Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips & Tricks: iBook Review with Scott Bourne and Creating Tripod Leg Covers – Episode 12


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This week, RC meets with Scott Bourne to discuss the new iBook "The Basic Beginner's Guide to Light & Exposure" which features some cool interactive features to help readers learn. Then Matt Kloskowski demonstrates a do-it-yourself project for creating your own tripod leg covers. Dave Black then offers two lightpainting tips from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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  1. jason davis says:

    Great show! I’d like to see you guys go over some wireless ttl solutions for people using flashes other than nikon or canon. Thanks and keep the shows coming.

  2. J. Scott says:

    Glad you all are back! Wish this was a daily show.

  3. Chris Helms says:

    I really enjoy everything you guys do at Kelby TV so much, that I convinced my job to buy me a year subscription to so I can get more of all of you!

    The reason I watch you guys so much is all of your personalities on each of your different shows, whether it’s RC, Matt, Scott, or the many guests you have on such as Mr Bourne.

    Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for use throughout the new year!

  4. Lots of cool stuff! I have been watching Dave Blacks new videos too.

    I would like to hear a discussion on aperture settings. Especially landscapes.

    A light grid would be cool.
    take care!

  5. Karen Kurta says:

    LOVE the “make life easier” tips, shortcuts, tricks in the field, etc. Keep ’em coming!

  6. I would like to see photography that possible while doing simple evening walks or a weekend hike at the local state park.

  7. Roger says:

    Welcome back. More technical tips on camera settings are helpful as well as lighting tricks. The light painting segment was interesting but really just a thinly veiled advertisement for the class (which is excellent by the way). I know it pays the bills but still…

  8. Steve Healy (halfdome) says:

    Love the new format of T’n’T.
    Matt , I think you would make a great gameshow host!!

  9. Sudheer says:

    Have been waiting for the show. Love the tip from Dave Black. Thats a huge landscape to paint with the light

  10. Shelly says:

    love your show! can’t wait to watch Dave Black’s new class on light painting.

  11. Steve Thompson says:

    Love to win the Rogue gear.

  12. John Content says:

    Can you do a program on close up photography?

  13. thom ororke says:

    Great segment by Dave Black!

  14. thom ororke says:

    Great tip by Matt

  15. Tim Wilder says:

    Would like to see some tips on lenses . Such as Wide Angle, Macros, Telephoto, Fixed Focal Length, etc, etc . What each is used for, as well as the different lens speed .
    Thanks Guys !

  16. Mats jansson says:

    Tips and Tricks on what to think about Tripods,Flashes and camera Bags.What to think before you buy.

  17. Luc P says:

    Thanks for the great content guys. I was floored by the light painting example of the river bank…. Amazing! Or as RC would say, PHENOMENAL!

    Been wanting to get to PS World for a while now… Think it would be a great experience for a new NAPP member. Good luck to all and keep shooting!


  18. I would LOOOVe to win a ticket fphotoshop world. Probally the only way I could afford to go. And Matt., you should have let larry have that as a cheap shott with the tripod leg warmer. Great show and would lover to see more on metering modes and best times to change. Thanks again for all the great Kelby TV programming.

  19. Another great show. I would LOVE to win a ticket to Photoshop Worl and meet all you guys.. and Nancy. Probally the only way I could afford to go as I am an hourly factory worker. But I still enjoy all your Kelby TV programming. Would lover to see some info on the differenting metering modes “Canon” and the best situations for each. Thanks again. PS.. Matt, you should have gave that tip to Larry for Cheap Shots.. lol.

  20. Jo Ann Johnson says:

    RC, you are doing a great job with the new format of the show. What I would like to see, if possible, is actual photo shoots, detailing the equipment to use and why. Thank you for all the great info.

  21. fritz meyer says:

    Glad you guys are back. I am really trying to get my flas skills to the next level. The gels and grid would really help.

  22. Jeff Cruz says:

    I’m a Nikon user interested in remotely triggering a camera equipped with PC sync ports but there seems to be an endless number of remotes with different features.
    Would be great to get some directions on this topic.
    Keep up the great work.

  23. John Ballard says:

    Dave Black rocks already saw his latest light painting class last night at kelby training. just great work.

  24. Rick Coleman says:

    Great show. Love all your tips. Would always enjoy more about efficient gear and techniques for location shots. Thanks.

  25. Larry Ligget says:

    Great show. Would like to see a show about studio “grip.” I don’t know the equipment well–I need boom but what do I need to attach my beauty light to the arm? There are all kinds of things in the B&H Catalog (for example)–pins, clamps & such–that I don’t know how to use or adapt.

