Photography Tips & Tricks: Photography Tips & Tricks: Using the Nikon D-600 and Wireless Remotes – Episode 1


The weekly podcast that offers tips and techniques for taking the best photos you have ever taken.
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Welcome to Photography Tips and Tricks: the weekly podcast that offers tips and techniques for taking the best photos you have ever taken. This week, landscape photographer Bill Fortney offers 3 tips on using the new Nikon D-600 menu functions, RC shares a tip on setting up bracketing on your camera, and Scott explains how easy it is to use wireless remotes to fire your camera. Tune in for these tips, plus a contest with prize and two photographers to check out for inspiration.

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  1. Very nice show!!

    The pragmatic approach D-Town had in the beginning and nice tips! I liked the previous one, I like this one also :-)

  2. Great first show. Would love to see some comparisons to other remote triggers (Pocket Wizard is great, but a bit pricy).

  3. Love the new show, also love the pic layout on the back wall… what a great idea. (mind if I steal that idea too)

    As for the contest…. PICK ME PICK ME!!!!!!

  4. Jack says:

    Congrats on TNT! Amazing to watch the evolution of D-Town as it has morphed into the new format. Have been with you since episode 1 and certainly will carry on with TNT. Great stuff and much appreciated.

  5. I watched every episode of D-town and now I’ll watch every episode of Photography T&T. Great show with great tips!

  6. Phil Beavis says:

    I was really disappointed when you revealed that D-Town was coming to an end … but I need’nt have worried ! Loving all the insights, tips, an new gear. Keep up the great work.

  7. Scott Martin says:

    Love the tip show. Fast, and full. I”m a 7d shooter and didn’t know the tip on bracketing. very nice.

  8. HermitsLife says:

    I’m no longer sad to see the end of Dtown. you guys keep on giving us such great shows. I look forward to watching this new series as it progresses and learning from a group of great guys.

  9. Robert C says:

    Good first show.
    I like the format.

  10. Michael says:

    Did Scott just toss a 24-70 to RC? Hilarious!

  11. Daniel Bley says:

    I like the new format. Keep up the good work.

  12. cliff mills says:

    Glad to have the show back no matter what the name.

  13. Tony Phillips says:

    Looks like a great show just as D-Town was. Looking forward to watching every week.

  14. Jeff Lazar says:

    Great show. I look forward to more of them.

  15. Kevin Figueira says:

    I liked it. to the point and informitive. Thanks for the show, keep it up.

  16. Jeff Freund says:

    Looks like this should be a good show.

  17. Jerry W says:

    Loved it. Simple explanations for very useful tips. Thank you so much for this.

  18. Thomas Piepszak says:

    hope you get into some more great stuff. Could you comare different lenses for portait- with the same image size to show compression – etc– what lens works best for what facial structure– male vs female
    round vs angular square vs flat -ie flat meaning plane of forehead, nose, mouth

  19. james says:

    wow! great show guys! i can’t wait for the future episodes! 😛

  20. james says:

    great show guys! :p love it

  21. Frank Torres says:

    Great show guys. I like the new format.

  22. james says:

    great show guys! love it! 😛

  23. Lloyd Christy says:

    Scott, Bill & RC,
    Great episode and really like the format. It’s very impressive how you keep recreating your business to give us the best, up-to-date information.
    Anything coming up on the Nikon D800…I just bought this and am very happy so far?

  24. Lionel says:

    I almost freaked out when Scott tossed a lens to RC @07:55

  25. José Rosa says:

    Great job RC and Scott. The set looks great. Can’t wait to see RC doing some sit-down interviews. PhotographyTNT off to a great start.


  26. Larry Arrington says:

    I really like this new show. I think it’s one of your best.


  27. Frank Effrece says:

    Great first show Will miss D-Town, but grear beginning.

  28. Phil Burt says:

    I like the new format …. could be a little longer, just a tad. I like that you keep it moving along and not too much talking that doesn’t mean anything.
    Keep them coming and I will be sure to watch and pass the info along to all I know.

  29. Pablo treto says:

    Lol I laughed when you threw that lens to RC . congratulations on the new show guys ,love it!

  30. Donald B. Miller says:

    Nice and simple first episode. Nice prize too, hint hint…

  31. Charlie Young says:

    WOW! You guys never cease to amaze me. Great show!

