Ask Dave: Get Square Corners on a Stroke That’s Outside (rather than inside)


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Q: How can you get square corners on a stroke that’s outside (rather than inside)?

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  2. Joseph Chan says:

    Great tip for creating borders by Mr. Dave Cross.

  3. Very nice tip. One thing I would like to add though; when using this on a photo. Minimum does some pretty weird stuff to photos but if you change the blend mode of the filter to lighten, the effect disappears, and you’ll still have extra space outside the original photo to add the border.

  4. I wondered why you demonstrated with a content free square on white layer, then I tried this technique with a slanted ‘call out’ rectangle — imitating one of the cool effects you showed on Photoshop User TV on a wedding photo some years ago, and found out.

    Thanks for the continuing great learning experience!

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  6. adam says:

    clever technique, but if the shape is anything other than a flat color, the minimum filter applies effects to the pixels on that layer.

  7. Bloodvork says:

    This really isn’t a suitable solution if you have anything on that layer that isn’t a flat color. That minimum filter wrecks any photo content you have on that layer.

    • Andrew says:

      I had this similar issue with a cover I was working on. It’s album artwork and the image did not look good with the option, but I found a work around…

      Duplicate your image, then proceed to do the exact same thing as David instructs in the video on the layer beneath. Lets say you did Minimum Filter of 20, make your inside stroke anything more than 20 to prevent any chance of pixel leaks. then your main image is preserved and you have your stroke, Group the stoke and image together then afterward.

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