Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips & Tricks: Choosing a Second Wedding Shooter and Shooting in Direct Sunlight – Episode 14


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Do you shoot weddings or events? Pete Collins gives some advice on how to pick a second shooter that complements your style. Jerry Ghionis gives another invaluable tip on shooting in direct sunlight and RC reviews Stand Bagger's Grab n' Go bag showing how it's perfect for shooting your next small event. RC also shows off Ona Bag's Brixton bag, which one lucky viewer will win!

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  1. Henrik says:

    BagMe!… Plz 😉
    Oh, Good show as always…

  2. nice show as always
    take care, Thierry

  3. George says:

    I love this show!

  4. Andrew says:

    Great show once again. Perhaps some more tips from either Pete or RC on some wedding or event shooting.

    RC is a great host, but I did see him at PhotoPlus a couple of years back, and I do not think the “I’m 5’11 statement” is entirely accurate :)

  5. Great episode. The ONA bag looks really nice! How about tips about concert/event photography in daylight?

  6. Kevin Figueira says:

    Great show again, thanks for all you guys do. I learn a lot from watching. I am in the market for a new camera bag it looks like a really nice one.

  7. David Duhon says:

    I loved episode 14. The photography tip around posing the female model into the sunlight was great. I look forward to your next episode. Please consider more shooting/natural lightning techniques in future episodes.

  8. Brad Vautrinot says:

    Great show, RC.

    How about showing folks how to use the Spyder lens calibration kit. I’d like to calibrate some of my lenses to my D-800E. Thanks.


  9. Ant says:

    Good Show. Nice explanation by Jerry.
    RC, can you show us about those jells? thank you!
    Ona bag looks great!

  10. Scott King says:

    I’m not entering the contest just leaving a comment.

    …I didn’t know you and Pete sometimes do wedding work. What are the chances of you guys doing a in-the-field episode?

  11. Per Martin Grambo says:

    Nice looking bag, that one. Will it take a D800 with battery grip and a 28-300 on it, I wonder..?

  12. Good show guys! Would be glad to test out the bag too! Shooting at the conservatory at Longwood Gardens next week and it would be an interesting test. 😉

  13. David Olshan says:

    Great show RC. The Brixton bag looks awesome. I would like to see your take on the different Nikon focus and AF modes in a TNT show.

  14. Sam S. says:

    Great show. Thanks.

  15. Salech says:

    Great episode!

  16. dan says:

    Nice Bag. Can’t wait to hear your comments.

  17. Delos Johnson says:

    Enjoyed the subject lighting segment. I don’t know if you share comments with vendors, but I hate that camera bag manufacturers (with only one or two exceptions) line bags in black. Kata uses high contrast yellow which makes it so much easier to find the small, black items that are so common with camera equipment and accessories. I wonder if this might not be a good topic to discuss on a future show. If you have some “do it yourselfers” on staff who have solutions to the issue, that would be nice, too.

  18. Fitz says:

    Great show. Ona bag looks nice.

  19. Vinay says:

    Great show as always , Thanks for the tips

  20. Brandon Himoff says:

    Great Show.

  21. Danilo says:

    Love that travel tripod. and that Ona bag looks pretty sweet.

  22. Bob Burns says:

    The ONA bag looks like it might just be the one I have been looking for! I like the Stand Bagger too.
    Thanks for a great show.

  23. Mike Bushbaum says:

    Hey guys,
    How about more in-depth episodes. Perhaps a single show on a single topic. Like the variety, but sometimes it would be nice to have more information.

  24. Jeremy says:

    great show guys, i always learn new things and my photography jumped forward thanks to you!
    would love the bag for my NYC trip beginning of Feb!

  25. Mickey V says:

    Great show as always. Went to RC led seminar recently. Super instructor! ONA bag would be a nice addition!

  26. Gail Baker says:

    Good show. Love the bag.

  27. Tom Williams says:

    How about showing some images when you give the flash tips, maybe with/without the flash?

  28. Albert Goodrich says:

    I would love to see a show on sports photography… great looking bag by the way

  29. Would luv a better bag! But any prize would B cool.
    I’m watching all of Jerry’s training vid’s now. I have a wedding coming up.

    Would like tutoring on aperture settings for landscapes.

  30. Al says:

    Good show… good looking bag

  31. Jeffery Schafer says:

    Love your program. I would like to see a program dedicated to the various light triggers available .