  32. Dack says:

    Enjoyed the new format. Wouldn’t mind seeing a few more tips however. And more lens throwing.

  33. Simão says:

    You’re the best!!

  34. Tim Martin says:

    Nice to have you guys back on the air. Can’t wait for more tips and tricks.

  35. Eric Gould says:

    I find it’s much quicker to use the ISO button to change ISO settings. Simply press ISO and turn the Sub Command Dial l in front of the camera to switch between Auto and a specific setting. Back Main Command dial changes the ISO number. ISO range is set as described thru the Menus. All the above works on the D800’s , D600 and D7000. Bill’s web site is amazing.

  36. Dave Moore says:

    Great new look! I think I’m gonna really like this show!

  37. Greg Cary says:

    Great show guys, Enjoyed it

  38. clive davies says:

    nice to see you all back – fabulous show!!

  39. Ray Vollrath says:

    Nice show.

    Keep up the Kelby tradition of timely informative topics.

  40. Randy Hanson says:

    Nice to see you back

  41. chris says:

    Nice to see the new format. Looks great.

  42. Tom P Zachman Jr says:

    Congrats on the new show. See you next week.

  43. Mark Papke says:

    Hey Scott, when using the pod and cube how do you know you framed your shot good. Can you get down that low to see the lcd in Live view? Not too many Nikons have a flip out lcd screen.

  44. Yoshinori Miyazaki says:

    Great 1st show guys!

  45. Greg Young says:

    Nope! Like the DTOWN show better. DTOWN was more relaxed and more fun. DTOWN seemed more for the everyday photographer. I think that you are SHOOTING too high with this show, to a different audience.

  46. Leo DeSouza says:

    You guys have another winner with this show. Well done!!

  47. John Content says:

    Yikes! what a great idea for a new program!
    Loved it.

  48. Love the new show guys, plus it is always great when Bill Fortney can join the show are represent for KY!

  49. Ron Blair says:

    Great new show, looking forward to this each week.

  50. wil says:

    Thanks for coming back with the new show format

  51. clinton ferrara says:

    welcome back. i need one of those d600’s or do i need a d800? do you know?

  52. Mikael Karlholm says:

    Excellent tempo guys, really like the more direct approach.

  53. Shaun white says:

    Love the new show guys.
    Great catch RC.
    Really looking forward to next weeks show.

  54. Guy Rolland says:

    Give us the link for what you recommend as it was in DTOWN and thank you.
    In kindness,

  55. jock Goodman says:

    cool new show. Here’s one tip that I learned the hard way. For shooting remotely with pocket wizards, I tried with the plug all the way in to the PW “camera”hole, but it wouldn’t fire, so I pulled the plug out maybe 1/16th inch and it fired. So now I pull it out a little and gaffer tape the plug at that position. I ALWAYS do several test shots first because once in position, I usually can’t access the camera until a break in the event ot when it’s done. This friendly tip brought to you by ….shameless, I know

  56. John Ashmore says:

    Like the new show.

  57. Peter Fenech says:

    Great show. It’s nice that I’m here to see the very start of one of your broadcasts. I’m sure it’ll be mega-popular :) Awesome…

    Peter (Chester-le-Street, UK)

  58. Jeff Wagner says:

    you may waqnt to put a link to here back on the D-Town page.

  59. Bryon Wiley says:

    Great Show!

  60. Nelson says:

    Congratulations on the new show. Thanks for the great tips.

  61. Mike Gilbert says:

    Have seen all your D-Town shows, and Tips & Tricks looks like it will also be as good, but hey guys you were out the traps at 100 mph slow it down or is it me just getting older. Looking forward to at least 150 episodes.

    Mike Gilbert [Manchester U. K.]

  62. Gloria Santiago says:

    Was looking forward to this new show. The show’s name is what D-town was all along. Take care

  63. D-Town was great and I was sorry to see it end.
    But this is a GREAT replacement.
    Please keep these tips coming.
    I will be watching every week.

  64. Bob Rozanski says:

    Very nice love all the tips!

  65. Allan Aylard says:

    I like the new set! Another great Kelby TV show.

  66. chris says:

    Great show, I got my D-600 yesterday…timely tips. Thanks!

  67. Cool I love the new set, I love the tip on the new Nikon D600, can I win that prize because I want be the first one to get a prize on the new set.

  68. John Ferguson says:

    Great Show. Look forward to seeing more!!

