Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips & Tricks: Handy Tripod Accessory and Apps for Tracking the Sun and Moon – Episode 13


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In this episode, Matt shows off a handy accessory that you can attach to you tripod so that all your wrenches and tools are within reach on your next shoot. Then, RC shares two useful phone apps for tracking the position of the sun and moon, allowing you to plan your lighting better. Jerry Ghionis then demonstrates a practical example of how to best shoot in open shade to help your subject look more three-dimensional.

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  1. John Patton says:

    Good episode. Another reason to put pads on tripod legs is that they make it more comfortable when carrying the tripod on a shoulder when using a long, heavy lens.

  2. Florian M. Cortese says:

    I always enjoy PT&T and Episode 13 was very informative especially the iPhone apps. I love the format and the fact that it is short and sweet. How about some landscape photo tips. BTW, RC I watched Episode 10 and ordered the Copper Ridge sensor cleaning kit. Thank you so much.

  3. TJ Pagliasotti says:

    Ep. 13 needed to be 2 seconds shorter. Would have put it at 13:13 now that would have been pretty cool :) Great show guys keep up the amazing work.

  4. RC – Love the tip on the phone app and always appreciate the guests and their tips or techniques.

  5. Tom Ferrara says:

    RC – I think tips like those provided by Jerry Ghionis are invaluable. I can always research a piece of equipment on the nett. But it is really hard to find meaningful how-to tips like the one Jerry gave us in this episode. Please try to have him on more. Thanks.

  6. romelpineda says:

    i like the tip of jerry ghionis. natural light

  7. Matias says:


    I loved the tip about how you should position a face to show different stuff in a photo, I am definitely going to try it!

    Greetings from Chile!

  8. Dan says:

    The is the first episode of Tips N Tricks to come up on my YouTube subscriptions. Will have to watch the rest now…

  9. Frederick Van Grootel says:

    I really love the apps that RC shows. I’m already using the “Golden Lite” app, which tells you when the golden hour will appear where you live. These two will also be very useful.
    I’m still looking for some tips for travel photography.
    It would be sweet if you could give some tips for that.
    Thanks in advance.

  10. e11world says:

    I like the episode but I have a suggestion.
    Can you please put links to your website to watch and other links as well to make things easier to find.

  11. e11world says:

    For the YouTube channel is what I meant by not having links mentioned in the episode.

  12. kd says:

    great to see the show back!! how about a little info on the differences between the petal lens hood and the circular hood. differences with the lens rotates when focusing? yet most of the lenses you guys show have the petal hoods, does that mean none of the nikon lenses they use dont rotate when focusing??

  13. Mats Jansson says:

    Great RRS tip

  14. Greg Ryan says:

    Hey guys – I really like the hidden gem tips you always seem to come up with, and the pro pointers are just icing on the cake. I was wondering if you’ve ever discussed tips on camera/lens care when photographing in either cold or really humid weather. In other words I’d love to see any tips you have on extreme weather photography.

  15. Ivan Furda says:

    As always – good job RC. I already have that app on my phone – somewhat useful. I wonder if you guys can do a segment on tripods/mono pads, heads and travel (light weight) tripods. There are so many of them. Thank you all. Good tipping and tricking

  16. Awesome episode, guys!
    I loved Jerry’s 3-dimensional lighting tip! That will definitely be easy to remember during the stress of a photoshoot! Thanks!

  17. Fabian S. says:

    Great show.

  18. Cive Davies says:

    Great show.
    Could you include info on shooting and selling stock images?

  19. chris says:

    Great Show! Liked the natural lighting tip could use more….

  20. martin gillette says:

    nice show. how about some tips on using corrective filters on flashes?

  21. Rick says:


    As always, I love what you do. However, this time I have to say three commercials for Kelby training topics and a tripod tool kit and an app is not up to your normally great standards. Come on guys, a little more worth while content.

  22. paula says:

    I liked Jerry’s tip / reminder to look where the shadows fall …. sometimes I forget to pay attention to that and like he says such a small thing but it can make a huge difference! thanks guys – always a great show :)

  23. Mark Harris says:

    Love the show and really like the Jerry Ghionis tips

  24. GM Miller says:

    I always look forward to Thursdays. Keep up the good work!

  25. Harjinder says:

    Thanks for all your good work…I like the tips and tricks from RC and Matt.

  26. Joe M says:

    Great stuff on here. I just stumbled onto Kelby Tv and have been watching non stop for a few days. Keep up the good work.

  27. Harjinder says:

    I am posting comments but I am not sure why they are not get posted? is there any delay before I can see my comment on here…..anyways just want to appreciate the work you guys are doing.

    Thanks, Harjinder

  28. veronica says:

    love the wedding photographer. very compelling imagery.

