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RC gives a quick tour of the new Lightroom3 and shows off the new publish services feature. Corey has a tutorial using Illustrator CS5 to create a photo frame effect using the symbols palette.

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Thank you so much to iStockphoto for providing us with images to use for the show. Be sure to visit them for all of your image needs: iStockphoto

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RC and Corey have decided that the weekly contest winner from Layers TV will be announced in RC's blog post at Remember when you submit your answer in the contact form to choose Layers Blog from the drop-down menu. Be sure to check the front page post for the name of this week's winner and tune in to this week's episode to find out what the contest question and prizes are.

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  1. Interesting how little comments are being submitted when thats not required for the contest :-).

    Great show, though I saw your tutorial before, Corey!


  2. Richard Warnock-Horn says:

    Great show guy’s.
    Great news about Lightroom 3, waiting for mine to arrive!!
    Publishing, does it work with Mobile me accounts

  3. Kash Ash says:

    hi, this effect is only possible with Ai cs5 only ?

  4. Kash Ash says:

    this effect only possible with cs5?

  5. Corey says:

    Not at all. You can do it in previous versions of Illustrator. It just uses Symbols which have been available for some time now.

  6. Lightroom 3 rocks!

    Lots of amazing new features and small improvements. Fantastic new upload to Flickr that RC showed in this Episode.

    Thanks a lot!

  7. Radziwill says:

    Cool show, as always.

  8. […] is due. Thank you Cory Barker for the inspiration to try this technique. Please watch his video on Layers TV Episode 137, as I did. These are the parts that I […]

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