Lightroom Killer Tips: A Quick Make-Your-Photo-Better Setting in Lightroom


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After the last few stops in my Lightroom 4 Live Tour I realize there was a lot of questions on the Camera Calibration settings that basically, let you make your photo better with just one click. So I thought I'd take a minute to, not only go over the settings but also show you a couple of ways that you can have Lightroom automatically apply those settings to your photos so that you're not left doing it manually each time. Also, here's the link to the Lightroom seminar page that I mentioned in the beginning of the video. If you're in Washington DC, Lansing, Richmond or San Francisco, I'd love to see you out at one of the seminars next month. Thanks!

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  1. Ira Zachemko says:

    Matt! The Lightroom Guru! Thank u fo sharing ur knowledge, its always very helpful! What can u suggest me to make my dslr photos look like old school film point & shoot camera like Contax or so. Im planning to make Terry Richardson style shoot! PLZ REPLY)

  2. Niko says:

    Thanks for great tutorial.

  3. Jacek says:

    Excellent info, Matt! I just started investigating how the pictures style work with RAW, so this video has perfect timing for me. Thanks!

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