  29. Love the iPhone apps, going to look for them now. Also enjoyed Jerry’s lighting demo outside. Great tips all around! Thanks!

  30. Ed Posthumus says:

    Hi RC thanks for the great info. I would like to see some guidance on the difference between using the flash exposure compensation button and the commander mode settings in the menu’s when using off camera flash.

  31. Guy baker says:

    Great show. Could listen to RC all day. Could we have a tip on memory cards. There are so many to choose from including the eye Fi cards. Thanks.

  32. William Wortman says:

    This one has to be one of my favorite episodes of Photography Tips and Tricks. I really liked Jerry Ghionis’ tip. The apps were great, I have sun tracker and it is one of the most used apps I have. I love getting idea from this show and the web sites to watch are just filled with inspiration.

    I just wanted to show my gradatude for the Kelby Media team, I learn so much from them… Also I would let mind winning the books lol, but that would just be a extra, this show is the real prize for me.

  33. William Wortman says:

    I wrote a long post on here, not sure if it went through, if it does sweet, if not, then… I just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite shows from kebly media, I learn so much.

    Plus I wouldn’t mind winning the books. But this show is the true prize. You can lean so much from it, and at a great price too… Free, keep up the great work.

  34. Harjinder says:

    RC and Matt… guys rock.

  35. Mouhamad Bzou says:

    Thanks Guys, great stuff , Could you please give some composition tips next time, I believe it is what makes great photographer

  36. The phoe apps are great, thanks!

  37. Ira Marder says:

    Another great show and thanks for the phone app.

  38. Paul Collingridge says:

    Thanks, RC, another great show – I love having 2 people on the set, it makes it flow so well.

    What I’d like to see is some T&T on using a Wacom tablet with Lightroom, particularly managing brushes. Another great tip would be about how to take photos in snow (I know you don’t have it on hand in Florida). Also, on the Grid we’re often told that a specific portrait looks like a high-school prom photo…. so hw about even just ONE tip on how to take a kick-but high-school prom photo. I’d love another on cleaning a telephoto lens after a day out (Moose does a bit of that in “Captured”). I bought an 18-200 for travel on Matt’s recommendation and LOVE it – so how about a tip on using it in ways that are not obvious to exploit its potential. And finally…. why not, each week, set us an exercise to try & set up & copy a really good photo you show us, then next week tell us how you or a guest would do it (using subjects most of us could access).

    That’s all, Guys, keep it up

  39. Carl Mumford says:

    As always great tips RC thanks!
    love the Mcnally spot lots of fun.

  40. great tips on the RRS tripod. Thanks!

  41. Harry Conte says:

    Another great episode and wonderful information from Jerry Ghionis. Keep them coming.

  42. Harry Conte says:

    Another great episode and wonderful tips from Jerry Ghionis.

  43. Amber Butterfield says:

    I really liked the portrait tip. Thanks so much. I’m off to practice.

  44. martin gillette says:

    nice tips. how about some tips on the use of corrective filters in flash photography?

  45. J. Chris Fisher says:

    I like the multi-tool, I hava couple for my RC cars, but never thought of one for my photography.

  46. Chris Helms says:

    Great episode! Love the guest spot from Jerry, but I was a really big fan of RC’s mention of the Moon path and Sun path apps, being a gadget freak myself.

  47. Lauren says:

    Great show as always. Im new to DSLR and love to see tips on the basics I need to get the most of my camera. Thanks Guys.

  48. Hubert says:

    Another good show!!!

  49. Brett Smith says:

    Love the show! Been watching since it was still D-Town and loved the tip from Jerry!! Ever since I saw his classes on Kelby training I’ve been hooked!!

  50. It is always so interesting that I find it very short… Till next week.

  51. Jeff Lazar says:

    Great show guys. I’m working on my outdoor portrait techniques and this episode was spot on for me. thanks.

  52. Leonard J. Provenzano says:

    Always enjoy the show. Maybe something on lighting a subject. Especially with off camera flash (Nikon CLS). I’ve had situations where the existing light looked better than what I set up. Keep up the good work.

  53. Greg S says:

    Great Show! Loved Jerry Ghionis tips. As a new photographer, lighting is something that is a struggle for me… to see the examples of different approaches really helps! Thanks

  54. William Collins says:

    As usual great tips….thank you….

  55. William Collins says:

    Great tips….thanks for these Episodes….

  56. Marc Wyche says:

    I love the tips 3d natural light shooting. And will be putting take tech to good use. Also the padded tripod legs are a very good idea. During the winter season. Thanks

  57. Justin Ting says:

    the sun and moon apps are both really cool. thanks.

  58. John Havord says:

    Thanks for another helpful episode.
    Regarding suggestions for tips, how about some ideas regarding storage of lens, etc. I have some old lens that I play about with, now and again, so would be useful to have some tips regarding storage them.

