Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips & Tricks: Creating a Single-Reflection Surface and Evening Out Light Sources – Episode 16


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This week, Larry Becker returns with a DIY project for creating a single-reflection surface for product shots. RC follows up with a suggestion of using Kelvin temperature settings on your camera for night photography instead of white balance presets. And special guest Erik Valind explains how to even out light sources by using gels on your flash equipment.

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  1. Adi says:

    Very good episode ! keep up the good work!

    • Florian M. Cortese says:

      Episode 16: Thanks Larry for the reflection tip. I like the short and sweet format. I learn something with each episode.

  2. Adrian says:

    Interesting episode!

  3. Jane Hamilton says:

    planning on trying a reflection shot with some great candles I have, Love the tip Larry Becker!

  4. Thanks Gus
    see you in Orlando 😉

  5. Great show, nice to see Larry back with Cheap shots.

  6. John Havord says:

    Another excellent episode. Great to see Larry.

  7. David White says:

    Another good show liked the tip from Larry

  8. Great show as always guys.

  9. Hi Guys! We love this show! As fairly amateur photographers, these help us mightily! Learning is constant and you all do a great job teaching! Thanks again!

  10. Hi guys! Thanks for starting these shows! We are fairly amateur photographers, turning a love into art.
    We just purchased the sb-910 so lighting is naturally the subject we’re interested in How can we get amazing and very interesting images. Thanks again for these videos!

  11. Tim says:

    Great episode! the tips on flash!!

    Good to see Larry and his Cheap Shots!

  12. Pedro Oliveira says:

    I would love to watch some more of DIY stuff! Sometimes there’s just a few DIY tricks that would change a shooting. While there are options out there, they are usually way too overpriced for most of the shootings, making DIY an excellent option.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  13. Nice show. Great to have Larry on the set again and a great tip.

    I noticed that in older episodes of d-town, when referencing something on the camera there used to be great on-screen images of the camera menus, etc. Would be nce to have that feature back on PTNT.

  14. Roger says:

    Great show. Any suggestions for using a polarizing filter with reflections?

  15. W Patrick Clements says:

    great show and it looks like great stuff too

  16. Carl Vaccarino says:

    Always a great show, RC has the most pleasant voice and makes everything fully understandable
    Thanks RC

  17. Morgan Plunkett says:

    I am reallky loving the shows you guys are putting out, and the site. It is really helping me out with some of the issues I have been struggling with as a new photographer. But one of the things I am still trying to figure out is where to start with flash. I only know a couple name brands and the camera compamies speed;ights. However when I go to one these websites the products are in no particular order except release date, so I dont know what is more beginners side or pro side. Whats a good flash to start with? A good price range? What do all the different wattages meen? I could really use an in depth look at flashes and what all the numbers and mumbo jumbo meen exactly. I am a few hours away from the nearest city with a semi ok camera store so i dont have easy access to people to ask questions about these things.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. Bill Truran says:

    Thanks for your faithfulness guys

  19. Love the DIY stuff. Photography is so expensive, anything to save a little $$.
    Thanks guys!


  20. Jim Wells says:

    Love your show — Would love to see more on high speed sink for nikon flash and whats the best elihncyhrom ranger rx or ????

  21. Jim Wells says:

    Love your show — how about high speed sink ?? and elinbchrom Ranger rx or ???? what works the best

  22. Robert Wolf says:

    Another great informative episodes. Always enjoy Larry’s Cheap Shots and this weeks has become my project this weekend.
    Thanks RC / Larry and Co for a great weekly show. Cheers, Rob

  23. chris says:

    You Rock, RC! Nice gel tip too!

  24. Steve Thompson says:

    I go into live view, then adjust my color temperature and view the results in live view prior to the exposure. Works slick. Try it. if you are a jpg shooter it is the only way to go. RAW you can adjust post

  25. Ido Oren says:

    i would like to see recommendations for lenses to get with a new DSLR (better body with less good lense or good lense and less good body) and some reviews about new cameras.

  26. Tom Williams says:

    Thanks for the lighting tip. More please.

  27. Ryan Schinneller says:

    Really enjoy the variety of the show. Everything from DIY stuff to lighting to camera settings in one place. Keep up the variety.

  28. John Lehman says:

    Great tip from Larry

  29. Linda J says:

    Thanks! The show was great as usual.