  26. Ryan Schinneller says:

    I love the show. This week was not as relevant to me personally, but there are so many types of photographers, they can’t all apply to me! Thanks for doing this.

    I would love to hear your opinion of what lenses should be used for specific situations. I hear a lot about portrait lenses. But is there a time to use zoom for landscapes, or do you only shoot wide – etc… You get the idea.

    BTW – would love to go to photoshop world

  27. Andrew Thomas says:

    Another great show guys, miss the longer format though. That was a GREAT tip about the iBooks format for portfolio or even client delivery of images. I’m going to have to play around with that.

  28. Nothing to contribute this time for ideas but I’ll keep thinking and hopefully come up with something you can use. Welcome back and thanks for being here to help us learn all we can! Oh wait one thing you can talk about is Canon 24-105 L lens and how it stands up to others and how it rates in your book. Maybe Pete could take that task on since he shoot Canon!! Thanks again!!

  29. Dave says:

    Glad to have you back. I think you should have a discussion of ball and fluid heads and the type of tripods to use with both. What to look for in each especially when shooting video with a DSLR..

  30. Anish Tewari says:

    Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to let you guys know how pricesless your show is to photographers like me. I work full time as a systems engineer and have been shooting part time on the weekends. When I first started out I didnt know where to start, who to go to for advise and tips and tricks of the trade. Luckly I stumbled upon your website and and have been hooked ever since. Its not easy making it in photography but if you look at all my photos they are all a product of your dedication in education us. Thank you so much for the bottom of my heart. Having a hobby like photography keeps my life in balance and I owe everything to you guys..

  31. Geoff druin says:

    Great show. Would like to see some pano tips

  32. Alfonso says:

    great show, would be great to see some tips about prime lenses! thanks.

  33. Frank Eng says:

    nice show

  34. Dmitry says:

    I’m first to comment..? :) Love the show!

    If i may, I’d like to request an episode explaining when and how to use umbrellas vs soft boxes in the studio. I’m new and looking into investing in a good studio lighting setup, but can’t decide between these two light modifiers. I’ll be shooting fashion as well as dancers.

    Thank you.

  35. Jeff says:

    Hey guys really enjoy the show, keep up the great work. I was wondering if you would be able to touch on the Lee Big Stopper and all the mounting hardware required to attach it to your lens.

  36. Steven Wo says:

    Love the show!!! I have started dabbling in off-camera flash using the rogue products. I was wondering if you could do a segment on off camera flash using their flashbender, diffuser and gels. Especially gels and when we’d want to use them, etc.

    I have an 18-month-old daughter, so I’ve been hand-holding my SB-700 with flashbender so that I’m still mobile enough to follow her around.

    Keep up the good work!


  37. Freddie O says:

    Hi, another great episode! I am looking forwarded to the upcoming season of photography tips and tricks. My topic/suggestion would be Kelvin temperature settings; I have been working with it lightly and would like to know more.

    Thanks! You guys rock!

  38. Toni says:

    Hi RC and Matt- I really liked the old D-Town format where the extra segments didn’t seem so disjointed from the rest of the show. This episode seemed more like that, keep up the good work!

  39. Luis Ascanio says:

    Awesome show guys, could you please have a show focused on lighting techiniques? Thanks! Also, I would not mind getting ps world tickets! Thanks!

  40. Phil Beavis says:

    Great start to the new season, cant wait to have a go at light painting now. Perhaps you could do some follow up tips with Dave Black in future weeks ?

  41. George Gerez says:

    George, here from Miami, FL Thanks for providing these episodes.. I like them because they are almost like a one-on-one class. well thought of ideas that help me in my industry.. Thanks again..

    Looking forward to next week’s episode..
    Hope to make it to orlando and see you guys…

  42. LinhRom says:

    I like the shows, i like you guys, i watch the show simply wanna watch you guys present. Since most of the stuff I have since you guys done on other shows/trainings/ or blogs etc. Though of course i still learn lots of new things as well. The point is, even with some of the stuff Ive seen before, its still very enjoyable to watch and listen to them again !!! And oh yeah, i like those rogue gel of course :)


  43. Hey guys, glad you’re back!
    i like the rogue set but can you show a little impression of what you can do with it?

  44. Bob Burns says:

    RC and Matt, Dave Black, Scott Bourne.
    Awesome stuff.

  45. Phil Burt says:

    I went to the itunes store and the “free” book that was talked about cost $3.95. Is there something else??? The name is the same and the cover looks exactly like the one they have shown.