  59. Mike D says:

    Great show would love to see some sports photog. stuff.

  60. Constance Hanscomb says:

    Thanks for the tips. PhotoTimes+ is another good app for the angle of the sun & moon for different times of the day. It was free when I downloaded it.

  61. jason davis says:

    Great show!

  62. Ron Norris says:

    Would love to have info on shooting downhill skiers. Granddaughter is in training in Vail CO.

  63. Liked Gerry’s tip on 3 dimensional lighting.

  64. Mike Hylandsson says:

    The app RC showed was brilliant! I don’t have time to dig through a million apps. Showing it on screen was fantastic. Off to the app store in 3, 2, 1…


  65. Bob Mielke says:

    This show is way too short. I saw only one tip with no camera gear reviews. The commercials are twice as long as the show. Come on guys, alittle more meat please.

  66. tools for tripod was great.

  67. Rich says:

    Hi RC, thanks for that latest episode. I’m new to photography, so really like the quick practical tips like natural lighting/shadow on a portrait shot. Easy to try.

  68. Gary Alves says:

    More Jerry G. please…

  69. Thanks for all the great info guys!!

  70. Lewis Johnston says:

    Great segment by Jerry Ghionis. Since I must be a visual learner, I really appreciate it when the guest shows me how to do something rather than just tells me how to do something.

  71. Alfonso says:

    great show, what about some tips on how to pack for a small event! or wedding.

  72. Shaun S. says:

    Oops, Jerry Ghinois called it DTown.

  73. ben says:


    Been watching since DTown episode 1, and you keep producing terrific shows – thank you !

    1 question, 1 suggestion:

    Question, a bit off-topic, but who provided the background music at the intro/exit ? It sounds interesting, but I can’t place it and am curious about it.

    Suggestion – my tripod just went to tripod heaven. I’m looking at replacements. Tripods, monopods, ball-heads, gimbals, plates, aluminum, basalt, fiberglass, carbon-fiber, height, weight-capacity, etc, etc, etc. Lots and lots of items in a complex area. Seems like it might have some potential for a topic to cover.

    Great jobs with the shows – thanks !

  74. J Feist says:

    Great tip on apps for moon and sun location. Use my iphone to check the radar for cloud conditions for landscapes. Speaking of weather, I can’t get enough of McNally yelling get the hair out of your eyes!

  75. Steve Thompson says:

    Loved the tip on open shade

  76. Larry Glass says:

    Love the show. Would like to see more DIY equipment spots. Would love to win the books also!

  77. Richard says:

    I have never heard anyone use “amazing” or “great” so many times. It seems that every photographer that the host mentions is “amazing” and does “amazing work” etc etc. This seems to be in all the episodes he does. Kind of funny but try other expressive words.
    I.E fantastic, superb, awesome, fabulous, awe inspiring etc
    “Scott Kelby is a fantastic photographer with superb skills in photography and photoshop. His show is awesome because of the fabulous staff he has and together they come up with awe inspiring results!” Just a small example. Love what you guys do!

  78. Mike Johnson says:

    this is the first episode that I have viewed, great tips. This will NOT be My last. Keep up the good work !!

  79. Bill Shoff says:

    wonderful show again. by far the best podcast out there. the information provided by all the guys on the show are always so invaluable and informative. thanks guys

  80. Andy says:

    Good tips and keep them coming as you have in the past.

  81. I love your show I do not miss it at all
    tack from sweden

  82. Steve Fogel says:

    Looks like Jerry was shooting with a 70-200 f/2.8 lens. Seems like that’s the favorite portrait lens these days. When did it replace the 85 or 105 mm as the recommended portrait lens?

  83. Glenn Hewitt says:

    Nice show

  84. Sherryl Linnert says:

    Good episode.. As a hobbyist I need all the tips I can get. :) I especially liked the tips from Jerry Ghionis.

  85. Ravi kumar says:

    I have given lot of efforts in my photography, It is my passion and hobby too. Great tips I found from my google Alert on Photography.

    Really lovable tips.

  86. Stefan Lindqvist says:

    Great tips thanks RC.

  87. Shannon Ramey says:

    I love the tips on lighting!! Great show…glad that I found this site!!

  88. Rob says:

    Many thanks, some wonderful tips on lighting. Just realy getting into portrait photography and using the lighting and shadows such a simple change yet massive effect.
    Will be looking at other episodes.

  89. Hayes Peterson says:

    Love tips to make things easier. 😉

  90. STANLEY MOISE says:

    These episodes on Photography Tips & Tricks are really very helpful. Thanks Guys!

  91. Lim Kwoh Fronn says:

    Reading are always a good way to start learning.Hope that I stand a chance.

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