  30. I really like the style of your show and bringing in Larry Becker. He is a really cool person everyone loves to listen to.

  31. John Ballard says:

    Just agreat show nice to see Larry back.

  32. Rami Shalabi says:

    Thanks Rc. But, I hoped to see the before & after images in the flsh tutorial.

  33. Jeffery Schafer says:

    Very informative. Thanks.

  34. Jock Goodman says:

    Love the show and have been watching since Photoshop RADIO,.
    I like to shoot night time and I’m always open for some tips. One I learned from a friend is when shooting long exposures like star trails to NOT use in camera NR because of the time it takes. You are only like to get 2-3 exposures a night. Shoot Raw and use the (in my case) Nikon NX software (upgrade, not the free version) to apply the NR when you get home and go to sleep, or make breakfast. Supposedly it is the same as doing it in camera. That way you can shoot more in the field.

  35. alex barrett says:

    Hi guys- thanks for your tips. I’d like to see more of these DIY demos – perhaps more about table-top photography and budget set-ups. Looking forward to the next show.

  36. Todd says:

    Great show!!!

  37. Jay Stockhaus says:

    Another excellent show.

  38. Janina Cleven says:

    How about an episode on the differences and pros and cons of various plug-ins, Nik and onOne in particular.

  39. Andy says:

    Great to see Larry. If Larry reviews any great products for B&H he should share those on this show.

  40. Vlado says:

    Some tips for product photography? Great show

  41. Alex says:

    I am looking too make a personal photo book.. and looking for some starter tips??
    As always GREAT SHOW!!!

  42. Phil Cleven says:

    Tips & Tricks is the best of all the Kellby programs, because it is focused and to the point! You have managed to eliminate most of the silly banter.

  43. Zachary Abbott says:

    Hey RC……would love to see more about the use of gels to correct temperature. Keep up the good work.

  44. Nice tips RC and Larry, it was like old times on Dtown. Thanks so much!!

  45. Nick Munroe says:

    Please show us some tips on manually setting the flash for one flash off camera ittl.

  46. al bryant says:

    Great fix Larry, works great.

  47. kris says:

    great show! how about a segment on editing software and plug ins for them? which ones are out there and what they do. thanx

  48. GM Miller says:

    Good to see Larry

  49. Gord says:

    For Episode # 16, I liked Erik Valid’s suggestions on using gels on the flash. In May I will be looking for this product at the Henrys Exposure Show here in Mississauga/Toronto in May 2013.

  50. horace cheung says:

    good tips on using gels

  51. Thanks for developing Tips and Tricks. It’s the program I always watch for each week. Lots of good information.

  52. Joseph Myers says:

    Thanks for the show.

  53. Rick Coleman says:

    Great show. Love the tips on flash use.

  54. Philip Emden says:

    Great show would like to see some more outdoor oriented subjects keep up the good work

  55. Philip Emden says:

    Great show keep up the good work ,possibly add more outdoor oriented subjects.

  56. Terry says:

    Great tips on setting color temperature.

  57. Michael Wilkins says:

    Another very good episode. It might have been helpful if R.C. had example photos showing the effects of changing the color temperature during night photography. Thanks for all your efforts and sharing your talents with us.

  58. Michael Wilkins says:

    Thanks for another very good episode. One idea for RC’s segment. If he had example photos of how changing the color temperature affects night photography that might have been helpful. I appreciate your efforts to share your knowledge and experience with us.

  59. Chuck Ser says:


  60. Jeremy says:

    What are some tips for using wide angle lenses for sports photography? I use my 80-200 Nikon 2.8 a lot and I love it but I’d like to explore some with either a 24-70 or a 14-24, any tips or tricks?

  61. ruben g says:

    can you discuss memory card formatting deleting and restore images after deleting

  62. Bill Shoff says:

    Would love to see more on gels and lighting technique. Btw I don’t think your producer(s) like me very much cause they never pick me…

  63. Phil Beavis says:

    Great to see some tips relating to strobes & gels. Perhaps as another suggestion for future shows, could you get Joey Lawrence to come on ? Would be great to hear from him directly. Keep up the great work.
    Cheers, Phil.

  64. Brent Coe says:

    nice use of flash gels. how do we get the best out of our small cameras ?

