Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips & Tricks: Canon 1DX Features and Explaining the Physics of Light – Episode 17


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This week on Photography Tips & Tricks, Pete Collins reviews some of the new features on the Canon 1DX. Then RC tries to demystify megapixel resolution so that you don't overspend on your next camera purchase. Also, Tony Corbell stops by to give a quick explanation of the physics of light so that you can better control highlights and shadows on your next shoot.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Good tips! Wish that it lasted as long as the Grid. THANKS!!!

  2. Carl Aylman says:

    Enjoyed the show. Would love comparisons of some cameras in more moderate price ranges than a 1Dx however. Keep up the good work RC.

  3. Nice show!

    Healthy envy Pete Collins!!! 1DX … :-)

    But the “get to know your gear” thing is really important, still working on that (always).

    Tony Corbell’s tips, master …

  4. Ed Young says:

    good show

  5. Jim Wells says:

    Great show RC

  6. Love the light tips, can’t see enough of that!
    Thanks RC for sharing your megapixel thoughts with us!

  7. Dean Wittle says:

    Great episode RC. Would like some more tips for Canon cameras in future

  8. Pedro Oliveira says:

    Great episode RC and Pete! Would love to see more practical tips on the field like the lighting one.

  9. Stewart says:

    Great Show as usual! Envious about the 1Dx. Awesome tips on lighting from Tony Corbell

  10. Dan McCoy says:

    Great tip on the lighting. Wish I could afford a 1D

  11. Duane G says:

    enjoy the demonstrations with cause and effect.

  12. clinton ferrara says:

    good tips

  13. Steve Barosko says:

    Great lighting tips and ,loved the Canon camera comparisons – essential information.

  14. tim martin says:

    Liked your megipixel explaination, RC.

  15. John Havord says:

    Almost though there was no Photographytnt this week! Excellent as always.

  16. Roberto says:

    Love this show, I think it’s the right complement to the Grid, good job guys!

  17. Debbie says:

    I look forward to this every week thanks for all of this.

  18. Anne Wold says:

    Loved the show. I always come away with ways to make what I do easier.

  19. Great tips Pete. Enjoyed the back of the camera screen (makes it easy to understand what you are talking about). Would love to know more about how you’ve tweaked your settings on the 7D based on what the 1DX is giving you (since I don’t have a 1DX to compare to my other camera). 😉

  20. Leonard J. Provenzano says:

    Good stuff. Even though I am a Nikon shooter I liked Pete’s talk on the Canon–as I always tell people who ask me about photography “Know your camera”. The physics of light was great, a bit of how things work that we can use to build our work. More of that please.

  21. Patrick Connor says:

    Loving the new show. Would like to see some in-depth, 2-3 minute, how-to segments, like Photoshop User TV, but for photographers.

  22. Jeff Whitford says:

    Really liked the lighting tips. Learned something new and thats always a good thing.

  23. Steve Thompson says:

    RC YOU ROCK!!! The best tip yet on this series. Tony’s tip was very well done. Made something I knew easier to understand and explain to others.

  24. jeff st.onge says:

    Great show. Love the lighting tips.

  25. Stu Elwing says:

    Guys … All three of you did a suerb job! Absolutely loved it. I have a few decades of 35mm film experience, and that is where I learned the essentials of photography. This show is one of the few places that demos principles in a practical way in the digital, wireless world of the DSLR. Many thanks. Oh, you could bring Tony on with a demo like that EVERY WEEK!

  26. Evan Rasmussen says:

    The science of light was excellent.

  27. David White says:

    Another good show. Real good job of explaining the megapixel requirements

  28. Hi great show again thanks.(could bring more sony into it?(if you don’t mind))

  29. Adi says:

    Very good tips and tricks ! Can’t wait the next episode

  30. Maarten Wentink says:

    One of the best explanations of the relative size of light I have ever seen. Great segment.

  31. Rich Turner says:

    Another great show RC. Pete – envious with the new 1DX but your emphasis on getting to know your camera settings better to expand your capabilities is as important if not more so than running out to get a new camera! (though that’s what I want to do as well!)

    Great lighting tips from Tony! He really showed and explained light quality perfectly!

  32. John Arruda says:

    I’ve been watching dtown/photography tips and tricks for over a year now. As of late, I feel that the show is generally running for less minutes than it should be and that the show feels a bit rushed. I think for a show like this 25mins is perfect.

  33. Tina R-B says:

    Loved Tony’s explanation of light source positioning. I haven’t seen as many women photographers featured. Are there any Kelby TV women?

  34. Valerie Martinez says:

    Thanks for the megapixels tip! Im guilty of focusing on a cameras megapixels and buying them because of the megapixels it has.

  35. kris d says:

    hey guys, great show! how about a segment on lens adapters, they seem to be the hot topic in the photography magazines lately!

  36. mike moffo says:

    great show
    thank you

  37. Chris says:

    Great show, RC! How about some off camera flash stuff….

