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Q: How can I improve the contrast in my skies using a layer style?

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  1. Edward Fox says:


    Can you do this (improve skies with layer styles) in acr and lightroom?

  2. Zayski says:

    I understand what you mean, Rita. I used Paint Shop Pro for years, which by the way is a GREAT prorgam, because I couldn’t afford Photoshop. And my first version of Photoshop (7) was actually given to me by someone who couldn’t use it anymore. I used trials of Lightroom, then free raw editing prorgams (like Rawtherapee)until I was finally able to use an educational discount to buy Lightoom 3. And one of the most generous persons I know, who is a prorgammer and designer, GAVE me her CS3 when she switched from pc to mac! So, I’ve been pretty blessed, in that department. IF you can get an educational discount by providing a report card for a child in your household, I highly recommend it. I got LR3 for $89! It retails at $299.

  3. Tony says:

    Hi Dave, I had asked this question before, but it must have gotten lost in the system or wasn’t appropriate. I am wanting to get the right print without wasting too much paper. As a photographer years ago, I gave my paper different times in sections which helped me choose the best time for developing my image. I am looking for a way to achieve this in PS. So how can I get several different brightness on one piece of paper? Could I make six small images on sheet with different brightness settings, say at intervals of 10. That would be plus and minus of course. Or can we split the image up into 6 sections? I am no good at scripts, but can I do an action that will allow me to do this. So I would choose an image, I will do all the adjustments I need until I think its fine. An Action or script would do a copy of the image and put it into 6 small images to fit on an A4 or 6 sections with plus or minus brightness, saturation or what ever the problem is to resolve in the print. Print out the sections/images and choose. Is that difficult? It would save paper and ink, plus the environment. Hope you can assist

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