  65. Rajender Paul says:

    RC an you guys are great.
    I love watching yr program and very inspiring and so much learning and trying to be a better photographer. Sometime you are very good but missed small-small things.

  66. Guy Baker says:

    Superb tips as always! A tip on choosing a starter studio lighting bundle would be great sometime. Thanks for a great show.

  67. Pat Thayer says:

    Love the show. Would like to see some info on using TTL flash mode. THanks.

  68. IraE says:

    Thanks for the tips on setting Kelvin and using gels.

  69. Rick Booker says:

    Great tip about eliminating double reflections by Becker

  70. Rick Booker says:

    Great tip by Becker about eliminating double reflections.

  71. Nice tips! Actually I recently got this Rogue kit!!

    Umbrella, this would be great :-) So up for the prize!! hehehehe

  72. martin gillette says:

    yey, you did the gel tip… thanks!! another nice show.

  73. John A. Fugel says:

    Excellent Cheap Shot idea, Larry! I’m heading out to Walmart this afternoon!

  74. Nice show RC, Larry you just answered a question that I was thinking about yesterday and today, thank a lot!!

    Brolly and head would come in very useful.

    RC just got your HDR book now lick my lips with anticipation, as I will be starting to read it tonight!!!

  75. Frank says:

    How about some tips on shooting motion shoots and showning the motion.

  76. Eric says:

    unusual self portraits.

  77. Gene Thorpe says:

    Great tips as always, Thanks.

  78. JJ says:

    Very helpful information in this episode.
    I would love to see an easy to understand lesson on how use portable off camera flash units in manual mode.

  79. Rich E. says:

    super episode

  80. Leonard J. Provenzano says:

    Good to see Larry back, saving money is always good. RC’s teaching experience always shows. Mybe more on differnt lighting setups: long, short, high and low key, etc. Keep them coming.

  81. Another great episode, thank you. Adding little tidbits of knowledge about your equipment and it’s capabilities just reinforces confidence in capturing the best. A tweak of Kelvin temperature, a gel, and even the reflection tip for a simple reflective surface are great tips, and the way you explain them makes them even more valuable. I’m tuned in, waiting for the next episode! Thanks!!

  82. Dack says:

    Example, example, examples – would love to see examples of the stuff you are talking about – night scenes with various K temps set. Double reflection /single reflection…

  83. Dennis Zito says:

    Good to see Larry back! We’ve missed you! RC, Great tip on K numbers for night shooting. What should we do if we don’t have option on our camera?



  84. Suzanne Offner says:

    Great to see Larry Becker back. I’m going to use that tip for the plexiglass.

  85. Luis says:

    Great tips on using gels.

  86. Sandy Adams says:

    I would like to know more about lightmeters.

  87. Tony Phillips says:

    Would love to see tips on what causes ghosting when taking night portraits with flash and what camera/flash settings do you need to watch and/or adjust to keep from ghosting. Thanks.

  88. Great show RC! I’m glad that you touched on lighting.

  89. John Content says:

    Great show guys!
    Would love to see a show devoted to close-ups

  90. Tom Tietz says:

    Great job RC!! Keep up the good work.

  91. clinton ferrara says:

    good show

  92. Dale says:

    I love all these tips. Can you do more tips on outdoor portraits.

  93. Dan McCoy says:

    Another great show, keep up the good work…

  94. Gerardo Palermo says:

    Great episode! I wanna play with my white balance now!

  95. Michael G says:

    Another very helpful and informative episode. Really appreciate your sharing you expertise in a easily understood manner. Would like to see more on how to use gels with the speedlight.

  96. Frazer says:

    Excellent tips. Thanks

  97. Matthew Mellen says:

    Love the show!! I would love to see more tips on using flash – in particular using one flash. Thanks!

  98. Emad elder says:

    Good tips RC

  99. Luis Mazier says:

    Great show. Will be trying out Larry’s trip if I get a chance to

  100. Charles Samek says:

    Where did Hurley’s hair go?

  101. Delvin Daugherty says:

    Hi, Guys, interesting show on flash color balance. Would love to have the umbrella and mount.

  102. Delvin Daugherty says:

    Great show on flash show on color balance. Would love to have the umbrella and mount.

  103. mario vantilt says:

    how to use more than 1 flash at the same time and how to put the on the camera (like with portrait photography)?