  46. Thomas Barr says:

    I brought the Scott Bourne book, glad I did.

    iTunes put this episode in the Photoshop User TV folder in my library and not the Tips & Tricks folder. Good thing I subscribe to both or I would have missed this one.

    Happy New Year,

  47. Glenn Hewitt says:

    How about showing us how to merge multiple images in photoshop

  48. Andrew says:

    Perhaps I am a little naive, but I went home and tried to install iBook Author on on my iPad only to discover it is a Mac only application. Perhaps I missed it, but a quick mention that iBook Author is only for Macs, might have been helpful. Although I do have an iPad, I use a PC for my laptops/desktops at home for business compatibility reasons.

    Great show anyway :)

  49. Wayne Berry says:

    Welcome back,. Loved the show. Got inspired by Scott Bourne’s segment on his and Rich Harrington’s new book. Going to try my own book. Would love to see a segment on iPhone or Android phone photography. Keep up the great work.

  50. Lynn Smith says:

    Just found your podcast. I love the teaching.

    I am interested in using the video on my Canon 5D. Would love to see some tips , how to use it and best practise on settings.

  51. Colin Allison says:

    Would love the Rouge prizes, PLEASE!!

    Could you do an item on creating the Hollow Man effect from a dresses mannequin shot please ?

  52. Chris says:

    Hi guys! First, thanks for all of the work you do; all of these podcasts are greatly appreciated!

    I’d love to see more on shooting landscape and/or architecture. Also, maybe you could do a little piece on finding places to shoot. I do some travel for business but I always have a hard time finding out what’s around that would make for some great photography.


  53. Great show guys. I always learn something new.

  54. Bill Maxwell says:

    I use the AE-L button (programmed to press once, until release) to lock my exposure so I can recompose on my Nikon. But I wonder if you have a better suggestion.

  55. James Condon says:

    I love Matt’s long exposure landscapes. Would greatly appreciate any tips he is willing to share on getting the exposure right with a dense ND filter covering the lens.


  56. Rick DeNatale says:

    I’d like to see more on using flash.

    I finally got some off camera flash equipment, thanks to Scott K. and his recent KelbyTraining course. Maybe some lighting setups or DIY stuff.

  57. Rick Spitzer says:

    Love the light painting tips.

  58. Paul Therrien says:

    Liked Dave Black’s tips on lihjt painting.
    Would like to see more tips in very short quick segments. Keep the overall lenght of the show as is. Great stuff! Thanks!

  59. Don says:

    My first time watching this show and it was interesting about iBook creator. I will watch again.


  60. don says:

    My last comment did not show up yet maybe these must be moderated.

  61. Ed Young says:

    How about info on night photography, stars, moon, moonlit landscapes.

  62. Ren Coda says:

    Hello guys

    Love the quick segments

    Love the show, could you implement something with Adobe Muse Websites for photographers

    Big Hug


  63. Janet Pauley says:

    Thanks for coming back from the break. I was especially impressed by Scott Bourne’s new iPad book. Awesome interactive features that have sold me… I NEED an iPad.

  64. Hey!

    Dave Black is the great guy! I love his classes about light painting.

    I’ve got the subject: the generator inside the 40 feet container. I cannot get it in one shot, even in a pano.

    But I made the light painting details of this hard core piece of technology. It was very nice shots. I’ve got the feeling of tough metal.

    Thanks to Dave, my appreciations to Kelby Training. I’d love to visit Orlando and shake yours hands, guys!

  65. Nelson says:

    Great show guys. How about an episode showing tips and tricks/gear for starting strobe photographers. Thanks


  66. Weyn Che says:

    Great show, love that iBook Author software. I have a question about selling photographs. I have seem a lot of photographers’ websites that have the ability to login in order to view some particular photos. Also, users are able to place orders for photos and pay online for the orders. I wanted to know how that can be added to a site. Is there a package from the hosting company that can do that? How much programming do I need to do for those functions.


  67. John Havord says:

    Welcome back. Another excellent show. Really looking forward to checking out Scott’s ibook.
    Regarding things to show, how about some insight into storage / archive options.
    Take care.

  68. chris says:

    Great show! I have tried Dave’s Light Painting stuff, found it easy and fun. ow about some other time exposure stuff like as high a speed as most DSLR can. Just a thought,

  69. like the new name and feel of the show…


  70. GM Miller says:

    I would love to go to photoshop world!