  69. John Ferguson says:

    Like the show. I look forward to more.

  70. Congrats on a great first episode guys! Looking forward to more Photo T&T!

  71. Excellent show guys. I love the PW segment. I knew I could do that with my PW’s but I did not know how. I am all over that… THANK YOU!

  72. Darin Augustine says:

    Great first show.. can’t wait for more!! Thanks again for giving us such high quality content!!

  73. Ryan says:

    GREAT show!!!

  74. Richard Munroe says:

    Love the new show and the intro,

  75. Richard Munroe says:

    Love the intro and the new show.

  76. martin gillette says:

    yes…it’s started. nice to see you guys!! this looks like it will be fantastic!!

  77. Chuck Sider says:

    Great . . . even better than D-Town.

  78. MTB says:

    I like the new show.

    Most of my work is with remote cameras. Scott is right, people should not be afraid to try remotes.

  79. martin gillette says:

    great to see you guys back. this looks like it will be fantastic!!!!

  80. Mike E says:

    Congratulations on a new show. I really liked Bill’s tips to understand auto-ISO. Great job and here’s to continued success in future shows. I’ll be watching!

  81. Terry says:

    Great tips on the pocket wizards.

  82. Don Tingle says:

    Good Start to ta new series. Keep up the good work

  83. Rick French says:

    Well done!!

  84. al bryant says:

    Great show looking forward to more.

  85. HR says:

    Awesome job! I have been awaiting the launch of new photo TNT.

  86. Rey Coronado says:

    Great show and fantastic format.

  87. Dennis says:

    Thumping bass guys :)

  88. Alexander says:

    Hello guys! Nice show. I’m happy to see you in your new studio.

  89. david rosas says:

    Cool Photo tips .Iike to get my hands on that Nikon D 600 looks like a great camera.
    thanks keep it going .

    david :)

  90. David Rosas says:

    Cool program .Great tips .Like to get my hands on one of them D 600and pocket wizards.
    Keep it going guys .


  91. John Pierce says:

    Excellent start, I am looking forward to the next episode. It might have been an idea to explain the joke with the lens cup, some people might think it was real. Please one request, when you recommend a web site please show the address at the bottom of the page, that can save quite a lot of time.

  92. Rich Stopa says:

    Great show high energy cool tips keep it up

  93. Home run guys! This is the kind of show for me. Tips galore, no fuss, no muss. Fantastic!

    Can it be any longer? I loved the quantity, quality, and variety of tips, but I felt like the pace of the show was a little (well, a lot) hurried/rushed. Please extend the show or s-l-o-w it down…

    Loved the camera menu-view for Bill’s menu walk-throughs. How did you film/capture that? Very nicely done.

    All around, very good. Will definitely be a regular. Have a great weekend!

  94. Donald B. Miller says:

    Nice, simple show. A great way to start off a new program.

  95. Bernard Calip says:

    D600 full frame oh no. My D800E has been shipped should be here next week?

  96. fritz meyer says:

    Great show, loved the canon tip. ffm

  97. Great new show I like it.

  98. Brian says:

    Cool new show, guys! Looks lie another in a long line of total winners from KelbyTV!

  99. David Keneipp says:

    I love the non-nonsense, quick-hit approach.

  100. John A. Fugel says:

    I like the faster pacing and less kibitzing than D-Town. Keep it up!

  101. jesper Mathiesen says:

    Love the new show… :-)

  102. Gary Humphrey says:

    Thanks to Bill Fortney for the tips – I’m using all three on my new D600.

  103. joe nieto says:

    excellent show/tips

  104. Tom Peterson says:

    Looks like another great show to add to the stack. I’ll be a weekly watcher.

  105. Traci Rudolph says:

    Thanks for another great show! I look forward to next week’s episode.

  106. Great tips on the first show and yes remote triggers are fantastic!! I have to ask was it raining there during your first. Sounded like a freight train going by while you were talking in the second half.

  107. Great show. Can’t wait to see more.

  108. david vela says:

    love the new show

  109. Jon says:

    Really like these valuable tips

  110. Cmanh says:

    I really like D-town, but I think this show attract more people to watch it independent on their cameras.

  111. Teresa R. Roberts says:

    Nice transition to the new show. Being a Canon shooter, I appreciate the fact that you cover everything, although I never took offense to the name. Cool set too. Great info again, guys. Thanks so much.