  32. Bob Burns says:

    I like the ONA bag and the StandBagger is awesome. Gerry is amazing! Thanks for another great show.

  33. Henry Heerschap says:

    Looks like a great bag. I’d love to win one. Enjoyed the episode, especially the tips on lighting. Please do a segment on your gel system.

  34. James Grill says:

    Great show RC. Loved the segment on shooting in harsh sun.

  35. Florian Cortese says:

    As always, there are a few pearls or tips that we can learn from. Jerry’s tips on posing in harsh light situations was great.

  36. Luis barrero says:

    RC Great show once again.

  37. Jennifer T. says:

    Awesome! Love ONA bags. Great Tips and tricks!

  38. Jennifer T. says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the tips and tricks!

  39. Carol says:

    The ONA bag looks great. I would love to win one.

  40. Philip Arthur says:

    Nice episode, I really liked the wedding tip.

  41. Tim says:

    Great show good hints on posing and the camera bag looks fantastic!

  42. Philip Arthur says:

    Nice episode.

  43. JF Jacques says:

    Great show, very informative… can’t wait till the next one…

  44. Florian Cortese says:

    Episode 14: There always something to learn with each episode. Jerry’s tips on positioning and posing in harsh light was great. The Ona bag looks cool and not your typical camera bag that screams “steal me!:

  45. As always, a really great show. You all do well in explaining stuff, so the viewers can follow it. I’m from norway and follow this show every week, and learn some stuff too.

    The Ona bag looks terrific and would be lovely to bring with me on my photo journeys.

    As a wish, I would like you to talk about night photo. As we all know, there are numerous of settings you can use, and I wonder what your favourite setting are, and maybe some tips?

  46. Frank says:

    Ona Bag look good. What can you put in it.

  47. John P says:

    Love the show, and love the music for the intro. I’d also like to see more Larry Becker.

  48. Jouni says:

    That’s my dream bag! Looks perfect for both shooting and meetings. Too bad they don’t sell them here in Europe.

  49. W Patrick Clements says:

    RC cool gear I hope I have a chance to get the book on lighting…..

  50. M Lew says:

    Enjoyed the show – as always something interesting and useful to learn.

  51. k d says:

    great to see pete back again-great show guyz!!

  52. amber butterfield says:

    Thanks for the tip RC on what’s in your bag.

  53. Scott Fritz says:

    Thank you for all the tips and trips. The Ona bag looks really nice, will be curious to see how it works in the field.

  54. Rick Spitzer says:

    The Ona bag looks great! It would be interesting to see what each of you guys would carry in it on different kinds of shoots.

  55. Filipe Louro says:

    Hi guys,

    great show. I started working recently in my photography skills recently and i found out you podcast on Itunes. There was an instant click and now you are on my favourite list of podcasts.

    Keep going guys…i’m eager for the next episode. That Ona bag is very cool, it does not seams you are carrying photo gear at all.

    I would like to see some contest challenges to keep interest up in practicing photography.

    Best Regards from Portugal 😉
    Filipe Louro

  56. RJ says:

    Loved Jerry’s tips today!

  57. Mathew Kirby says:

    great show, always looking for small light suggestions….

  58. Jim Condoc says:

    Love the bag. And, would love to hear about your DIY jells.

  59. Roger says:

    Don’t know anything about ONA bags, but would be happy to test it for you!

  60. Sandy Stigliano says:

    I love bags too!!!

  61. RC says:

    Great show. Could you show how to work with the Beauty Dish.

  62. Anoop Gabha says:

    Another great show. Jerry’s tips are awesome. He thinks about light and shadow in a different way and he’s able to explain it very well.

  63. Edward Levy says:

    Could you spend some time talking about the purchase and use of Light meters?


    Ed Levy

  64. PD Taylor says:

    Always something usable…Thanks

  65. Kevin D. Dalton says:

    love watching and learning more every time I watch.. also love the bag

  66. Ven McAndrew says:

    Great show as always RC! Jerry was great! Love his Kelby Training classes … looking forward to more Jerry Ghionis :-) Nice looking Ona bag too!

  67. vince says:

    good show. nice looking bag (;-))

  68. Anne Wold says:

    Great show. As always very informative.

  69. Michael Klopping says:

    I love the tip if harsh outside light. Bag is something that would help me as I carry my gear randomly.

  70. Constantine Loskutnikov says:

    I like the brixton bag as I saw in Episode 14.
    In Russia, on the Sakhalin(popular for the Americans place) we don’t have sucj an interesting designed bags or eve Manfrotto like lightstands.

