Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips & Tricks: Practicing Blind Camera Adjustments and Zone Capturing – Episode 11


The weekly podcast that offers tips and techniques for taking the best photos you have ever taken.
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In this week's episode, RC has a homework assignment for viewers to practice adjusting their camera settings without looking at them. Joel Grimes thinks outside the box to create a lens that doesn't exist. Dave Black is in the studio with a tip on zone focusing to capture fast-moving subjects.

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  1. glen thaxton says:

    Great tips!

  2. Jerry Fry says:

    Love your show, haven’t missed an episode.
    I want to scan an 8X10 and then print another 8X10 photo. Should I scan at 300dpi or should I scan 600dpi?

    How do you use hyperfocal distance ?

  3. carl speller says:

    i love to have it for my wife rc

  4. I look forward to next season

  5. Dave Black is the man!!

    The light painting class is amazing!! Looking forward to try it!!

    Zone focusing, I like it!

  6. Harry says:

    Great tip on using the AF-L feature.

  7. Bob Burns says:

    Can’t wait for the next show. Joel Grimes is amazing. Thanks RC.

  8. Deborah says:

    Get tips. I would like some tips on taking sharp
    group portraits.

  9. Mats Jansson says:

    Do a program about Macro shooting Tip and tricks.
    Great show.

  10. Kathy Grant says:

    Love the show. I thought RC’s tip about learning where things are on your camera is spot on. Too many times I am fumbling around trying to find a setting. I’ll do my homework!

  11. rami Shalabi says:

    Zooning , was amazing lesson

  12. Larry Robinson says:

    Can you do a quick video on the Spyder Cude?

  13. David Lundin says:

    Great show! Love to see more of posing unexperienced models.

  14. Alan Storey says:

    Great show. Please discuss low light photos.

  15. Sylvain Gagnon says:

    Happy Holidays to all of you and come back soon.


  16. jon moeskau says:

    love the new to see some of your favorite shots or the type of photography you enjoy the most.

  17. great show, looking forward to the next season

  18. HR says:

    Great Season Guys! Looking forward to next season. Merry Christmas!


  19. Matej says:

    Great show. I look forward to next season!

  20. RON says:

    Loved the sensor info last episode,
    more Canon info please!

  21. steve Jones says:

    Great show…I could use another tripod. 😀

  22. Robert C says:

    Great tip on using the 17 T/S.
    I’ll have to start using it in this manner.

  23. Paul Van Vleet says:

    Great show

  24. Mike says:

    Love the tip on capturing unique perspective with the tilt-shift. Never would have thought of that one. That’s why Joel Grimes is Da BOMB!

  25. Andrew Grey says:

    Another great show! How about a lesson or tip for shooting school portraits or maybe sports teams – both headshot and group portraits? Thanks!

  26. kd says:

    happy holiday guys! can’t wait to see you all in 2013. keep up the great work and the great tips

  27. Timothy Kwong says:


    Love to see more home assignments. It motivates us to take more pictures!

  28. kd says:

    great show! how about a little more information on the crop factor, like how to tell when to apply the 1.5x on what lenses vs. what bodies you have. (i.e. d300s)

  29. sebastian says:

    love all your shows guys

  30. Hans says:

    i could use some tips on travel tripods…

    great show!

  31. Magic episode, thoroughly recommend being able to handle your camera’s controls without looking, you simply don’t have time during a hectic professional shoot to be fiddling with your camera!!

  32. Hubert says:

    The first season was very enjoyable and informative. Thanks.

  33. Kevin says:

    Nice production guys – keeps me coming back for more info tips!

  34. e11world says:

    Quite useful tips.
    I think you may be able to squeeze a few more tips in each episode though.

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