  38. GM Miller says:

    Great show as always

  39. ANDREA G says:

    Great show, loved the part about how to choose your camera use the pixels. I would like to see more about backing up your images not just to hard drives but also to cd/ dvd what are some programs that people use or softwear that they use. Thanks

  40. Raj says:

    Great Show! Can you show a few shooting techniques with ND and GND filters?

  41. Shari Smith says:

    Great tips, would like to see some more tips lighting but working with sporting events and field shots.

  42. Shari Smith says:

    As always a great learing environment!

  43. martin gillette says:

    wow, that was a great show; packed with great tips….thanks!!!

  44. Jeffery Schafer says:

    Great info. I enjoyed all three segment. The megapixel was really helpful

  45. Great show RC. I really liked hearing Pete’s comments on getting to know your camera. As well, I appreciate the information you gave about print sizes!

  46. Another good show. liked Tony’s explanation of the light. Easy to understand.

  47. Phil Beavis says:

    Love the lighting tips and would be great to see some more from Steve Simon in future episodes.
    Keep up the great work.

  48. Chris Christie says:

    Great show as always. Love that you get the right mixture of gear and tips without making any of it too technical to follow. Keep it up!

  49. Paul Scott says:

    Great advice, especially the lighting tips!

  50. IraE says:

    Excellent tips on lighting with the technical explanation.

  51. Randy Hanson says:

    Great show I like the canon infer

  52. nice show. i love the megapixel explanation.

  53. James Koch says:

    Love Tips and Tricks
    Enjoyed finding about Steve Simon
    Interesting work

  54. Frazer says:

    Excellent tips. Well done!

  55. Rick DeNatale says:

    Loved the lighting segment

  56. Lauren says:

    Nice info on megapixels. Good info.

  57. thom says:

    great info as usual keep up the good work

  58. Rey Coronado says:

    Great tips, thanks for keeping us informed!

  59. Fatah Muse says:

    great info, would also like more tips on improving focus and forcus area.

  60. Fatah Muse says:

    RC as always great tips. thank you

  61. Martin Pedersen says:

    Awesome – but it will be nice if you have show live the 12 shot pr. sek.

  62. Rick Klingensmith says:

    Great tips from Pete Collins about capturing action and about learning what your camera will do.

  63. Harry Conte says:

    Hey Tony “Inverse Square Law” rules!!

  64. Wayne Robinson says:

    Excellent info on lighting & megapixels.
    The 1DX looks good.

  65. Justin Roush says:

    Great show

  66. David Keneipp says:

    Great tip on megapixels, RC!

  67. Jeff B says:

    Great tips this week. Love the show.

  68. John Content says:

    Loved the show. Would like to see comparisons of cameras (like Canon verses Nikon) in the same class

  69. William Collins says:

    Resolution…understand now….thanks.

  70. Chuck Sider says:

    Need longer programs.


  71. Bill Haines says:

    Good show, I like the way your including some new faces for tips.

  72. Kevin McGrath says:


  73. Steve U says:

    Great show. How about more grip tips.

  74. Edgar Garcia says:

    Great show, like the lighting tips this week.


  75. Jerry Kolnick says:

    Thanks you Pete and RC for a great show.

  76. Richard Mak says:

    Pete is on the money about the 7D, 5D Mark111, and the 1DX. The focusing menu for the two later models help me with my focusing with the 7D. Good tip.

  77. Peter says:

    Hello guys great show and tips.

  78. Dave says:

    Another great show. More on making prints please.

  79. W Patrick Clements says:

    Great show great tips what about old cameras I have 30 d where should I go to Next…

  80. Roger says:

    Great tip on lighting and advise on the overkill on megapixels. Just the right length for T&T.

  81. Keith Searle says:

    Could you show how a light meter works with examples.
    I understand that a light meter works differently (and more accurately) than that of the camera itself.
    Good tips and tricks, would like to see more detailed and longer web casts.

  82. Sergio says:

    Hi there, Greetings From London, I’m a intermediate photographer looking forward to learn more about lighting the way Dean Bradshaw does, I’m a big fan of you guys but i gotta say Dean just has a perfect composition and creativity plus an incredible lighting, but I think it’d be great to know more about his technique.

    Viva La Vida!

    Sergio G

  83. Petr Zamykal says:

    Nice show,thx guys.

  84. Denis says:

    Great tip from Tony Corbell, thanks. Would it be possible to allow the video timeline be altered by using the mouse to enable a re-watch of a favourite part of the show without having to watch it all through again? Keep up the good work!

  85. Tor Langvand says:

    Great show, RC!

  86. Marc says:

    Great show !

  87. Jim says:

    Loved the mega pixel discussion.

  88. Rhys Gelig says:

    Great episode. particularly about camera megapixels and about lighting.

    I’d like to suggest a topic. it’s about nikon’s Auto Dynamic Lighting. Is it useful?

  89. Chris Sieritis says:

    great tips on the megapixal size and lighting, also maybe adding a couple more tips on each show would be very beneficial and helpful

  90. My question is, what is the best way to set your camera when shooting RAW in nikon, SRGB or Adobe RGB. Then what are your setups for Adobe lightroom and photoshop. Is it SRGB or Adobe RGB. What do you recommend. My next question is, will it matter when editing photos in lightroom and adobe photoshop.

