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RC has a tutorial on moving a photo gallery out of Lightroom3 collections to the web quickly and easily without having to code. Corey has a tutorial on a design technique that uses Photoshop layer stacking order, clipping groups, layer masks, and linked layers.

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Thank you so much to iStockphoto for providing us with images to use for the show. Be sure to visit them for all of your image needs: iStockphoto

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  • Check out the variety of online training courses available at
  • PhotoshopWorld registration is open for the upcoming conference in Vegas
  • The Photoshop Guys are hosting a CS5 Seminar in New York City this Friday


RC and Corey have decided that the weekly contest winner from Layers TV will be announced in RC's blog post at Remember when you submit your answer in the contact form to choose Layers Blog from the drop-down menu. Be sure to check the front page post for the name of this week's winner and tune in to this week's episode to find out what the contest question and prizes are.

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  1. Joe Young says:

    Photoshop user tv show started in spanish

  2. Joe Young says:

    So wherre the heck is RC’s blog on showing who won contest?

  3. Sandra Peterson says:

    I’ve never watched layers TV because I thought it had to do with Illistrator. You have a new viewer!!

    Photoshop User TV was different because Scott and RC started the show in Spanish!

  4. greg Cary says:

    very good episode
    234 was started completely in spanish by scott and rc

  5. Marty Safir says:

    Photoshop User TV ep. 234 was different because it started in Spanish

  6. Doug Zeliff says:

    The show started in Spanish and included English subtitles but Scott’s were not correct nor was RC’s time subtitle correct..

  7. Chet Carter says:

    The episode starts out in Spanish with English subtitles.

  8. Larry Ashfield says:

    You were speaking spanish.

  9. Shawn says:

    R.C., The Noid is Domino’s Pizza, not 7-Up. :)

  10. Episode 234 started in Spanish w/English subtitles.

  11. Harry Hom says:

    In PhotoshopUserTV episode 234 they are not speaking English!

  12. Jens Bengtsson says:

    Spanish horses…. Great show!!!

  13. Stephanie Ross says:

    LayersTV Episode 139 Contest answer: Photoshop User TV Episode 234 started in Spanish with English subtitles.

  14. Myles Erwin says:

    In episode 234 of PhotoshopUserTV you began the program in espaƱol. There- that is the extent of my spanish.

  15. Kaycee Conrady says:

    Episode 234 started en Espanol with English subtitles.

  16. James says:

    I can think of 2. The beginning of the episode was subtitled in another language, and towards the close of the show Matt and Dave made a cameo in the form of edited in card board cutouts. lol

  17. Henry Kim says:

    Speaking in spanish.

  18. Mark Hoke says:

    Not only were there subtitles in the PSUTV episode #234 but it was in Spanish. Something that isn’t new to the show is the pony talk. Love it.

  19. Kash Ash says:

    Episode 234 started in spanish with English subtitles. good show.

  20. You spoke in Spanish :)

  21. Dunose Ionel says:

    Great show ,looking forward for new great stuff.

  22. raj says:

    epi 139 corey iphone effect is awesome
    can u show how to manupulate the photo after saving

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