  71. Jock Goodman says:

    Thanks for the tips. That Manfrotto lite stand looks like just what i need to buy, but I’d settle for a free prize. Especially the Jack reznicki dvds and the bag. alohadios amigos.
    I JUST received the Nikon 400mm f2.8 from LensPro2Go to shoot the Pro Bowl. Thanks for the NAPP discount. Yet ANOTHER reason to be a NAPP member. Man, that thing is heavy. I’ll EARN my pay lugging that thing around back and forth on the sidelines.

  72. John Swarce says:

    Another cool episode, guys. I like the two bags that were shown! Can never have too many bags…

  73. C Mills says:

    If possible could you make the episodes a little bit longer, the tips sometimes could use more information. Thanks

  74. Scott Snider says:

    This show is not long enough! I enjoy them very much, and am always eager for the next one.

  75. Bob Thomas says:

    Thanks for the info. Love Ghionis’ s work.

    Keep up the good work!

  76. Frank Soe says:

    Great show guys…just love it.

  77. Great show. The bag looks great. How about some tips about shooting presentation, seminars etc. with on-camera flash?

  78. David White says:

    Great Show as allways RC. Have you ever tried or do you know anything about KAP?

    That is Kite Aerial Photography. (Google It) Might make a kewl show

  79. Bob Thomas says:

    Thanks for the info. Love Ghionis’s photos!

    Keep up the good work.

  80. Tony says:

    As always some great tips. I’d like to hear more about those home made gels. I’ve tried some other other techniques like using cellophane and all but usually the colour isn’t even and they get wrinkled and all and things just get messy when u need it most.

    Will need to look into ONA Bags, but they look out of my price range

  81. Dave White says:

    Great Show RG. Have you ever heard of KAP? Kite Areial Photography. People hook their cameras to a kite and remotely take pictures.

    Might make a kewl show

  82. Herb Rose says:

    How about an explanation of the two exposure HD in Nikons.

    Your show is great.


  83. Jason says:

    Thanks for the tips on using 2 flashes pointing to the ceiling for general lighting of groups. I just always assumed that would be ideal for a couple bounced umbrellas, but this makes it even simpler.

  84. Christopher says:

    Great tips, tricks and inspiration as always!! Thanks RC for the great flash tip with two speed lights. Would really love that Ona bag looks awesome for my new Nikon D600!!

  85. Todd says:

    Great show! Keep up the great work guys. The Ona bag looks awesome!

  86. Shishir says:

    Really nice tips about taking pictures of people during harsh sunlight. This is one of those tricks that I think will come handy soon.

    Can you guys please do a show different kinds of filters, especially Grad ND and CPL? Since there are different CPL filter at very different price ranges it’s really hard to decide which one to buy. Moreover is there anyway to emulate the effect of CPL filter?

    Thanks a lot

  87. Hayes Peterson says:

    The Ona Bag looks amazing! Look forward to seeing you guys do a review. Great tips as always, love the posing tip. Would like to see more. Oh, and show the DIY gel trick again.
    Thanks guys!!

  88. Sudheer says:

    Good show as always…The bag looks great…it doesn’t even look like a camera bag..which is nice

  89. Tyler Foote says:

    RC is a stud!

    Always fun watching you RC. You are a very talented guy. Great work getting Jerry on Kelby as well. Some of my favorite classes at Kelby Training for sure!

  90. Chuck Sider says:

    Nice Brixton bag, I’m in.

    Chuck Sider

  91. Alton Strickland says:

    Greatly appreciated Ghionis guides for shooting couples in harsh sunlight. Big challenge here in Arizona. Always values help in shooting groups with strobes. Thanks guys.

  92. Delvin Daugherty says:

    Great show RC. Brixton bag looks stylish without screaming CAMERA EQUIPMENT.

  93. Vivian says:

    Great show! How about some photo examples with the flash set up. The Ona bag looks cool!

  94. Scott Abrams says:

    Look forward to each episode RC. Love it, please keep up the good work.

  95. Victor says:

    I really like Jerry’s great tips on how to direct and shoot portraits.

  96. I really liked Jerry’s recommendation on posing in stronger directional sun light. The ONA bag seems nice. I looked some time ago into their lineup and they needed a more compact bag like this one. I came here from the youtube video

  97. Tofa K says:

    Love the show guys!

  98. Pete Hellmann says:

    That is one cool looking bag!

