Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips & Tricks: Using Prime Lenses and Attaching Velcro to Flash – Episode 5


The weekly podcast that offers tips and techniques for taking the best photos you have ever taken.
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In this week's episode, Anne Cahill sits don with Larry and they talk about the importance of depth of field when using quality prime lenses. Pete shares a tip on attaching velcro to your flashes to help attach flash modifiers. Larry has a tip on illuminating your subjects in low-light conditions. Plus, the work of photographer Steve Augulis.

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  1. ksdksdk says:


  2. Joseph Myers says:

    Thanks for the show. Happy to see they dusted off Larry and put him in front of the camera again.

  3. Jim Wells says:

    Great Show

  4. chris says:

    Great show, like the rubber ring tip. Thanks Guys, You Rock!

  5. John O'Neill says:

    How about more tips and less ads……….

  6. Jacek says:


    I don’t know what this is but I’ve met some people in photography shop, that they have to have lens with f1.4, and nothing else matters.

    And when I ask them what they need it for they say, group shots family portraits etc. And when I try to tell them about depht of field etc. and then retail shop selling person comes and say their talk- becacuse they want to sell no matter what.

    Did You had same experience?

    Could You make some topic about what f stop make what…


  7. Michael OShea says:

    Nice show. That 85mm 1.4 is a seriously awesome lens.

  8. Tom Hargreaves says:

    This show catches the art of a “tips & tricks” concept perfectly! Bang, bang, bang; here they are; done; see ya next week. DTown was wonderful for a long time, but in both the earliest and later segments (I’ve been here since the beginning), it tended to get to more chatty and less info-y. This T&T gets rid of the empty chat. I think y’all at Kelby have a knack for ID-ing something that works and for when it has stopped working, that being the time to move on to something a little different — but not too different. Moreover ( I really like that word!), the Kelby commercials are fun and info-y as well: your models work in so nicely in some of them; I especially like Adam “Smith” with Scott talking directly to him, and the Photoshop World commercial with the gal and the guy (she acts pretty well, too: her actions and expressions are well done, and her final statement is perfect!).

    I’m also glad you moved the contest entry space, now I feel as though a comment will actually be read instead of being buried in 637 others vying for the prize.
    Thanks for doing what you do!
    Tom Hargreaves

  9. james says:

    great show guys! 😛

  10. Greg Young says:

    WOW Larry, it’s really great to see you back on screen. Now the show is complete. It would be great to see you permanently host the show. You and RC would make a perfact pair to host. Great tips & tricks—–

  11. IraE says:

    Thanks for the tips for using velcro on a flash and the lighting tips for getting the proper focus.

  12. IraE says:

    Thanks for the tips on using velcro on a flash and the use of light to get a better focus on your subject.

  13. Nice tips guys!

    Democratic show! One day Scott, the next RC, then Matt, now Pete and Larry … :-)

  14. peace gaddis says:

    awesome tips
    dont miss the old show any more

  15. Hubert says:

    The new series is great. I caught up today by watching the first five episodes.

    Small suggestion… your theme is a little melancholy, especially watching five episodes. A little more upbeat tempo would better fit the show.


  16. Juan M. Michel says:

    Great show. Keep it up.

  17. Dewayman Brown says:

    Love the new format,wish that it was a little bit longer. But the best part is that I can keep up with the show while I’m on vacation in Germany..

  18. Don Tingle says:

    Enjoying the episodes, so far. Hope you keep up the good work

  19. William Collins says:


  20. David White says:

    Good tip on using a flashlight to get focus


  21. John Yanuzzi says:

    Larry great stuff !!! when will you be doing cheat shots again ?

  22. Cindi Poole says:

    Loved the show this week (I love them every week)
    Good info on dof.

  23. Randy Hanson says:

    I like the show

  24. David Vaught says:

    good show

  25. GM Miller says:

    Thanks for the reminder of the
    D7000 video. I need to go review it. Still trying to learn mine.

  26. Branko Gregov says:

    I miss the old show. There is far less useful content and too much advertising in this new show, that’s just my opinion. Thanks

  27. Harry says:

    Velcro is definitely the way to go for flash accessories especially if your ghetto lighting.

  28. Harry says:

    Velcro is definetly the way to go for flash accessories especially if your using ghetto apparatus.

  29. horace cheung says:

    great tips.

  30. jazz63 says:

    Great tips as usual was wondering could Pete let me know if the elincrom radio triggers work with the canon ettl system thanks

  31. Alan Reynolds says:

    Good show, guys!

  32. Alan Storey says:

    Great show!

  33. John Scott says:

    I always enjoy your shows!

  34. Ken Hunt says:

    Larry, are you getting younger?

  35. JPGomes says:

    just a thank you goes along way !

  36. Kirk Douglas says:

    Great show. Keep up the good work!

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  38. HR says:

    Excellent shows guys!


  39. domain says:

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    is in fact fastidious.

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