  91. Tom P Zachman Jr says:

    Hey RC, Great show as always. Sound information on usable megapixels and print sizes. Now me on the other hand am a megapixel hog. I frame and compose my shots in camera, but always tend to shoot wider. The reason being, it gives me more freedom in post to recompose and zoom in if I change my mind, or see something I missed during the shoot. This happens more often than I like to admit, and those extra pixels can make the difference in detail.

  92. Bonnie Fiser says:

    Good show, love the light explanation. Good tip on the megapixel. More isn’t always better/needed.

  93. Steve U says:

    Great show. How about more grip tips!

  94. Dennis Zito says:

    Hey Pete, Nice job on the Canon 1Dx! Hey, I shoot a 7D also, but I haven’t quite figured out how to set up the AF tracking focus. You mentioned in the show that you learned some tricks on doing that on the 7D. Any chance you could pass that along to us 7D users? I have a Granddaughter that is a Great Ice Skater, but I can never seem to get good focus shot of her skating. Thanks guys for a great show!


  95. Glenn Hewitt says:

    How about choosing a good studio background for composite shooting

  96. Richard Garrow says:

    Thanks RC great show, I really enjoyed Tony Corbell part on light. This an area that I have to admit goes over my head, but I am interested in learning more about it…
    Look forward to next week will be in you part of the country in Ft Myers..

  97. Gerardo Palermo says:

    Loving this show! Great tip about light! Thank you!

  98. Ron Girard says:

    Nice show! LIked the no nonsense coverage of mega pixels / print size as well as the camera comparison. Tony’s simple discussion on light was equally as good. Thanks guys!

  99. Jackie says:

    Love your podcasts! Great motivation for beginners.

  100. STANLEY MOISE says:

    I like the fact that this show has something new on learn on each episode. I am loving it…

  101. STANLEY MOISE says:

    I like the fact that this show has something new to learn on each episode. I am loving it…

  102. Hayes Peterson says:

    Id love to see more tips and tricks on posing more then one person.
    I also love gadgets! Those are always fun!

  103. Andre says:

    Keep up the good work guys!

  104. Carl Mumford says:

    Shabang…. love Petter’s work and tips. and Thanks RC for the info on camera selection. l would like to see some tips on better focus when auto focus just does not cut it. and lens selection for potrature work.

  105. Armando J Amaro says:

    Great show RC. Can you talk about headshots?
    thank you

  106. Ron Lute says:

    Lighting. I love the lighting tips and want to see more. Thanks for this show.

  107. Josh Berg says:

    Loved the Corbel tip. very cool

  108. Mimi Wong says:

    Love you show! I would like to see pet portrait tips as well as black and white portrait tips. Black and white photography is my favorite style! Thanks and keep up the great episodes!!

  109. Mimi Wong says:

    I love you show! I would like to see more tips on pet portraits and or Black and white lighting and techniques for making black and whites photos stand out. Thanks and keep up with the great episodes!

  110. Robert Wolf says:

    I enjoyed the 1DX comparison with the 7D, good practical advise – that coming from a Nikon shooter :) RC’s tips on megapixels again great practical advise… Keep up the great work… Cheers, Rob

  111. Ed Sochacki says:

    I really like the product reviews. I’ve been a regular follower of all of the KelbyTV series, and I trust your recommendations! Thanks for making my like that much easier!

  112. Teo Genao says:

    Great show… more lighting tips!!

  113. Yousef Zaman says:

    I love the show, very great and useful tips.
    What I wish to see upcoming episodes is about home printing for photographs and color calibrations.


  114. Rich E. says:

    Great show.

  115. Rick Potts says:

    Thanks once again

  116. Jennifer Tait says:

    Always enjoy the show and thanks for making my commute in more enjoyable.

  117. Alphonso says:

    Great show as usual Photoshop Guys!
    Always learn a lot, keep up the good work.

  118. Erik Fischer says:

    Thank’s for explaining mega pix’s, makes a lot more sense.

  119. Matt L says:

    Really enjoyed the tips on lighting and the brief bit on portraits.

    It would be great to see more on the physics of lighting.

  120. Andres Trujillo says:

    Amazing show, as always, guys

  121. Steve Morrow says:

    Love the show.

  122. Pam Gates says:

    Great tips on lighting loved it.

  123. Hubert says:

    Super lighting tip…. great show.

  124. Gen says:

    Great show. Would like to know what is the intro song. It’s perfect background music for editing photos.

  125. harjinder says:

    Thanks for the show.

  126. Just watched one of your workshops on Youtube, and kudos to everyone there for the amazing, to the point learning tools. Great information for the beginner, hobbyist, or professional. I don’t think anyone is to good, NOT to learn something from Kelbytraining. Thank you!!

  127. john myers says:

    Tony Korbell’s hilight info was just what I needed

  128. Ryan Hagen says:

    great show guys! love the free tips, i would love to learn something more about hyperfocal distance, not necessarily theory but how do you use it in practice

  129. Damn you Pete Collins now I have to convince my CFO(aka my wife) that I need to budget the purchase of a Canon 1DX. ;-))

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