  99. RC I love your HDR work. I am currently reading your book. Loving it so far.

    Ona Bag looks wonderful. I just checked out their website. They really have some nice bags. I think a Ona bag will be on my Christmas list.

    This is my first episode buy I would love to see the gel information and how to get great water reflections.

  100. Karl W Kochman says:

    Make me a winner PLEASE

    No bag please I have a ThinkTank

  101. Chris Helms says:

    Great show, RC! The Ona bag looks terrific! It would be an upgrade to my old LowePro Orion II bag that is a big fanny pack.

  102. William Collins says:

    Need a bag…that one looks like a winner…and thanks again for all the great tips…the flash segment was good for me…..

  103. Greg says:

    Good show but, what happened to the sunlight in Jerrys’ tip? Would one have to remove lenses from cameras with battery grips to still appear stealthy with the camera bag?

  104. Nice show!

    Gotta re-watch Jerry’s classes! For sure!

    Up for the books, and the long bag contest :-)

  105. Christopher says:

    long time watcher, first time comment. Need a good inexpensive carry everywhere bag, so send me the bag, I will review it for you.


  106. Earle Kimel says:

    As always, something useful. I’m looking for something to pack with a lightweight kit, I’d seen the Standbagger in Light It but it’d slipped my mind. After seeing RC in action, it may be perfect for my needs.

  107. Rick Mayo says:

    Great looking bag – Thanks for the tips!

  108. Steve Beck says:

    I have been looking at these bags for a while. It looks great!

    Great episode as well.

    When light painting like in last episode. What is the best practice for White Balance?

  109. Dan Roeder says:

    Good show. The Ona bag looks nice. Sure would like to win that!

  110. William Chinn says:

    Its a neat looking bag, but for the amount of $ they are asking can you tell us what features commands the price? Since it is of flap design, how secure is it in a crowd.

  111. Great show…beautiful bag!!

  112. Debbie says:

    thanks, this was really good. That Ona bag looks great, would love to have it.

  113. Great show RC. Always love to see tips for weddings.

  114. Tracey Bigelow says:

    Great show, I am going to have to go and check out Jerry’s class on Kelbytraining. Thanks for showing what all can fit in that bag.

  115. Geoff Wise says:

    Hi Guys,
    Another great show. In a future episode would it be possible to show some tips on how to get the best results when shooting the night sky / stars / the Milky Way etc.
    Many Thanks

  116. Jim says:

    Great show!
    I have a huge library of diapositives from my film days that I would like to make digital images of; using my D7000. Tips or tricks or ideas on the setup etc would be great in a future show.

  117. Paul Van Vleet says:

    Another great show.
    I’m looking for a new camera. I’m using a Nikon D80, but I’m not sure what to get to replace it and still be able to use all my DX lenses. any suggestions.


  118. Gene Nemeth says:

    Great show, great bag. Hey how about a show focusing (pun intended) on interiors. From which wide angle and why to flash uses and finishing with photoshop using perspective control and stiching photos together for a real wide angle look.

    Thanks much

  119. Gene Nemeth says:

    Interior photography

  120. Mason Marsh says:

    Great show as always!

  121. R C Wisler says:

    another good show — bag looks nice

  122. Gary Beller says:

    The ONA looks nice. Thanks for another great show RC! Would love to see some tips on using old glass on new bodies.

  123. Doug Dillon says:

    Great show. I like the Ona bag. Looks good! Thanks RC for the show. You always have great ideas, new gear, and great guests. Always helpful!!!

  124. Ken says:

    Love the Show!!! Ona Bag looks great!!!!

  125. Bob Wood says:

    Another good show! Seems to be getting better all the time.

  126. George Kwain says:

    Nice show, but I think you could explore the subjects a bit more thoroughly, for example, the section with Pete – explaining more about comparing styles and showing photo examples.

  127. Jim Peachey says:

    Great show! Would appreciate tips on using the camera for copying slides and negatives; as well as macro photography..

  128. I want that bag!!!! Great show. Would also like to see a video of RC and Pete working an actual wedding.

  129. Virgil self says:

    Love the Oma back

  130. Nelson says:

    Thanks guys. Please talk about the DIY gels

  131. Dustin Grau says:

    Great show as always. I’m curious if there are any tips for keeping up with (managing) gear while doing all-day type event (like grand prix races, large concerts, street events, etc.). Or instead of managing lots of gear, tips for how to minimize your gear for such an event.