  104. Robert says:

    loving the show….would love to see more regarding flash photography.

  105. Tofa says:

    Can you give some tips on timelapse photography?

  106. Rick Kuebel says:

    Great stuff. Keep up the good wpork.

  107. robert Rob says:

    love the show…..learning all the time. would like to see more flash photography tips.

  108. Felix says:

    Great show guys.

  109. David Vela says:

    great show…
    Great tips keep up the good work

  110. Ronald Meyer says:

    Please cover the new App Cine Meter for iPhone and other phones.

  111. Ray V says:

    Another great show.

  112. Ryan says:

    Great show! Wish that it was longer!

  113. Adam says:

    I stumbled upon your site about a month ago and I must say I wait with bated breath for a new one. I set out looking for a way to take my photography to the next level. I have recently crossed over from the safety net of film photography to digital. I’m shooting with a Sony a-300, not a great cam but it serves me well. I have learned so much from watching this series, putting the information to practice.

    I would love to see a segment on and for us guys who have recently crossed over from film. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a passion for film, but you guys have definitely made me comfortable with my new love; digital.

    Be well,

  114. Great tips. Love the reflection plastic, poster frame idea. I currently use a shiny black floor tile from Home Depot but it is only for very small objects.

  115. Bryon Wiley says:

    Great Show!

  116. Great show, RC! I love the segment on balancing the color of the light and would like to see more on use of gels in flash photography. Keep up the great work there at Kelby Training!

  117. tim martin says:

    Nice show as always

  118. fritz meyer says:

    I am just learning gels, so all the tips on off camera flash and gels is appreciated. Great show.

  119. Kevin McGrath says:

    can you guys to a segment on light meters
    i have one but
    but can’t figure out how to use it

  120. Rusty Parkhurst says:

    Thanks for all the great tips. I would like to see tips about backup strategies.

  121. Peter M says:

    This is a great business model. Win-win. People get free information, you get the exposure to an audience that now can’t afford to pay for training, but it’s eager enough to learn, so it will pay in the future. Cheap shots is great for this particular target audience, I enjoyed the poster tip. I found the white balance thing pretty obvious, but that might be just me (plus, for most of us, if something looks unnatural, we just adjust it in lightroom).

    Also, I think that gear set-up can be easy to understand, but photography is mostly about composition. Presenting some rules of beautiful composition (beyond the rule of thirds) could be very interesting for some of us.

    These being said, the contest I think is the real winning thing here. For us, amateurs, buying new gear always comes with a sense of remorse (like buying a new toy, when those money could have been spent on practical stuff), but new gear is fundamental to maintain the taste of discovering new ground. By giving it for free, you spark this idea of suppressing remorse, while still advancing photography, and people will keep watching and invest in you as long as you maintain that alive.

    I would find an umbrella and head would be soooo great, but I try to keep my expectations down, so the disappointment won’t keep me from entering next week. This being said, please pick me :) I really want it/ need it to advance to the next artificial lighting level.

    BTW, Great show guys!!
    Thank you for reading this and for your consideration & see you next week :)

    Best regards

  122. todd edwards says:

    Great show RÇ as usual

  123. Hi just started watching your shows on my ipod!!!
    cant wait till next week.

  124. Tom Mesick says:

    Great Show & Great Tips!! What about some tips on using a Monopod, Short Lenses vs Long Lenses, Best way to hold the camera on a Monopod etc

  125. jeff st.onge says:

    I love using gels on your flash part. Keep up the great work.

  126. Vincent Adams says:

    I would like you to talk about single off camera flash and how to use it correctly.

    Great Show.

  127. Dan says:

    Welcome back Larry. Good tip regarding color temps. Nice to know. Thanks RC.

  128. Tomislav says:

    Another interesting show. I especially liked DIY project for product photography :-)
    Keep up the good work

  129. Kevin Grishkot says:

    Hey, can we get a show on how to get killer shots of the night sky and the Milky Way?


  130. Duane G says:

    Gels are somthing I will have to experiment with now.

  131. Tracy Huston says:

    Love the Kelvin tip.. very old school.

  132. Robin says:

    You guys have all the great tips.

  133. Shaun S says:

    I’d love to see some comparisons between full frame and crop sensors in regards to focal length, but more importantly, depth of field for a given aperature on the two formats. Thanks.

