Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips & Tricks: Cleaning Image Sensors and Managing Over-Exposed Indicators – Episode 10


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In this week's episode, RC shows viewers how to use a camera cleaning kit to clean the image sensor in their camera. Larry Becker shows off his invention for tethered shooting. Frank Doorhof shares a tip on managing the over-exposed indicators on your camera. Plus, the photography of Douglas Bizzaro and Elizabeth Moss.

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  1. Nice show! Nice tips! The cleaning is becoming something nice to do, instead of getting it done in a shop.

  2. Bob Mielke says:

    You forgot to mention one thing when cleaning your camera. Your camera must have a battery with a full charge before you can lock your camera mirror up. I know because it took a long time to figure out why it wouldn’t lock up when I cleaned my camera sensor the last time.

    Good, useful show. Laurie did a class of the cleaning process on Kelby training that saved my bacon.

  3. Bob Burns says:

    Thanks for featuring the Copper Hill System. Awesome!
    City Walker 30…on my Christmas list!

  4. Rick Evans says:

    Please show more on how to focus (beginner) for various situations…thanks.

  5. Bernard Calip says:

    Frank, thanks for the tip. I have a Nikon D800E and could not find out where to make this change. Can you please be more specific for a Nikon D800E. Thank You, Bernard

    • Copied from a forum I found via google, actually almost the first hit 😀 I don’t own a Nikon so I had to look.

      1. On page 224 the manual shows that you must first turn on highlights. Go to the playback menu then to “Playback display options” (4th from top).

      2. Then scroll (using the multi-selector, 4-way controller) to the page that shows the histograms (you might have to turn on histograms) for the photo that you want.

      3. Press the zoom-out/thumbnail button (the one with the minus sign on the little magnifying glass. Then press the right arrow> of the selector switch to select which histogram you’d like to check the highlights for. Using the >< arrows keys you can scroll through each histogram & may check for "blinkies" in the RGB, Red, Green, Blue channels individually.

  6. peace gaddis says:

    how to better use the popup flash

    how to better use off camera flash

  7. Mats Jansson says:

    Great Tips on Sensor cleaning.

  8. carlos de la rosa says:

    fu(/%)$(#)ing amazing RC!!!
    RC for president!!!

  9. walt biegon says:

    is there some way you could leave a note as to when the next show will be?

  10. glen thaxton says:

    another killer show!

  11. Richard Rosen says:

    The show is becoming very useful. I would like to see a tip or trick that pertains to the Nikon D600

  12. k d says:

    great show. especially the light painting section. truely a work of art!! can’t wait to try it out

  13. HR says:

    Great sensor cleaning tip RC!


  14. Flint Cave says:

    Thanks, RC! You guys rock! It’s nice to see someone whose opinion you trust show how to clean a sensor. One mega kit headed my way.

  15. David Vaught says:

    Nice show.

  16. John Yanuzzi says:

    congrrats Larry Verry cool idea !

  17. GM Miller says:

    Great show I’ve been wanting to learn how to clean my camera properly. I could sure use a new bag. Thanks for putting on this show.

  18. horace cheung says:

    good blinky tips

  19. Kim M says:

    love Frank!!!!

  20. Harry says:

    Great tip on cleaning the sensor. I like the package.

  21. Martin says:

    Great show! Just purchased a sensor cleaning kit but was hesitant on attempting to clean the sensor myself. Feel more confident now thanks to the show.

    A show about home studio setup would be nice. Talk about Alien Bee strobes and/or Elinchrom for a medium size budget home studio setup.

    Great work once again fellas!

    Martin from Canada!

  22. Heiko says:

    Nice show. Although the tips seem to stay a little bit basic since the last shows of D-Town and the beginning of Photography Tips and Tricks.

    I would like to see more en depth tips.

  23. Great episode. Love Larry Becker and Frank Doorhof.

  24. Dennis Zito says:

    Larry, congratulations on your invention! Frank, thanks for the “Blinkies” tip! Nice job on the camera cleaning RC. Very informative show!


  25. W Stewart says:

    Good stuff as always!

  26. Debbie C says:

    Great show.
    I would like to see some tips on using off camera

  27. John Gerard says:

    Thanks for the camera cleaning tips RC!

  28. Timothy Kwong says:

    Thank you for another wonderful show

  29. Wayne says:

    Great tips for sensor cleaning

  30. FotoStefan says:

    Scott french it’s quite good!

  31. Tim Rogan says:

    Nice cleaning kit. About time they put replaceable swab tips in one. WIll have to look that one up.

    Also really enjoyed Frank’s tip.

    Love to see more how to fix situations that fool your light meter.

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