 and love it!

  102. Al McDonald says:

    Thanks for the backup info.

  103. Melissa Grover says:

    Gentlemen, this episode; total win :)
    Thank you everyone that makes these possible!

  104. Terry says:

    Thanks for the tips on photo storage. And, those tips from Larry about craft store gels… way cool.

    How about an episode on macro photography?

  105. jim says:

    Great discussion of archiving.

  106. fronn says:

    Can’t wait for workflow session with RC and will also head over to Kelbytraining for archiving in Lightroom.New to it and it is a mess now.Love to have a set of the gels too.

  107. Dave says:

    Larry, I haven’t done this in a while but you used to be able to get gel samples kits from Rosco and the other manufactures. They were free. Can’t get any better than that. As a bonus, they fit the front of speed light..

  108. Jeff says:

    Like the storage and backing up

  109. Alfonso says:

    Great Show!!

  110. E5CO3AR says:

    Great episode. How about a show on sports photography. Keep up the good work.

  111. ARKreations says:

    Great info on the Synology server!

  112. Great show as always. Dave, I think the old free Rosco gel samples have been replaced by the sampler pack RC showed, which you have to pay for. These are great to play around with, but IMHO they are not easy to attach to your flashes as they are just barely the size of the front lens. I think strips with Velcro like RC showed the other week are a great solution.

    Great intro to the Synology system, RC. Looks to be the Cadillac solution. I, too, am interested in your backup regimen — do you keep a backup other that the Synology + cloud backup? I’m so paranoid about losing my images …

  113. Hubert says:

    Great tips on gels. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

  114. Chance Lay says:

    You guys are awesome! hat Synology server is beast. Maybe you could direct us to a system that might fit a tighter budget?

  115. You spend a bunch of time talking about what you do, but could you spend more time talking about WHY you have chosen this computer workflow?

  116. Jesse Kunerth says:

    Great show, hook me up!

  117. Randy Tabler says:

    I’ve just caught up with the current show. I discovered D-town TV a few weeks ago and have watched D-town through tips and tricks. Keep up the great work. the 20 minutes or less per show makes it easy to watch on a lunch break or waiting for the kids to get out of dance class.

  118. Jim Valencia says:

    Wow, Episode 19 was packed with great information. Especially valuable was RC’s insight into his workflow and recommendations for products. In the history of D-Town TV and Photography Tips & Tricks this is certainly one of the top 10 episodes. Thanks, RC!

  119. Chris says:

    Great production! I appreciate the clarity of your presentation!

  120. Hi ! Great show, I would like to win the gels and book if the draw as not been done yet ! I love some cheap trick since I not rich and photography stuff cost so much …..

    Thank !

  121. carlos zaldivar says:

    Photography tips and tricks Episode 19, Great show on gels and archiving photos safely with Larry and Rc. I would like to see more shows on how to archive your photos and how to use gels. I would love to win the book from Michael Clark exposed or the Rogue gels.
    Carlos Zaldivar 216-71st apt 1 Guttenberg NJ 07093

  122. Paul Rodrigues says:

    Love this site!
    can I see more tips on lighting and strobes?

  123. Flora says:

    I am looking forward RC’s class on storage.
    Can I use PC and Mac files in one box storage?
    Great gel tips, Larry.

  124. Dean Wittle says:

    Great show RC. Really liked long term storage system

  125. STANLEY MOISE says:

    There’s always something new to learn on this show. I love it. I’d like see how to freeze motion using speedlight flashes.

  126. Glen England says:

    GREAT show!!

  127. Great show RC

  128. Tina Rife-Bastin says:

    I was interested in hearing RC’ explain his workflow process, however it wasn’t clear to me if and how this might be retained by a Lightroom catalogue for future retrieval and post processing.

    As always, I enjoyed the show!

  129. Sheldon graber says:

    Great show. I will look at buying a synology device.

  130. Clint Latham says:

    You guys need to get Bill Cunningham on a show! Great show

  131. Tomasz says:

    Great TIPS!!!!

