Lightroom Killer Tips: If You Print From Lightroom, Watch This Video!


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If you ever print from within Lightroom then you have to watch this video. Spots that may not be large enough to show up on photos we put on the web, will almost always show up in our prints. Here's a great little trick (actually two tricks) to get rid of them easily.

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  1. M. Takeda says:

    I tried to follow your instruction of dust removing however I have two problems as follows,

    1. The window in the navigator is very small. How can I make it bigger as in your video?
    2. I assume the four directional keys which you describe down page key but I hit it nothing happens.

    Otherwise I appreciate your video of all subjects and thank you as a paid subscriber of Kelby Training.

  2. Matt, the ‘Home’ and ‘End’ keys will quickly move the rectangle to the top left or bottom right corner.

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