  134. Harry Conte says:

    Fantastic tips. Thanks Larry for the reflector information.

  135. tchowda says:

    great show. I worried about buying equipment that isn’t compatible, like lenses, flash. How do I get stuff that works together with my other stuff. thanks

  136. Jim says:

    Great show

  137. martin gillette says:

    nice show ……

  138. Cindi Poole says:

    Great show, I would love to see some more lighting tips. I am wanting to step up my photography by getting some lights. And I need all the advice I can get.

  139. Rick Klingensmith says:

    Great info about the plexiglass painting and the gels. I think it would be great to demo the gels in a mixed light environment. A little practical goes a long way.

  140. Harjinder says:

    Nice show once again.

    Thanks, Harjinder

  141. Justin Roush says:

    I would love to see more speedlight tips

  142. Don Davidson says:

    Great show guys. I particularly appreciated the kelvin WB tip.

  143. Vinay Seelam says:

    Awesome show .. thankyou for inspiring us with all the tips.

  144. R Rudy Ramoz says:

    so many great tips & tricks, dtown was good but this show is really , really good, it’s great!

  145. Pierre U says:

    Great episode…. And nice to see again Larry on the stage!

  146. Patrick Aalmans says:

    Great show i love the flash tip using gels to match the light

  147. Rene says:

    great show

    good tips on flash use

    How can I make pictures through windows without reflections?

  148. John Swarce says:

    Love those Rogue gels! Great to see Larry back.

    We need some tripod head comparisons…


  149. Hey guys, why don’t you make cheap tricks a weekly item? Always love them!

  150. dman says:

    like to see some more on sports & action love this site

  151. Risto Laine says:

    You should do beginners guide. what to buy ext…

    Thanks for the show.

  152. M L says:

    I enjoy the format of the show. It is brief, informative and entertaining without a lot of fluff.
    I work alone and would appreciate some tips on working without an assistant when using reflectors and off camera lights.

  153. Tom P Zachman Jr says:

    Hi RC, great show as always. Would love to see more Larrys Cheap Shots on a regular basis. DIY and anything that can save me time and money would be fantastic. thx, tom

  154. Lars Hansen says:

    great tips
    I would like to see a tip about what you can use marko lense for else then close ups

  155. larry bye says:

    Great show. Like to see some tips for underwater photography

  156. Richard Rosen says:

    Good show. I liked Becker’s reflection tip.

  157. Didit Mehta Pariadi says:

    PTT is definitely getting better and better… love to see more on flash photography tips, surely tips on using gel will be more useful if sample photo of with and without gel are included…

  158. Terry Doyle says:

    I love your show as always, could you please have a show on metering modes. thanks again

  159. Rick P says:

    How about a review of the new Lastolite Switch softbox

  160. Dean Wittle says:

    Great tips this week RC. I would really like to hear more about low budget lighting.


    Dean Wittle

  161. Don McKay says:

    Good show. More tips per show.

  162. Jeff Whitford says:

    Great show. Really liked every segment on this episode. Nice to see Larry again.

  163. Ben Setzer says:

    Wow, Seems like the audience is getting bigger and bigger. Love the show.

  164. Jeff Whitford says:

    Great show. Really like every segment of this episode. Good to see Larry again.

  165. Justin W says:

    Liked this episode. I always like cheap and quick tips for photos.

  166. Aaron D says:

    Great tips…especially liked the reflection plexiglass tip.

  167. Jeff Lazar says:

    Great show guys. How about a show on getting sharp sports photog. I just can’t seemto get a really sharp image. Thanks.

  168. Marvin Foster says:

    Great Show

  169. Dave says:

    Great show. Keep up the good work.

  170. Another great show. I enjoyed Larry’s section. I’m a long time listener/watcher of the program. I remember when D-Town was Nikon only.

    Keepy up the good work.

  171. Julien Busschots says:

    I followed your shows and learn a lot of them. I liked to learn a lot more of food photography. Mayby you have some more tips about the gear you use. Thanks a lot and keep on showing us the tips.

  172. Bob Rozanski says:

    Love all the Tips and insight the Kelby team gives. I have been toying with the idea of the Elinchrom BRX light kit like the one in the light it shoot it video ..unfortunately the video from Scott’s blog is not coming up for me…. Would it be possible to do some comparisons of some of the lighting kits available say like the westscott spider light TD series and the Elinchrom BRX series .