  112. Sam Aronov says:

    Great successor of D-Town

  113. John Havord says:

    RIP Dtown, long live Photography TnT.

    Excellent show but a bit sort.
    Good luck for the future.

  114. Ed Bailen says:

    I really like the format of the new show.

  115. BPPhotog says:

    Looks like you are off to a good start.
    Any tips for holding a diffuser yourself,: angle of the diffuser angle from the sun, etc.?

  116. Bill Araujo says:

    I too liked D-Town but I can tell you that I like the different approach you have with this show. I know that from time to time being behind a table is necessary but getting out from behind it as you did in this show is very good. I always like listening to Mr. Fortney as well. Nice Job!

  117. Kamal Abdus-Salaam says:

    Great new show format. Keep NAPP’s vision strong!! Loved the music too.

  118. Does this show replace DTown TV?

  119. Darren says:

    Great catch RC…….Scott your crazy man!!! great show.

  120. Jim Beardsley says:

    Nice job with the new show. Bill Fortney’s tips were worth the time. Where are the green pod and cube available. Please post a link.

  121. Tom Sego says:

    Looking foreword to taking a look each week.

  122. Joe S says:

    Different name, different set, but same great info.

  123. Herb Rose says:

    You can always tell the successful people…they play catch with expensive toys.

  124. Brian says:

    I am a lover of all electronic gadgets and the pocket wizard is cool. I also would like to upgrade to the D600 or D800, is it worth it or is there something better coming soon?

  125. Brian Cordle says:

    Great start! I’m looking forward to more of Photography TNT.

  126. Joan Z says:

    I like this! Always interested in new ways of using my camera. Thanks!

  127. Lars Hansen says:

    great Show and great Tips

  128. Frank Eng says:

    Thank’s Nice show and keep up the good work.

  129. Bill Guy says:

    Love the new format, very slick.

  130. Don McKay says:

    Good tips, short and to the point, I think I like the previous format a little better, more relaxed, lets see where is go. Thanks guys good job.

  131. Ken Hunt says:

    Like the format!

  132. Kevpa says:

    Thank you very much for introducing this type of weekly program. This one program has introcuced new ideas on ways of doing things.

    I have a tendency to rely on the same technics but this program I am sure will challenge my way of thinking and doing.

    Thanks again.

  133. PEACE GADDIS says:


  134. Jim Quinn says:

    Great show guys. These were very good and practical tips. It looks like I will be a regular attendee here.

  135. carl ziegs says:

    great show. thanks for all the shows you do too help photographers

  136. Carl Aylman says:

    Like the fast paced format. Great tips from Bill Fortney.

  137. Paul Holbrook says:

    I think they need to be carefull with the content/plug aproach, if promoting something from a sponsor, perhaps a small side tip on how to use or a good idea for use of them item rather than sounding like an infomercial, I know you guys need to get paid, and thats cool, but toward the end I felt that some d-Town spisodes had that balence a little too much on the ad side and little content to keep people watcing. This weeks new repalcement show, was much better, and if anything, was lacking in infomerical, more could of been acceptable included.

  138. Louise Beauregard says:

    Love this new show. Information and tips are always welcome.

  139. John Ballard says:

    Did this replace D-Town ? It was fast paced show but I liked it .

  140. nikon'd says:


    Thanks for bringing us another cool show, big fan. Always found new and useful info. Keep up the good work

  141. Alan Storey says:

    Great show. I like the new feel.

  142. John says:

    Will miss D-town but this appears to be packed as well so looking forward to more installments. Great show – best of luck !!

  143. Rolf L says:

    I live this show!

    Keep the show like this with simple easy to use tips.

  144. Paul Montecalvo says:

    Scott I would like to know how the camera focuses when using the pocket wizards

  145. roy adrian cornel says:

    nice gig!!!

  146. Welcome back, nice to see you here again!

  147. Björn Lundgren says:

    You manage to keep up the good quality from dtowntv!

  148. John says:

    I agree with Cris, great show.

  149. Rasmus says:

    I just love youre work!
    it`is nice when you use both nikon and canon in your tips!

  150. Rob Pelle says:

    Just watched this show. Loved the bracketing tip. Wasn’t aware of that one. Good stuff, keep it coming!

  151. Conrad Tinney says:

    The show is to short, but the content was great.
    Keep up the great work.

