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Corey expands on an idea that he started last week by animating a layered design in Photoshop. RC demonstrates how to move a 3D object from Photoshop to After Effects.

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  1. My favorite subjects that you have covered would be 3D and animation in Photoshop CS5. My favorite subject I would like to see in more on After Effects.

  2. Ajay Karwal says:

    Its pretty impossible to pick one favourite moment. I learn something from pretty much every episode you guys do, but I did love all the CS5 intro episodes.

    Would love to see some more After Effects stuff. The basics really as I haven’t really used AE much but would like to experiment with video a lot more.

  3. Wade says:

    I like how you move quickly through the topics. I can always go back if I missed something.

  4. Chet Carter says:

    My favorite tutorial of this season was the Photoshop tutorial Cory did in esp# 139 with the movable iPhone. That was pretty cool!

  5. don says:

    My favorite part of the season was the whole thing I practically live at the Layers Mag site and I love it. I subscribe through iTunes and save all most all of your episodes so I can watch when ever I like. You guys always have great shows.
    Thank you as I have learned a lot from you guys!

  6. don says:

    I just posted my comment a second ago but don’t see it so forgive me if I post twice. But I said my favorite moment was the entire season. I watch every wek and love Layers web site. You guys are great and I learn something every week.

    Don Siino

  7. david Vela says:

    i am new to photoshop and the suite … but watching the animation for photoshop… wow.. thanks cory… plus i was on rc’s blog and saw the trick shot with the 6 flashes and single picture .. i know it wasn’t on layers mag but awsome

  8. My favorite part of the new season and revamped Layers TV is the 3D! Ah, it’s awesome. I’m one to prefer print versus virtual design; something about being able to hold a physical piece of printed paper in my hands is so romantic and inspiring. However, website design does not offer that real, tangible feeling to me. I am starting to see 3D open doors into something I am still uncomfortable with, so to see the two worlds meet through 3D is exciting. Perhaps my entry to the digital design world is at 3D design. So thank you for the introduction, Corey.

    Until next time, ciao,
    Pedro Manuel.

  9. Type-Style says:

    Hi there, my favorite show of this season was nr. 127!
    Besides of great techniques and cool stuff, you covered some really basic stuff and killed some hard misunderstandings about dpi in PS.

    Also you covered Webdesign. Which has come quite short in this season.
    Okay there was some webstuff but most of the time its allways like “Sitesetup in Dreamweaver” or gallery export options from Lightroom.

    RC showed how easy it is for Designers to think of CSS in Paragraph-Styles so why not use something like this more often!

    Great Season!

  10. Myles Erwin says:

    My most informative moment came in Episode 137. I really enjoyed learning about creating the symbols in illustrator in order to make a photo frame effect. I have done something like that in Photoshop before, it is so much easier to do it in illustrator. I can’t wait to see what you have in-store for us next season. I learn so very much from you guys! Keep up the excellent work.

  11. L Rosen says:

    I like your presentation style..the interaction between you two. As a beginner I am l able to understand some of your tips but like the fact that I will still learn from episodes I have saved when reviewed in the future with more experience under my belt

  12. Tal says:

    cool show! Can you do an episode about animating inside Flash Catalyst? I always have problems with animating object to come in/out the canvas in a flying and fading motion.


  13. Denny says:

    Great show guys! I love trying out your tips on different projects! I am a newer viewer, but am going to work on catching up on all the episodes during the next couple weeks. Enjoy your “break”.

  14. Andy R says:

    You are the show I keep watching over and over again. I really enjoyed the episode where you pulled in Lightroom, showing the possibilities to create photo websites. I enjoy when you use the full spectrum of programs, not simply focusing on one or two of the Adobe suite.

  15. Dave Clayton says:

    Everything is so good, always learning new stuff but I loved the movie quote intros !

    You both make a great team and I think that’s what makes the show entertaining as well as educational. Very infectious chaps, keep up the good work. Cheers, Dave.

  16. David Randall says:

    Awesome show! First time watching Layers, been a big fan of Photoshop TV and D-Town for a while, now going to be loving Layers as well. Too cool.

  17. Andrew Mckinstry says:

    hi I am new to Photoshop and I am using Photoshop cs4 extended I found that the episode 138 and 125 and 124 I got the book for adobe Photoshop cs4 but one thing I didn’t know was that gray would make it transparent and I have got to say that that is very helpful . To me I would like to see what you could do with some dragons and skull in Photoshop. Wish you the best of luck in the new season you are starting soon and as always I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with I am a simple man and like to see cool stuff and you never fail to teach me something new with every episode. Have fun and try not to work too hard. This is the first time i watch you show here on layers i found this site thanks to planet photoshop so i started to look for this places and i found it all on

  18. Chris Wall says:

    I enjoyed RC’s description of how to do more with Lightroom’s photo galleries to the web in episode 139.

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