  132. Yoshinori Miyazaki says:

    Great show guys! Ona bag looks amazing! If you travel just with this bag, what you´d put into?

  133. Eric Boyer says:

    Great show. Ona bag look’s great and I am looking for a new bag of that size.

  134. Cassandra Lehman says:

    I absolutely loved learning how to shoot in direct light. I would just avoid it all together i can’t wait to try out some new ideas i just learned. Plus that is a really sweet bag!


  135. Joseph Myers says:

    I like your show and I like that bag. Your stand bagger looks like a good find too.

  136. Diego says:

    This was an amazing show! I think it would be great to see more about studio lighting, would that be something you are up to?
    By the way, I wanna be the first ONA bag owner in Barcelona. This is totally my style: functional and great design! Love it!

  137. Marc Hogan says:

    Thanks for another great show. I would love to see some tips on other camera formats like the micro 4/3’s.

  138. Marcel Bauer says:

    Great show as always, loved the tips for flash in large groups, could have used that last weekend, but at least now I will be ready for the next event. I would love some tips on using grids and gels for speedlights. The Ona Bag looks great, I really like that it doesn’t seem like a camera bag. Also Bill’s site GREAT IMAGES, thank you for sharing that. The show is awesome and gets better with every episode :)

  139. Sylvain Gagnon says:

    Great show once again.

  140. John Ryan says:

    great show,

  141. Clint Latham says:

    Great show! You need Dixie Dixon to do a Kelby Training Video, as well as some more videos from Lindsay Alder.

    I like the Tenba messenger bags so it will be interesting to see your thoughts on this Ona bag. I like the looks v the Tenba, but the Tenba has a lot of great features.

  142. Great show.

    I suggested that you do more on speedlight stuff and you did!

  143. Rick DeNatale says:

    Great show as always. You must have listened to my recent suggestion to do more with speedlights.

    Thanks RC

  144. Rick DeNatale says:

    Great show as usual.

    RC, you must have read my request to do more with speedlights. Thanks!

  145. Trevor Yannayon says:

    Another great episode and I will be ordering a Grab ‘n Go bag and put it to use at a few events I have coming up. I’d love to win that Ona Brixton for when I’m strolling the streets.

  146. Gene Nemeth says:

    Nice bag,

    How about a show on interiors and architectural photography

  147. carl speller says:

    Great show as always!

  148. Marc says:

    Great show, great bag !

  149. David Lundin says:

    Love the posing tips!

  150. Eric Simmons says:

    I can’t get enough of this show, seem like if I’m looking for tip, tool or fix for a particular situation you have it on the show. Keep up the good work.

  151. Jim Beardsley says:

    Great show. Both bags look interesting.

  152. Jack Mulligan says:

    You guys always have great ideas and tips for us. You get my brain churning. RC, I’ve used your tip about mounting a flash on the end of a monopod, and I’ve shot groups as you suggest. It’s usually a convention (no, we won’t need a group shot) type group. Typically it the big cheese that wants a photo with his/her team and didn’t think the tell the meeting planner.
    Oh, and I share your lust for a great camera bag. (hint, hint…) Thanks, guys!

  153. Francis says:

    Great show guys. That ONA bag looks awesome! :)

    More tips on Speedlights and off camera flash would be great!

  154. Frank says:

    Love the show. Please make it twice as long in the future. We’re eager to learn more, RC.

  155. Diane Schulman says:

    I love Tips and Tricks. I don’t know how you do it, but those little tips and tricks you provide, often put the puzzle pieces in place so that I understand the bigger picture of a particular topic. You guys are all absolutely amazing! Your gift of teaching and sharing information is truly inspirational! Keep up the great work!

  156. Chip says:

    This episode was timely. I am in the process of creating a couple different grab-and-go bags for various types of outings (events, hiking, light-painting…).

    Ona bag looks like it has potential. Looking forward to the 30 day follow-up… and give-away.

  157. Jerry Tillery says:

    Love the posing tips. I have my 2nd wedding to shoot in March & could use all the tips I can get. I will be joining the Kelby training site for his lessons.
    Thanks for the great web site.
    Could use that new Ona bag.

  158. harjinder says:

    Great tips as always.

    Thanks, Harjinder

  159. pramodh says:

    Great show. How about a little on analog aka film photography? Great Bag also. Would love to get it!!

  160. ben says:

    Another good show. I got a laugh from the Ghionis clip reference to DTown !

