Lightroom Killer Tips: Using External Drives


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I saw a great question on my Facebook page the other day (btw... here's my Google+ and Twitter pages too) and it's one that I get asked quite a bit whenever I'm out teaching Lightroom. The question was basically this: let's say you store all of your photos on an external drive (like I do). Eventually that drive gets full and you buy a larger drive. How do you get your photos to that new drive and make it so Lightroom can see them? Luckily it's really simple and it works the same with just about any version of Lightroom. Check out the video to see how.

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  1. William Hocking says:

    Matt, Thanks for the video on external drives. Question I have is how to put the files into both the subfolders (which I do by date), and the folder above (I use the year)? When I move folders, they end up in either one or the other, but not both.

  2. William Hocking says:

    You describe using a folder above your subfolders with all of the images in the higher level folder. How do you create this structure? When I try by creating a higher level folder, it doesn’t contain the images from the subfolders.

  3. Bryan says:

    now if it remembered both possibilities that would be even better but as you point out it is simple ‘redirect’.

    I keep the current set of images in a catalog on the main hard drive and copy the full folder images n’all onto an external and have to do this when i want to run the library from the external drive ‘simples’ : )

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