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Q: How did you make that cool background?

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  1. Rachael says:

    Thanks for the great tip!

  2. Dan Steen says:

    Neat tip. Thanks

  3. Tim says:

    Dave I have been watching and I like the content. But I can’t use the discount coupons ’cause I am Arizona and won’t make it to Tampa for a while.

  4. John Content says:

    Great tip Dave!

  5. Sam Lauricella says:

    Great Job Dave. You have really helped me learn the power of Photoshop. Keep up the good work. Happy Holidays to you.

  6. David Vela says:

    great stuff

  7. Dan McCoy says:

    I like your idea for this background. I go a little bit farther with it and add some additional colors on the top or bottom. Works like a charm.
    Really enjoy your show every week….
    Happy Holidays

  8. Ralph Mendez says:

    Great Info. Been to your seminars. Love em. Thanks

  9. John Yanuzzi says:

    Dave , awsome as usual, I’ve learned more from your tuorials from all the various things you’ve done, than you can imagine . Thank you and keep up the great work !!!!

  10. Jens Bengtsson says:

    Great show, Dave.

  11. Brian says:

    That’s too easy, Thanks Dave.

  12. Great tutorial dave, happy holidays.

  13. Frank Effrece says:

    Your tips have been great over the years.

  14. Ken Toney says:

    Awesome tip Dave!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kevin says:

    Awesome use for the single column or single row selection, and really interesting backgrounds that can be created quickly.

  16. Jeremy Thomas says:

    Your tips amaze me every time. When I think I know a lot about Photoshop you prove me wrong. EVERY TIME!

  17. Bill Haines says:

    Great idea, thanks for taking the time to show us.

  18. Thanks Dave. Appreciate the background tip.

  19. Randy A. Eckert says:

    Great tip Dave eh!

    I guess you figured out I am one of your Canadian followers eh.

    Anyway, really enjoy you tutorials and can’t wait to see you in Victoria, BC sometime.

  20. emilio b says:

    Simple, yet admirable. Great one!

  21. Yuriy says:

    Tthank you for your great job!!!

  22. Chuck Lick says:

    Dave, you did a class several years ago on shoot with green screen and extracting that subject for the background with an action. Is there a way to make an action like that one on green screen extraction, if you sheet the subject on a grey background?


  23. Chris Wilkins says:

    Thanks for that Dave. As always, your tips get the creative juices flowing.
    Chris from Australia

  24. Tom P Zachman Jr says:

    Thanks Dave, Always wondered what those single pixel marquees could be used for. You’ve just opened up a whole new range of possibilites.

  25. Robert Hodge Jr says:

    Dave I have seen you did a show with strata and photoshop. Could you do another one?

  26. Radine says:

    hi there
    Is it possible to change the color or size of your cursor so that when watching you guys , we can see better what your easier to follow as I am new at photoshop and want to grab as much info as I can..

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