Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips and Tricks: Using Apple Boxes and Shooting with a Cable Release – Episode 7


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In this week's episode, Brad shares another grip tip on using apple boxes to raise your subject or your camera perspective. RC has a tip on shooting with a cable release in order to keep eye contact with your subject and Tamara Lackey talks about getting a variety of shots in her photo shoots so that she has more options to present to her clients.

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  1. Mike Katona says:

    Shooting portraits w/ a shutter release is fine but take it one step farther and use a wireless remote. I walk right up to the client and adjust a shirt or whatever and snap all the time when the expression is right.

  2. Jacek says:

    Brad & Matt on DTOWN?! – Back to the future? :)

    Have a Great Day!


  3. takeshi i says:

    I love Jeremy’s work. Would love to win the prize…

  4. Eric Boyer says:

    Great show

  5. Larry Robinson says:

    Can you guys do a tutorial on the Spyder Cude?

  6. peace gaddis says:

    great tips thanks

  7. John Content says:

    good tips today!

  8. clive davies says:

    Can we have something on low light and night time photography please?

  9. henry dinardo says:

    Great show guys could you do a show on how to setup a tripod effectively?

  10. GM Miller says:

    Great show!

  11. randy hanson says:

    great show

  12. Jeff Freund says:

    Good show.

  13. Thanks for your tip on 3rd person on taking a photo
    talk connect be likable

  14. Nice show!

    Photographers will get in trouble if they use Apple Boxes without their permission! They will end up releasing the iBox 😉

    Nice conversation with Tamara!

  15. Joseph Myers says:

    Hi, Thanks for the show.

  16. John Scott says:

    Really good show!

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