Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips & Tricks: Cable Wrangling and Wearing a Camera Vest – Episode 3


The weekly podcast that offers tips and techniques for taking the best photos you have ever taken.
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In this week's episode, Brad Moore offers a grip tip on cable wrangling. RC talks about the benefits of wearing a camera vest, and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler shares some advice on posing models. Plus, check out the photography site

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  1. Jack says:

    Where have you hidden Larry?

  2. chris says:

    Great show guys! Nice cord tip Brad!

  3. kazeem olushesi says:

    this is gives me more ideal am love it thank you guys and keep up the good work.

  4. tim martin says:

    Good show RC. I love the vest.

  5. Armen says:

    Great new show!!!!

  6. james says:

    great show guys! 😛

  7. james says:

    great show guys! love it! 😛

  8. Alan Storey says:

    Great show, RC!

  9. Greg Young says:

    RC nailed it. Fun & Relaxed Great show, although short. Finally a smile—————

  10. Joop Versteegh says:

    Great tip, Brad, thx.

  11. Rich E. says:

    Great tips on this episode. I will be checking out fstoppers from now on looks like a great site.

  12. Phil Burt says:

    Great Tips, I love this new show. Sure would like those Gels…..
    phil b

  13. Paul Bennett says:

    Great Show – love the theme tune, what is it?

    Keep up the good work,

    Paul (Serious Amateur)

  14. Nice tips!!

    Man! Now I want that vest! :-)))

  15. HenryH says:

    Enjoying the new show, but I can see it getting to be an expensive habit. Love that vest…

  16. Bill Maxwell says:

    Hey guys, great show again. Another tip on cable rolling: Having worked with a lot of sound guys over the years, I’ve learned to “over-under” lap the cable so that when you undo it for the next gig, you can hold one end and pitch it away from the body. It will extend without getting tangled up; even better than twisting in your fingers. fyi.

  17. Larry Robinson says:

    Cool new format,

  18. Pete Marks says:

    Interesting show

  19. Gen says:

    C’mon guys. Tell us the author of the tune. It’s rude if you’re not respond to any of your fans.

  20. Donald B. Miller says:

    Figures, I’ve already bought Vincent’s book! Nice discount for a great book. If you liked his lessons get the book!

  21. Chuck Sider says:

    Love the new Photo T & T program.

  22. Marty says:

    Good to know the practical things in photography. You guys help me a lot. Thanks. More Power. God bless

  23. Randy Hanson says:

    great show

  24. Charlie Horvath says:

    Used to enjoy D-Town for its informative format. Just find this program and it is a great show and I look forward to following along each week.

  25. IraE says:

    Another great show and thanks for the tips.

  26. Yoshinori Miyazaki says:

    Great tips RC!

  27. Kevin McGrath says:

    great show

  28. Bill says:

    Why can’t my iPad play episode 3?
    Sunday 14th oct

  29. Keith Sloter says:

    what happened to the links

  30. Andrew Grey says:

    This show keeps getting better! Thanks again. How about a show on shooting school or sports photos? Perhaps an event shoot at a hotel?

  31. Nice and lovely show Rafael. Short but intense…

  32. Ken Zuk says:

    Good show…but the commercial for McNally’s new class is the BEST!!!! ROFL!!!

    Hey, next time, Lindsay should use a model more appropriate for the tip she was trying to show…

  33. Glen Thaxton says:

    Que Bueno!

  34. HR says:

    Great new show guys!


  35. Marvin Foster says:

    Is there some reason Episode 3 never made it to iTunes?

  36. Cody Ash says:

    I love the show but we can’t get thru 4 minutes of content without a commercial? As funny as Joe McNally is it’s hard to believe this show has as many ads as the Grid.

    I know you have to pay bills, yada yada, just a comment.

    Suggestion would be 1 at the beginning, 1 at the 8 minute mark, and 1 at the end.

  37. GM Miller says:

    Love the new show!

  38. Gary says:

    Love your new show. RC, what camera strap do you use?

  39. John Content says:

    more great tips

  40. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for shower heads

  41. Nadeem says:

    Hey guys..

    Congratulations for another informative show.

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    a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable
    for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme?
    Great work!

  43. S. N. Johnson says:

    Pithy and practical. Great tips and great format.

  44. Bruce Press says:

    Thanks for the show. I particularly liked Lindsay’s piece. Always something to keep in mind.

  45. Dennis Hughes says:

    Brad, your cable mgt is almost right. To go one step better, coil the cable the first coil one way and the second coil the other way. That way when you uncoil the cable you don’t have twists.


  46. mar3i says:

    Trick photography and special effects e-book, unique ideas and innovative in this e-book.

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