Lightroom Killer Tips: Making Selective White Balance Changes


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I always like it when new features come out in Photoshop or Lightroom and I end up using them in ways that I didn't originally think I would. Take for example the addition of Temperature and Tint to the Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter in Lightroom 4 Beta. When I heard about this feature, I thought of specific examples where I'd use it. But none of those examples actually fit what I just noticed this past weekend on a recent trip. I realized I'm going to use them for a problem that I've usually gone to Photoshop to fix. But now since those adjustments are in Lightroom I can just do them there. Gotta love it when that happens right? :) Enjoy!

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  1. Mike Bowen says:

    I’m loving the LR4 beta, if for nothing else, but the amount of new information you’re providing.

    I’m late to the LR game and so it’s fun to be seeing program details as they’re being discovered.

    You’ll have to let the guys at Adobe know that you’re enthusiasm is having a positive influence on people’s decisions to upgrade. I can’t wait to get my new version!

  2. Enrique says:

    Hi, Matt, thanks for you dedication, please send more greats LR4 tips. Anxious user till 3/31. Bye

  3. Ian says:

    Why don’t I get the white balance in the Grad Filter Menu like you in this vid? I’m trying the Beta on PC.

  4. Ian says:

    Don’t know what I did, but it’s there now?

  5. Niko says:

    Matt, this tip is cool.

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