  132. Great show guys!! As always, there something new to learn in photography! Good luck to everybody!

  133. Carl says:

    Thanks RC. the biggest problem I have is work flow. The G drive mini is a great idea for me for long term storage. My problem is the deletion process…. what kind of things do you look for to decide what to keep and what to get rid of? and is this before Lr processing or after?
    Thanks for the tips love the show.

  134. Love this show – thanks so much!

  135. Ken says:

    Great show this week. Really like the hard drive backup workflow, and really look forward to a kelby training class on it!

  136. Bryan Tanner says:

    Great show with very helpful information. Would love to see more in depth info on storage and backup. Great tips on gels also. Thank you for your time and experience.

  137. Mark Wilkey says:

    Great show. Loved the detailed info about long-term storage AND access remotely.

    Does your system have redundancy? I’ve seen so many hard drives fail, I want to have multiple copies of my images – preferably in different locations.


  138. Nice tips as always guys! Always look forward to the guests, so bring some back. 😉

  139. John Yanuzzi says:

    that ds1812 is crazy !!!!

  140. Jacqueline Negaard says:

    Love your podcast- signed up for Kelby training and amazed at the amount of information and inspiration.

  141. Jeff Whitford says:

    How about some suggestions for getting out of the winter blues photography wise.

  142. robin saini says:


    I love watching your videos and all other video son Kelby … already a annual member…

    great tips as always on storage..whcih I was looking for some permanent solution..

    Hope these products are available in INDIA too as I am almost broke ordering from Amazon and B&H and paying heavy duty..

    do check my fb page too

  143. Cool storage solution. I recently added a MacMini which should be able to do SOME of that.

  144. Mel Carll says:

    Great Show. Loved the info on Rogue and the peach pit ebook deal.

    How about tips on Pano equipment???

  145. Gary Beller says:

    DS1812 looks interesting. Thanks for the show. Would love you to get some tutorials on Astrolapse like maybe Ben Canales, Brad Goldpaint or somebody like that.


  146. This is the subject I need to learn about. I travel to Belgium for the whole summer and trying to figure out how I can access my images while I am there.

    I would also like to know if I leave it plugged in while I am gone will it work the whole time? What if the lights go out?

    I will be looking for you class.

  147. brian lottis says:

    always love the show. keep it up guys!

  148. Great show RC. I really enjoyed seeing your work flow!

  149. Richard Looper says:

    Enjoyed Larry’s filter tip and the Synology Drive array.

    Keep the tips flowing.

  150. Paul Todd says:

    RC great stuff. I am interested in the Synology DiskStation DS1812 after my DROBO died last November (Drobo didn’t want to know about it and they told me they dont care) Had our entire photo library on it. Does the Synology DiskStation DS1812 work well with MAC? I see on their web site it is windows based, but you are a MAC user?
    Regards, Paul.

  151. Carrie says:

    I would love to see how to use those cokin filters and when you would use them.

    Great show! Thanks.

  152. Thomas Hucksoll says:

    Great show. Love to see a show about carrying your camera gear while out on a shoot and different options without having to bring everything with you.

  153. Gary Shaver says:

    Love all the cool tips. Thanks!

  154. Hal Rance-Walmsley says:

    Watching in the UK. Great show as always RC.

  155. Bruce Gidlow says:

    Great show, love learning from you guys!

  156. Steve Barrett says:

    There are a lot of flash gel kit makers out there but the usual is the CTO and Green correction for all practical purposes. The others are fun to play with but this is generally all you will need. Thanks for the tips.

  157. Terry Babij says:

    Interested in alternatives to archive file storage at home. Worse case break-in or fire. Nice to have backup but lost. Back up in a fireproof safe?

  158. Jason D says:

    Great episode!

    Can you guys cover Wireless FP sync with Off Brand flashguns?

    Example: YN-666 triggers & YN-658 EX

    How do they compare to Nikon speedlights and more expensive radio triggers. They are becoming more popular everyday and the write ups look good, but are the worth it for the pro-am photographer.

    Keep up the great work!

  159. Juan B says:

    Great show I learn so much!

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