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RC opens up Fireworks and talks about layout design using a grid. Corey has information on updating Photoshop CS5 so that the 3D tools work better.

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Thank you so much to iStockphoto for providing us with images to use for the show. Be sure to visit them for all of your image needs: iStockphoto

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  1. don says:

    You were giving away a free HDR Monastery image and you were talking about how it feels like Christmas to get the print you ordered from Artistic Photo Canvas.

    I always watch tyour shows and liked the Fireworks part since I just now got Fireworks and don’t know how to use it yet.


  2. don says:

    Sorry if this posted twice but I didn’t see my post so I am trying a different email.
    My answer is: You were giving away a free HDR Monastery image and you were talking about how it feels like Christmas to get the print you ordered from Artistic Photo Canvas.

  3. Myles says:

    On July 26, 2010 RC talked about his experience with ordering a print from Artistic Photo Canvas. He made the comment that unboxing the print he ordered was a little like having Christmas in the summer. Really cool!

    Mmmm, I may have to order something from them soon.

    Thanks RC!

  4. arth says:

    Hey RC you talked about the unboxing movement. You went to largest Buddhist temple just an houe north of NYC. You and Rick Sammon took some pictures over there. You were eagerly waiting for the photo print at Artictic Photo canvas, and you unbox the picture. You also put that picture on your blog so people can download that picture and print it. I can tell you from your face that you look very happy holding that picture. :)

  5. Matt Sanchez says:

    Sep. 15 contest answer: Rafael ConcepciĆ³n talked about his trip to a Buddhist monastery in NY and a free downloadable picture of said monastery.

    I’d like to see you guys talk about more programs in CS other than Photoshop. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a calmer version of Photoshop User TV.


  6. RC you wrote about your Artistic Photo Canvas of the Buddhist temple in NY. You guys rock I am learning tons from you guys.

  7. Paolo Sartori says:

    Great show guys…the tips for Photoshop & Fireworks are very cool.
    Thank you!!


  8. Paolo Sartori says:

    Great show guys!!!

  9. Joseph Ford says:

    On July 26 you talked about printing your HDR image of the monastery using “Artistic Photo Canvas”

    Awesome print.

  10. James says:

    As of now, I’m trying to create a dark CD cover. Got any pointers or shortcuts I could use to create it. It is a metal band and I had an idea of a dark cover with a broken window. Doesn’t sound that good for a cover, but there will be more to it, but a broken window is needed. Thank you.

  11. Donna Kirby says:

    Contest Answer
    You and Rick S. spent the time hanging out at the largest Buddhist temple just an hour north of NYC. After doing some shooting and processing, you printed it on Artistic Photo Canvas.

  12. amy jackson says:

    For the contest for episode 146
    You talked about your HDR Monastery Picture.

    I love you guys! And RC you are just as awesome as Corey!!!

  13. John Dozier says:

    You Talked about your free HDR Monastery Picture free for download. Thanks for the videos guys!

  14. Andy R says:

    Love the show. July 26 was the Artistic Photo Canvas. Nice photo.

  15. Charles Richardson says:

    Love the show guys. Glad you’re back. Contest question.. On July 26, 2010 on the Layers blog RC wrote about the print he ordered from APC. Nice print by the way.

  16. Stanford Griffith says:

    Corey: Great meeting you in St. Louis.

    RC wrote about his Unboxing Moment after receiving an Artistic Photo Canvas HDR print of a Buddhist temple.

  17. Teresa says:

    The topic of RC’s blog on July 26 was about hanging out with Rick Sammon and taking photos at a monastery close to NYC. I just came back from NY last night. I had no idea there was a monastery close to there.

    Thanks for all the great info Corey and RC. I always learn something new.

  18. V Brown says:

    I am glad you featured Fireworks, so shamefully under-promoted by Adobe.

    It is a supreme design and prototyping package and so speedy and satisfying to use for web visualisation and graphics.


  19. buy says:

    Amazing show ! I am also glad you used adobe fireworks in your show because myself I am a big fan of it and I find it so good for sketching my templates and making graphics for them .

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