  71. Kelly Smy says:

    Great show guys, any chance you can talk about film photography combined with the use of digital editing.

  72. PD Taylor says:

    You are giving away some gells, How do I know which one to use at a given time?

  73. Nick Munroe says:

    I like the format of your show it is ver y smooth and holds my attention. I always like the tips segments this weeks tripod leg Warner’s is a Great idea . And the apple create books tip idea is fantastic …I’m going to make a coffee table book right now. Thanks … TTYL

  74. Mtb says:

    It would be nice to see brief tutorials on some of the items you are giving away. How do you use the grids or gels?

  75. Rich says:

    I would have really liked to have seen a quick–even if brief–demonstration of Dave Black’s light painting rather than just him describing it and showing the after photos. I think it would be helpful in deciding whether or not to take his online class as well as inspiration for trying light painting myself, with no prior experience or knowledge.

  76. Steve Jones says:

    Bring out the night!!! Daylight is for wimps!!! 😀

  77. Erik Gordebeke says:

    nice episode !

    gear, light and camera tips are great. Getting the gear and lights right is important but …

    The really hard thing to learn is posing the (non professional ) model during portrait shooting. That could be a really nice topics on one of the shows.

    and oh … Matt should really shave before going on the air 😛


  78. Scott King says:

    The iBook looks amazing. I just wish Apple didn’t require you to be exclusive which prevents authors from doing ebook versions through Amazon or B&N.

    Tip Request: Can you guys do a segment where you go over what you do to prep for a location shoot at a location you’ve never been to? For example Matt went to Death Valley this week. I don’t know if he had or hadn’t ever been before but let’s pretend he hadn’t. What scouting online or things would he do to find where he would want to shoot before he even got there? Obviously find out sunrise and sunset times but what else?

  79. Rick says:

    Hey guys,

    Great information; watch all the training you put out. I’ve heard often that the retouching you teach is not high-end because it takes too long. How about a few minutes from time to time on a high-end technique that we can take as much time on it as we want. Specifically, I’d like to learn more about the effects I can make on a model with better dodge and burn techniques.

    Thanks guys,

  80. Jason Terry says:

    Hi Guys,

    I really enjoy the vast array of tips and tricks you have to offer. Thank you! They are very helpful.

    The main thing I’d like to suggest is to– and maybe I haven’t watched enough shows to know if you do or don’t– inspire your viewers with a project to submit… kinda like a homework assignment. For example, Photoshop creativity, landscape imagery, people, etc., or maybe even with a single word to sum up in an image (i.e. LAYERS). Ask us to submit our projects and then you pick the best submission to critique and maybe even award.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I learn about 70% from videos of pros and “who-knows,” and the rest from books (Mr. Kelby, you’re a genius!). But seeing the winner’s submissions, and what worked about it, may help others to understand how to better themselves and not feel like all great images are from pros. (Sometimes that can make one feel small and a bit out of league by comparison to our experience and mediocre equipment– but not me! I’m gooood! :).)

    Anyway, I hope this was helpful and insightful.

  81. marcel bauer says:

    Great show guys. I love all the tips, could you guys try and include more camera specific tips, such as settings, focus points, exposure, ect. Also if you guys could cover some quick tips on off camera flashes, power settings (how to). I just got a soft box and could use some tips from ya’ll. Thanks. I would love to win the prizes, especially the Photoshop world expo, my folks live in Orlando and have been bugging me to come visit for a few years now, this would give me the perfect excuse to go :) Thanks guys keep up the great work, really excited to see what KelbyTV brings this year .

  82. Matthew Hayford says:

    I always like it when Dave Black is on the show! Bring him on more often! Loved his Light Painting Classes on Kelby Training and highly recommend them. I would like to possibly see some high speed sync tips and tricks in the future on this show. Dave Black did an awesome class on that too at KT, but I can never get enough on high speed sync!! Thanks again guys for another great show!

  83. David Edwards says:

    Great tips! I would’ve liked to see more from Dave Black.

  84. Janina Cleven says:

    Love your helpful tips. I have found that the tape used to wrap tennis racket handles works great for tripod legs too and isn’t as bulky as the pipe insulation Matt mentioned.

  85. Deborah s says:

    Great show.

  86. Robin says:

    I am really enjoying the quick tips.

  87. John Swarce says:

    Good show this week. Welcome back! Dave Black’s class looks awesome, and I’ll certainly check it out on Kelby Training.

    Love Matt’s tripod tip. Can you guys touch on different types of tripod heads? The differences between ballheads, gimbal heads, pan heads, etc.