    The bag looks pretty interesting and useful. I’ll be waiting to see how your trial goes. And, I’d be happy to end up with it and try it for myself.

    I’m going to repeat a request that I made for the last show: what’s the source of the intro/exit music ? I didn’t see any reference for it, and I can’t quite place it, and I find it interesting.

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

  161. Tommy V. says:

    Really good show! Gives nice tricks, really appreciate!


  162. Jacky W. says:

    Great shows! Any tips on photography for a point-and-shoot camera?

  163. I use so many of the tips I have learned from this show and NAPP that I have stopped counting. I am older and I believe you can teach an old dog new tricks. Keep up the good work and thank you for all your help.

    Great Job!!!

  164. Arcady says:

    I love Jerry’s explanations on different kind of lighting. Interesting to watch him shoot and adjust on the fly, as the sun hides behind the clouds.
    Would like to see Jerry or RC do an episode on working with light meters using a Speedlights.
    Thanks for the education guys.

  165. Gilles Azria says:

    Nice show !!! And very nice bag !!
    Hello from Switzerland : it’s a pleasure to see you each time. Keep going.

  166. Jose says:

    Great show. Can’t wait to see more camera bag reviews.

  167. Bill Shoff says:

    great show again. i personally think it would be kind of cool to see a show where some photos that didnt make the cut. always see the photos that photographers feel are the better work how about the oposite

  168. Love the show, bag looks cool and nice to have on your vaccation, doesn’t look like a camerabag which is good. An idea for the show is a “How to” with of camera flash – camera settings, speedlight settings, IR, cabel, radio etc.

  169. Anders says:

    Great tutorial!
    And the Ona bag looks great 😉

  170. todd edwards says:

    Great show guys and the bag looks really nice

  171. Ernest Lau says:

    Great show! The bag looks super. Liked the short on posing. Mahalo!

  172. Rene says:

    great show thanks

    ona bag looks nice

  173. Robert Murray says:

    Very nice RC! I really enjoy all the tips and gear reviews.

  174. Steve Thompson says:

    Great show RC. I’d like to see a tip from Moose on photographing the migrating birds of Spring. Where to find them etc.

  175. Richard says:

    Great show RC! The bag is awesome. It does not look like a typical camera bag, yet it has great form and function.

  176. Ferry says:


    I like the show, it gives nices quick tips to use.

    and would love the bag, I still seeking for a nice small back for city trips

  177. Harry Conte says:

    Thank you Pete Ghonis for some excellent tips. Keep them coming.

  178. gert arijs says:

    Great looking bag! I’d love to win that!

  179. Al buyck says:

    love the shows !!

    Did I mention I have never one anything??

  180. Greg Anderson says:

    Love your show, it is a bit of a tease, it would be nice if it were longer

  181. Olin says:

    ONA bag- very beautiful

  182. Larry Azus says:

    Love the show, as always. Thanks!

  183. Love the Tips and use the Tricks. Want the Onabag.

  184. Randy Hanson says:

    Great show I like the great tips. On Flash

  185. Peter Looper says:

    Great show, keep up the good work.

  186. Alan Storey says:

    Great show. Love the Ona bag.

  187. David Keneipp says:

    Thanks for the reminder about gelling the flash. Probably a good time for more on that topic.

  188. Deborah S says:

    Great show. Love the tip from Gerry. Looking forward to next episode

  189. Deborah S says:

    Great episode. Love the bag. Great tip from Gerry. Looking forward to next episode.

  190. Great show. Could you do some tips on pet photography?

  191. Ryan Schinneller says:

    Ona bag looks amazing. I must not be alone in this. I think this is the most comments I have seen for this show.

  192. charles says:

    Another great show. Always learn something new from you.

  193. Larry Travis says:

    Great prize! Thanks

  194. Paul Therrien says:

    We are all fortunate to have generous sponsors such as Brixton. Thanks guys!

  195. Hank Vermote says:

    More great content. Thank you.
    Also, could you and Pete talk more in another show about how you do weddings…. gear, ways of shooting, etc. OR do you already have a site that we can go to?

  196. Pete Stringer says:

    Love the show as always. Would be good to see the result of RC’s flash fill tip in a real before and after photo so we can see what level of difference it makes.
    Thanks for all of the tips; would like a recap on the gels though.
    The ONA bag looks ideal for travel and days out. Looks like a good theft deterrent not looking like a camera bag!

  197. Kevin says:

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