  173. David says:

    Love the show…

    I’d like you to cover more one-light lighting tricks…

    Actually, could you explain what hyper-focal length is?



  174. Bruno Santos says:

    Awesome practical tips I can apply to improve my photography. Thanks.

  175. melissa grover says:

    Totally love the variety, and great tips all around!!
    Thank you once again gentlemen ^^

  176. TonyB says:

    Fantastic show guys. Keep up the good work, it’s greatly appreciated.

  177. Mickey V says:

    Always love the show and all of the TNT.

  178. Tim says:

    Thanks Larry for the great tip! I could have saved $70 if I knew this a few weeks ago!

    Nice job on the tips and tricks! Thanks!!!

  179. Abri Breed says:

    Thanks for the great tips. It is of real help to me.

    Big South African Thanks

  180. Lim Kwoh Fronn says:

    Cheap and quick tips are always brilliant for a student that just started photography with minimal budget.Thanks

  181. John Carlomano says:

    Great content well delivered. Hearing from a number of SME’s with a concise idea is worth it’s weight in gold.
    This is my first episode. I will be checking out more.
    Can you consider to teach the folks at the NY Times how to get to the point the way that you do?

  182. Rich Turner says:

    I don’t know how y’all manage to do this but your tips are always so timely – just what I need to hear about when I need it! Great Job RC and everyone else!!

  183. Cindy Hunt says:

    It would have been nice to seem some picture examples using different k settings.

  184. Armando J Amaro says:

    Love the reflection tip.

  185. Tina Rife-Bastin says:

    Fabulous black reflector tip, Larry. I would like to hear an explanation for how to choose the appropriate color flash filter for any given lighting situation. Do you just choose the color that matches the ambient light?

  186. Love the lighting tips, especially tips on gels.

  187. kris d says:

    hey guys, how about a segment on lens adapters? like the technical side as well as the applications that can be benefited from them? where can we find more info about which camera will work with which lens? especaily with the nikon bodies!!

  188. Steve Forbes says:

    RC, another great show, .. BUT are there any superlatives other than PHENOMINAL??

  189. Even for an “old” pro like me,, these shows are so wonderfully inspirational!

  190. Patrick says:

    great tips this week, thanks!

  191. Gene Hafford says:

    Iget a LOT from your photography tips and tricks. One thing I haven’t seen relates to the ‘multiple exposure’ camera function. I have used it for noise reduction in night photograph and it appears to works pretty darn well. would appreciate comments.

  192. John McLaughlin says:

    Continuing a great tradition from D-Town. Keep up the good work.

  193. Janet Pauley says:

    Okay, Erik Valind SOLD ME on the Rogue gels. His explanation was so concise and helpful. Thanks!

  194. love the informational short tips and tricks. Esp about the lighting. It is a area of my photography that I am just starting to experience with other items besides natural light.

  195. Larry Robinson says:

    Can you do a show on the Spyder Cube?

  196. Chris says:

    Love the episode! Definitely going to play with the “k” numbers! Also love the Hurley promo about expression!

  197. John Thomas says:

    Another great show

  198. jim Gilliland says:

    Great show with loads of tips.

  199. Amy Eastman says:

    I just found your show and am excited to catch up on past episodes. I enjoy the format of the show and the shorter length makes it easy to work in to a busy schedule. I like the variety of tips offered.

  200. Keep up the flash tips.

  201. Doug says:

    Nice to see Larry B back on the screen and with a nice project. Thanks RC I’ll see if my camera has the temp settings.

  202. Anthony Sblano says:

    Love all the tips R.C. There is nothing like those cheap shots!! keep up the great work guys..

  203. Peter says:

    good to see larry back on the show with his great tip

  204. Duncan says:

    it would be great if you could cover some stuff about music photography??

  205. Hubert says:

    Love your show. Especially like flash tips and cheap shots.

  206. Hi there,

    great insights, always.
    RC, you are brilliant, too, and of course the whole team, Larry Becker.

    I appreciate the “speed” you are presenting, dynamic, getting the essentials across within a very brief time.

  207. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make
    this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz respond as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like
    to know where u got this from. thanks a lot

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