  88. Bill Shoff says:

    Great episode. Scott Bourne is very quickly becoming a favorite of mine because of this show. Can’t wait to see the new ibook. No other podcast is as fulfilling.

  89. Gloria Santiago says:

    Hey guys as always loved the show! I like the new format of Tips & Tricks, I wish the show were longer though, would like to see some more camera shooting tips; such as a show on camera settings for a landscape shoot, an indoor party shoot, a quick portrait shoot. Just a few ideas . Thanks

  90. Gloria Santiago says:

    Hey guys, great show as usual. Would love to see some shows on camera settings for landscapes, indoor party, and a quick shot for portraits! Just a few ideas I thought I would suggest. Many thanks

  91. iTZCHAK AMITAY says:

    Matt looks tired.
    What happened?

  92. Terry says:

    I would like to see an episode dedicated to macro photography and how to use flash to light subjects.

  93. Tricia says:

    I’m a regular viewer of all of the Kelby TV shows, and a Kelby Training member. I really appreciate the diverse information you offer.

    I would describe myself as an advanced novice photojournalist wannabe, with some nice gadgets.

    I would love to see some advice for settings and shooting with the Nikon D4.

    I was hoping to see a Nikon D4 Power Session offered in Kelby Training, but it’s not there yet. Second party books on the D4 are delayed until Spring.

    I just went on a big trip in Nov/Dec and feel I missed many opportunities because I didn’t know my camera well enough to manage the settings quickly in each situation.

    Of course I know I need to practice. Alas, my day job requires 50-60 hours per week, and I rarely have extra time except weekends or trips.

    Some training and tips would really help me get started at home, and make my excursions more fruitful.

    Thank you so much, and keep doing what you do!

  94. Luis Mazier says:

    Great show. Would love to see more about light painting.

  95. Tibor says:

    This light painting class sounds great!

  96. Karen McCormick says:

    I really liked the book review and have already bought it. The do-it-yourself tripod warmer would have come in handy last weekend.

  97. Chris Nies says:

    I really enjoyed Dave Black’s tips for light painting. I am now going to give this a try. Thanks Dave.

  98. Stuart R. Harder says:

    Loved Mr. Black’s light painting demo.

    Would like a detailed discussion about how to use a zoom lens hyperfocal distance when there are no meaningful markings on the the barrel of the lens.

  99. Eric Bier says:

    I would like to see tutorials and tips on mirrorless cameras.

  100. Tony says:

    Great to see you guys back from the end of season break! As far as tips I would like to see I have two:
    1). What causes ghosting when using a flash and what step(s) can be taken to avoid it. Also, maybe how to use it creatively.
    2). I’d like to see a tip on blending landscape photos manually using layers in Photoshop as opposed to using HDR software.


  101. David says:

    Great stuff. I am so glad I found this site, you guys are great. Thank you.

  102. Travis says:

    Any idea when you will be starting a new season?

  103. Ron Lute says:

    As much as I like Matt (and I do) I really liked Dave Black’s light painting tips.

  104. Mrozzoo says:

    Could you please stretch out the show. It’s just to short. Yes I know it’s free…. more free is always better.

    Keep up the fine work…. just add some more tips….


  105. Chuck Riley says:

    Another great show. I’d love to see a review of geared tripod heads.

  106. Eric Skinner says:

    Good episode, I like hearing from Matt K. and would like to see a more regular segment for Larry’s Cheap Shots.

  107. Paul Andrew says:

    Hi guys,
    I enjoy your show here in Wales. Especially when you recommend photographers’ websites for to look at for inspiration. Some, you’d never find usually.

    I’m going away to the far east in a couple of weeks and I’m planning on taking a mixture of landscape and journalistic-style photos on the trip.

    I’m just not sure on what kit to take with me. I don’t want to take too much and nor do I want to be stuck out there without too little.



    Caernarfon, Wales, UK

  108. Bryon Wiley says:

    Great Show!

  109. Greg Snider says:

    Love the format and the topics. Moving to Florida and looking forward to seeing you guys there.

  110. sonam says:

    another great Show RC..
    I was looking for tripod leg warmers and now I can do it myself the cheaper way thank Matt for the tip…
    will like to see see how you would configure shoulder camera bag

  111. Another great show. Keep up the good work. Would love to see a feature on color management throughout the workflow process. Adobe 98? Pro Photo? sRGB throughout from camera to Lightroom to print? Thanks and have a great new year!

  112. Fred says:

    Always enjoy the show.

