Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips & Tricks: Improving Pop-Up Flash and Shooting Panoramas – Episode 9


The weekly podcast that offers tips and techniques for taking the best photos you have ever taken.
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In this week's episode, RC has some tips on improving the quality of your camera's pop-up flash. Moose Peterson wants photographers to pick a wildlife subject and spend some time getting to know it. Paris-based photographer Serge Ramelli offers advice on shooting panoramas. Plus, the work of photographer Ben Horne.

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  1. glen thaxton says:

    Congrats RC !

  2. Oscar Linnartz says:

    Gear and lightroom tips pleaz!

  3. John Scott says:

    Wish this show was on every day!

  4. Klaus Weber says:

    This was, as usual an entertaining session :)

  5. Jason Moon says:

    You guys rock and thank you!

  6. John Content says:

    Great tips!

  7. Greg Stevenson says:

    Great episode guys

  8. Evan Rasmussen says:

    Light it magazine? A detailed look into several of the articles will give us a better idea of what it is all about. Good advertising.

  9. julius D. hunter says:

    nice show,pleaseee let me win something. o.k.

  10. PD Taylor says:

    Always like tips from Moose..

  11. Nice show! Short and to the point!

    I’ve heard this 2 shots pano from Serge at Scott’s class, or webcast. It’s great!!! I’ll start using it asap!

  12. Theo says:

    Serge Ramelli, how om earth do you under expose, when you take the lowest, speed?

  13. Theo says:

    Serge, if you take the lower speed you over expose…

  14. Bob Burns says:

    Great show as always. Thanks, RC.

  15. Alan Storey says:

    Great show, RC. How about a segment on long exposure night photos?

  16. Larry Robinson says:

    Can you do a tutorial on the cube? Do you use it like a 50% gray card?

  17. Bo Rydelius says:

    Is RC always drinking a lot of coffee before the show? He talks so fast

  18. Jeff Lazar says:

    Great tip on using on board flash. Thanks RC.

  19. Harry says:

    RC that was a great tip on using the on-camera flash. I seldom use the camera flash because I have had a difficult time controlling it but thanks to you it will be in use from now on.

  20. Jerry Fry says:

    Loved segment of Sergio on panos

  21. And says:

    Great episode!

  22. joe nieto says:

    excellent show and tips, always learning something new from you and your staff

  23. I love the show. I don’t miss any of it. Any chances to have somebody talk about Infrared Photography?


  24. John First says:

    Great Show. Love the tips on the pano shooting. Been doing it vertical, going to try Horizontal. Also, been checking out the library for tips on outdoor photos and learning more details on subjects.

  25. Another great show with some real handy tips. Especially liked the pano segment …

  26. emilio b says:

    I want the DVD 😉

  27. Peter Stringer says:

    Loved the show. Would like to see move tips on off camera use of canon speedlights.

  28. Tomasz Bidas says:

    I’m first? Your doing great show lads. I hope you will talk more about flashes and studio lamps to get such great photos like yours. Thanks

  29. Denis says:

    Great to see the sensor cleaning segment. How about doing it with more close up shots of the equipment and some from inside the body to show the actual cleaning in progress.

  30. Michael I. says:

    I’m a huge fan. Keep up the good work guys!

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