  152. michael F. says:

    good show, thanks, changed f5 setting on my D90.

  153. horace cheung says:

    Surprise to find this show on the air.

  154. Cheryl says:

    What did you guys change on this and Photoshop user TV? They won’t load onto my iPod anymore. They only play on the iPhone.

  155. Kevin McGrath says:

    great show

  156. David Stanley says:

    Nice show. Great tips. looking forward to next week.

  157. Brent Coe says:

    Hi good show . What settings would you use on the bridge cameras that have similar dails as the dslrs?

  158. Gordon Christie says:

    Great how to on inside the camera & the external equipment to make those shots! Like the lens the pass to RC cool! look forward to next show. Bravo

  159. Thanks buddies I was just missing you. I hope to be in touch every week. I´m all the time learning from you… This is fun and great.

  160. Hey Guys, great 1st show! I have to say that I was sad to hear that DTown was going of the air but this is an excellent replacement. Keep up the phenomenal work!

  161. Warren Donowho says:

    Great show. Looking forward to many more.

  162. Great new look. Good to have you guys back with lots of good photo info. Keep it coming. Thanks for L@@KING

  163. Ed K says:

    kelbytv….. winning!

  164. Elliot Guthrie says:

    Nice new show! Prefer it to D-Town TV!

  165. Tom Hargreaves says:

    Great Job! I loved DTown, but it was becoming senescent. This iteration is snappy, to the point, minimizes the empty words between tips (sorry guys, it WAS getting old) . . . and by minimizing the on-screen time of the principals, improves your productivity.

    I hope Larry isn’t gone!

  166. Suzanne Offner says:

    How I wish I could afford a D600. The interesting thing is I had that f5 setting turned on for my D90 and didn’t even know it – I’ll be using that now.

  167. c warren says:

    Great show guys!! Looking forward to more each week.

  168. Larry Robinson says:

    Cool show I will have to put it in my favorers list.

  169. Justa says:

    OK, guys… wher’s this weeks episode? Looking forward to viewing this on a REGULAR weekly basis.

  170. Manipal Singh says:

    Awesome ,would love if we also get some web dev. shows 😉
    Btw great initiative!!!
    Long live kelbytv

  171. Kim M says:

    another winning show! Keep ’em coming!!

  172. Following a summer months connected with sports effort and all the distractions, at this point we all have to search “back to be able to school” and obtain on with the difficult do the job.

  173. Ben Setzer says:

    Love the new look, seem a little fast

  174. mulugeta says:

    from sweden I love you show and wached all
    God bless

  175. Tommy B. says:

    That’s gotta be prop at 7:55! 24-70mm coffee mug perhaps? I’ll admit, I did get wide-eyed and held my breath for a split second when it happened, lol.

  176. Gary Hill says:

    Absolutely love the new show! The professionally done format is right on.

  177. Great new podcast. Thanks for new tips.

  178. Kamran Aslam says:

    great show

  179. Veronica Reist says:

    Excelllent Please add me to your email for tips and tricks editorals

  180. Christian says:

    Excellent show. Keep up the good work

  181. Willliam Collins says:


  182. alfred says:

    great site. this is my first time watch you tip, I wil continue to watch the episode 2.

  183. Fredrik Pettersson says:

    Hi, thanks for a great podcast!!

    If you run out of topic then I would be very happy if you guys explain how to use a Color balance card with Lightroom or Photoshop.

    This in order to get the exact colors, in my case for product photography.

    I’m using a Seculine ProDisk Mini. I know how to set gray etc but is there a smart en handy way to set colors like ”Cyan, Yellow, Magnetam Black, White, Red, Green, Blue” in a easy step?

    Best Regards,

    Fredrik Pettersson from Stockholm, Sweden

  184. It’s really a cool and useful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  185. study film says:

    My partner and I stumbled over here coming from a different web address and thought I might check things out.
    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to finding out about
    your web page repeatedly.

  186. Scott can you please post Video’s like this for the Nikon D4 My husband got me one for x mass. I am not a pro but learning and Growing. I watch my Kelby Training video’s all the time so worth the 200 a year. It has helped me allot when I was shooting with the D90. Please do something for the D4 Regard’s Meredith

  187. GIve us some tip and tricks for Nikon D4 Please oh Please I beg you would love to view on Kelby Training

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