  113. Lauren Peterson says:

    Awsome show!! Have you ever considered offering a month subscription to kelby training as a prize on the show?

  114. Bill Rohn says:

    How about tips and tricks on how to use a fisheye creatively.

  115. Terry Babij says:

    Great show neat interview and book highlight. How about more inexpensive DIY tips & tricks?

  116. sebastian says:

    great show

  117. Clive Tonge says:

    I would like to see more ideas for posing subjects.

  118. Randy says:

    Great show as always. I would like to see soon tips on using or setting up the Nikon D800. Thanks.

  119. Allan Aylard says:

    Another good show. Scott’s book looks amazing.
    Would love to get one of those Rogue Grid kits.

  120. Frank Furbish says:

    I know there are custom setting banks on my Nikon. Not sure the best way to use them. I’ve been burned several times due to previous events; for example ISO way high from the night before, bracketing still on and now I’m shooting a soccer game, etc. Would it be helpful to use the custom banks?

    Thanks again for all the education – can’t wait to see Dave’s class. The last one was amazing.

  121. Frank Furbish says:

    Some help/advise on how to use custom shooting banks on Nikon.

    Great show!

  122. Ed Lovato says:

    Really like the show! Would be fun to see how people use home made gadgets in photography I.e. beauty dish, back drops, etc. and the results.

    Would love to be able to go Photoshop World for the first time!!

  123. victor Steven says:

    Great show it is my first time def i will come back thanks for the tips.

  124. W Stewart says:

    Too Cool for School


  125. Melissa Grover says:

    So glad to have the new season starting already!!
    Loved the layout, think it’ll be excellent!
    Ideas? Perhaps doing a couple of shorts on having to deal with certain conditions and sets with sub-par equipment, or equipment from #@LL etc.. could be pretty informative and fun.
    Thank you all for being there, to help everyone evolve!

  126. Melissa Grover says:

    Didn’t get a conformation of my first attempt to post a comment. D’oh
    Love the show!!

  127. Helge Sterk says:

    Great show.
    Like the Ibook and the tripod tip. Moor short tips will be great.
    And norhernlights photographing will be great. You can com to Norway to make the show, i will guide you around. :-)

  128. I’d like to see some tips on using neutral density filters. I’ve been seeing a lot of photos using ones such as LeeFilters “Big Stop” but need the kelby training explanation so I can wrap my head around of all it!


  129. Joshua Stears says:

    Great episode! i really need to try light painting.

  130. Brian Parchim says:

    Great episode guys!

  131. Terry Gardner says:

    Always look forward to your show RC.
    Informative as always.

  132. John Patton says:

    Great episode. Like the iBook idea…still waiting for it to show up in the app store. Would like to see a show on the various wireless triggers. Have heard both good and bad reviews on Pocket Wizards and Radio Poppers. Have you guys tested them back to back to see which works better in most cases?

  133. Hubert says:

    Great show. I would like to see more items for the intermediate or advanced amateur, that is not so pro focused. Thanks.

  134. Anoop Gabha says:

    Hi guys. Another great show.

    Is it possible to do a segment for Car Photography TnT? Perhaps when you get a hold of Scott B again?

  135. Leise says:

    Great show. I am new to photog so I love to hear it all. Can u talk more about flash photog. In particular the speed light and shooting photos indoors. I do not know how to get the oroper exposure. I am guessing it. I also seem to get a lot of noise even with the a low f stop.

  136. Richard Garrow says:

    Hi RC & Matt & of course Scott,

    Well I spent my day watching all of last season and just finished the first one for this season. I was overwhelm by how great each one was, I really enjoyed them all. I learned a lot of great tips for my nikon camera, and some other things. RC was great. I enjoyed all of the guest and have a whole page of sites I have to visit now. As far as some points I would like to make is if you could when talking about the different tips you might be able to show them a little more in depth, meaning can you zoom in on the camera, or the position of the particular button you are talking about. I would also like to maybe see some more on different settings on our camera, I am a nikon user but I am sure folks would like to see canon as well. I have a D7000, D90 but would like to see some of there settings as well. Maybe some tips on the Different Flashes as well. Different Tripod heads that are out there how to best use them. Some of the standard Fstops and Speeds to use in standard settings. Maybe a little piece on fashion photography, or portrait photo settings. I think that is a few to work with.
    I would also like to get on an email list so I can get notified when a new show has been posted..
    Thanks again guys you have made my membership worth every dollar that I have spent. Oh another idea before I leave. Home studio’s how much room is needed, maybe some DIY on building things for the home studio..
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