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Corey expands on his tutorial from last week, designing a logo in Illustrator using color fills, strokes and a texture layer. RC talks about how and when to use Script Listener inside Adobe applications.

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  1. Contest:
    He is creating a 3D Arrow with Repousse. And a vactor shape.

  2. Type-Style says:

    Hey you asked for Feedback at the End of the last season. And this time you did an awesome job of taking care of it.

    I asked for more Photoshop How Tos and more Webstuff.
    And what do I get? Nice PS How to for Illustrator and a Mix of Webcoding Javascript inside of Photoshop.


  3. Arron Hunt says:

    A couple steps:

    *New Colored Layer
    *Draw basic arrow shape
    *3D > Repousse > Selected Path
    *Adjust settings to get it how you want

    Great video guys, love your stuff

  4. Don says:

    This was or is a very detailed tutorial I couldn’t possibly go through it all.
    So Cory created an arrow from paths and placed it on a colored background then used 3d Reposes to give it form and then placed the arrow on a different background and created a shadow for more depth. It was a great tutorial and Planet photoshop is a great site.


  5. I’m always looking for people with “new” knowledge on adobe products and you guys have been my “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow…thank you!

    Here’s a couple steps from the
    Cool 3D Arrow tutorial:

    Click home position

    click new 3D postcard

    merge 3D layers

    rotate the toolbar to reveal the
    “hidden” 3D layer

    select 3D mesh slide tool

    click and slide up to push the
    layer back in space…”Very nice.”

    add a spotlight so the 3D
    object won’t look so flat

    change reflection setting to about 25

    set softness to about 10

    render out a ray traced draft

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